Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Contour Supreme vs Elite

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Hey, friend! You made it all this way and narrowed your options down to these two mattresses. Unfortunately, both the Tempur-Contour Supreme and Tempur-Contour Elite mattresses are no longer available. But, keep calm! You can rest assured that the Tempur-Cloud Original would be a great option for you.

Still want to know which mattress would have been best for you? Read on below to see what we had to say about them!

Tempur-Contour Supreme vs. Elite Mattress Overview

The Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Contour Supreme and Elite are two very similar mattresses that both can be a great choice for the right type of person.  

Given how similar they appear to be, I wanted to do a full-scale investigation into why someone should choose one over the other. It was cumbersome to gather a lot of good concrete information, but here are my thoughts below!

Key Similarities

  • Both are very firm
  • Both have generally the same feel
  • Both can potentially be good with those with back pain (as reported by many owners)

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Key Differences

  • The comfort layer of the Elite is .2” thicker than the Supreme
  • The Elite uses Tempur-HD material, while the Supreme uses just Tempur material
  • The Elite is 1” thicker than the Supreme overall
  • The Supreme is slightly firmer
  • The Elite costs $800 more

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What I Found from Several Live Chat Sessions

I did multiple live chat sessions with the company and with Mattress Firm in an attempt to get their take on the differences between the two.  The most I could get out of this effort was that the Supreme is firmer and costs $800.  I couldn’t get any more info than that.

I followed up to ask why the Elite is $800 more.  The only answer I got was that the mattress is 1” thicker.  The big question for me, therefore, is whether getting one more inch is really that different/much better where you need to pay $800 more.

Which Should You Pick?

  • Pick the Supreme if you are extra budget-conscious
  • Pick the Supreme if you want the firmest mattress possible
  • Pick the Elite if you can afford the extra $800
  • Pick the Elite if you want something very firm but not all the way to rock-hard firm

My Personal Opinion

If you know you want a really firm mattress, then these are two good choices.  I can’t quite figure out why the Elite needs to cost $800 more. The differences are so small that the price difference isn’t quite justified in my opinion.  

However, if you want a firm mattress that isn’t a 10/10 firmness, then the Elite could be a better choice. Otherwise, I think the value of the Supreme is higher given it’s $800 less.

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