Bear Mattress + Pillow Giveaway!

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Help us celebrate the release of our list of Best Pillows 2018! We figured summer is heating up, and what better way to be ready than winning a cooling mattress and pillow? Enter below!  One quick note as well: If you buy a Bear mattress or pillow and end up winning the contest, the company will refund your purchase!


Big Bear (Mattress + Pillow) Giveaway!

Bear Pillow – Best Cooling Pillow

The Bear Pillow is one of the coolest pillows we’ve reviewed. It has a ton of cooling features like its ventilated foam, double-ice fabric and vented side panels. You can check out our video review below!


Bear Mattresses

Bear Mattresses are also built to be cool as well (catching a theme here?). Their combination of Celliant, pocketed micro-coils and cooling gel memory foam combine to offer a refreshing night of sleep. We have an updated video review of the Bear Hybrid, which we really enjoyed sleeping on.


We love doing these giveaways and hope that you do too. As always with our giveaways, the more entries you make, the more chances you have to win. So enter as many times as you can!

Good luck!

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133 thoughts on “Bear Mattress + Pillow Giveaway!”

  1. Of all the categories on your list, the most important one for me is the multiple sleep positions because I move around in bed a lot trying to find the most comfortable sleeping position and being able to adjust a pillow so I can find just the right sleeping position for myself would be ideal.

  2. I like the cooling feature of this mattress and pillow. My wife cannot sleep when she is hot and then she wakes me up because of all the tossing and turning.

  3. The cooling category is most important. It gets hot here in the South in the summer. I find it impossible to get a good night’s sleep due to the heat and sweating.

  4. I have to tell you that the Bear Pillow really got my attention! being such a hot sleeper it’s critical for me to keep cool or I wake up all the time cranky! Ice Fabric are two words that got me and I love a contoured pillow as well!

  5. A third of your life is sleeping. Hybrid mattress’ are the way to go. I picked the Bear pillow for being cool, like the bear mattress.

  6. I really like the list for side and stomach sleepers the suggestions are great. But I love the Bear pillow because you said it’s even cool to the touch I’m always flipping my pillow over to the cool side. Thanks for the reviews on Pillows because honestly I never really thought much about the differences and you have opened my eyes. 👀

  7. The most important category for me is the pillows for stomach sleepers because as a stomach sleeper the pillow can’t be too lofty or I can’t use it. I’ve had trouble finding a good one until now with your recommendations. Thanks.

  8. The hotel goose down because I do a lot of traveling and I sleep really well on this type of pillow I like the return policy not that I would use it but it is nice that it is available. Shows you have confidence in your products and I do toooo!!!

  9. pillows, it is essential so you dont wake up with a stuff neck. I definitely give off a bunch of heat at night and i think the cooling pillow looks great

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