Love And Sleep Mattress Review From Nest Bedding

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The Love & Sleep mattress is the latest offering from Nest Bedding, a company I have a lot of respect for.

The mattress aims to have all the benefits of memory foam mattresses without any of the drawbacks.
It does this all at a very affordable price point as well.  I came away impressed with the mattress and think there are a lot of things that make the mattress stand out amongst its competitors.  It even takes advantage of the latest fabric and foam technology to have some really cool features.  Read on for my full take on the mattress.

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Construction Overview

  • The cover has phase change material in it, which means you will be more likely to sleep cool.  That was my experience with it, but I would encourage you to do some independent research into this material as well.  (Read more from the company)
  • The top layer is 3 inches of Energex foam, which is a specialty foam that aims to have the pressure relief of memory foam but with bounce.  It is definitely a resilient foam that makes it easier to move around in bed.  The foam is also high-density, meaning it is a good, durable material.
  • The second layer is 1 inch of convoluted foam to provide extra airflow.
  • The base layer is 6 inches of 1.8 lb. density polyfoam, which is a pretty standard base layer in the industry.

Who Might Want To Pick The Love & Sleep Mattress:

  • Those Who Want Pressure Relief Without The Feeling Of Getting Stuck– One thing that really stands out with this mattress is how great the pressure relief is and at the same time how responsive the foam is.  The Energex foam does a really great job of relieving pressure relief and yet the mattress responds almost immediately, so it’s easy to move around and you don’t ever feel like you get stuck in the mattress.
  • People Who Want An Amazing Value– You’d be hard-pressed to find a better value at this price point ($600 for a Queen).  You can certainly find a more luxurious mattress, but for the price that you pay, you really do get an amazing value.
  • People Who Need To Sleep Cool– At this price point, there aren’t too many mattresses that have directly addressed the issue of sleeping hot like this mattress.  The cover is a phase-changing material.  The Energex foam is a breathable foam.  The mattress has a one inch air-flow layer as well.  When you add it all up, you are more than likely going to have a nice and cool sleeping surface.
  • Those Who Want Durable Materials– Given the price point, this mattress is very durable compared to other mattresses at its price point.  The Energex foam is a very high-density foam and the base foam is high-density enough to make the mattress last longer than just about any other mattress around this price point.

Who Might Not Want To Get This Mattress:

  • People Who Want A More Luxurious Mattress– If you have the budget for it, you can definitely get something that is more luxurious and has more bells and whistles.
  • Those Who Like The Slow-Moving Memory Foam Feel– This mattress is very responsive and bouncy.  If people prefer the quicksand, slow-moving feel that memory foam provides, then they should know that’s not exactly what they get here.
  • People Who Like A More Traditional Innerspring Feel– Sleepers will get more bounce with this mattress, but it is definitely still a foam mattress.  If someone wants a more innerspring feel, they will probably have to look elsewhere to find it.


The Medium version of this mattress has a good middle-of-the-road firmness level to it.  I think for most people it will be soft enough for side sleepers but firm enough for most back/stomach sleepers.  People can see too from the video that the foam is very responsive, unlike pure memory foam.  That means sleepers won’t feel like they are getting stuck in the mattress.

Motion Transfer

People can see from the video that this mattress does a great job at isolating motion, which makes it a good option for mattress for couples who don’t want their partner’s movement to disturb them.

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out?

  • The price point is very attractive given how comfortable it is and how durable the materials are.
  • The mattress directly addresses the issue of sleeping hot more than any other mattress I’ve see at this price point.
  • The materials in this mattress are very durable, especially given the price point.
  • The mattress has a great balanced foam feel with good pressure relief and resilience.
  • The company provides a lifetime warranty and lifetime comfort guarantee, because they really want their customers to be happy.

Overall Rating

Love & Sleep Mattress
4.1 Overall
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Trial Period

I think it’d be hard to find a mattress that’s better at this price point.  If people want to pay more, they can certainly find a more luxurious mattress, but at this price point it’s an awesome value.

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