Tuft & Needle vs Loom & Leaf

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Tuft & Needle and Loom & Leaf are two mattress brands at different price ranges, but they both have used the online-only business model to provide a very intriguing value to consumers.

As their popularity has increased, people naturally want to know how they compare to one another.  These two mattresses are very different based on materials and overall feel as well.  They are so different, in fact, that I think they are catered to very different types of consumers.  The feel and performance of these two mattresses are so different (as well as the price point), that I think the answer of which one you should get should be pretty clear.  But either way take a look at the highlights I’ve put together here.

Loom and Leaf vs Tuft and Needle

Get ready for the showdown only two mattress companies bold enough to use two seemingly unrelated words linked by a “&” to name their mattress:  Tuft & Needle vs Loom & Leaf.

Key Similarities

  • Both have a similar business model that passes a lot of savings onto the consumer
  • Both mattresses are all-foam that have a fairly similar base layer that is pretty standard in the industry
  • Both have really good customer feedback, with lots of reviews over the years
  • Both are known for amazing customer service and having very low risk return policies / sleep trials

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Key Differences

  • Loom and Leaf is more of a luxury mattress, with more bells and whistles and expensive components
  • Loom and Leaf has memory foam in its comfort layer; T&N has polyfoam, giving it a different feel
  • The L&L has a slow-moving, memory foam feel; T&N has a more resilient foam feel
  • T&N ships free in a box; L&L has a shipping charge but with white-glove delivery
  • Loom and Leaf is in a higher price range than Tuft And Needle because it is more of a luxury mattress


Loom and Leaf is a memory foam mattress in its truest sense, because it has two layers of memory foam in its comfort layer.  The feel is slow-moving, similar to the Tempur-Pedic feel many people know of.  You sink into the mattress just a little bit, but the mattress is more resilient than most memory foam mattresses.  The mattress uses durable foams that should last a long time, making the mattress a really good long-term investment.

See the feel of the Loom & Leaf in the video below

Tuft and Needle is all polyfoam and is 3” of 3 lb. density polyfoam over 7” of 1.8 lb. density polyfoam.  To me, you sink into the mattress just a little bit, but it’s a little bit firmer than the L&L relaxed firm.  It is fairly resilient, more so than the L&L.  It sleeps fairly cool and does a pretty good job with motion transfer.

See the feel of the Tuft & Needle below in the video below.

The Loom and Leaf definitely has a more luxury feel to it and has much more expensive materials.  They pulled out all the bells and whistles with its construction.  Tuft and Needle kept things simple in an effort to make the price point as attractive to as many people as possible.


Loom And Leaf is $999 for a Queen, which does not include a delivery charge.

Tuft And Needle is $600 for a Queen, including free shipping.

Sleeping Cool

Loom and Leaf takes some extra steps to make sure the mattress can sleep cool.  For that reason, and based on personal experience, I think it does a slightly better job of this between the two mattresses.

Pick Loom And Leaf If:

  • You Like The Memory Foam Feel– If you are used to / like the slow-moving memory foam feel, that’s exactly what you get with Loom and Leaf.
  • Motion Isolation Is A Big Issue For You– The high-density memory foam used in the L&L makes it great for couples who don’t want to be bothered by the other person’s movement at night.
  • You Want A More Luxury Experience– Those no question Loom and Leaf pulled out all the stops to make the mattress a luxury experience.  If it’s in your budget, then you may want to pull the trigger on the L&L.

Learn more in my full breakdown and  Loom & Leaf mattress review, available here.

Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress construction
Loom & Leaf mattress

Pick Tuft And Needle If:

  • You Are On A Budget Or Don’t Plan On Having The Mattress Too Long– Tuft and Needle is certainly more affordable than the Loom And Leaf, which is great for people keeping a tight budget in mind.  If you don’t plan on having the mattress a long time, then it probably makes more sense money-wise to go for the T&N.
  • You Want A More Resilient Mattress– If you don’t like the slow-moving feel of memory foam, then the T&N offers a foam feel with some bounce/resilience.

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Tuft & Needle Review
Tuft & Needle Mattress


I think both mattresses offer a great value, but the construction of each mattress is so different that I think the choice should be pretty clear.  Either way, I don’t think you can really go wrong with either choice, and the return policies are so good there’s no big risk in going for either of them.

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