Nectar Vs Amerisleep- Which Should You Choose?

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If you are looking to get a memory foam mattress online, perhaps you’ve come across both Nectar and Amerisleep.  Amerisleep has been around longer and has a full line of mattresses catered to different firmness levels.  Nectar is the new player in town with a universally comfortable mattress.

Looking to compare these mattresses? Keep reading to learn more about Nectar vs. Amerisleep.

Key Similarities

  • Both use memory foam in the comfort layer
  • Both are all foam mattresses
  • Both are known for good pressure relief
  • Both are known for great motion isolation (good for couples)
  • Both have a slower-t0-respond feel
  • Both address cooling well in their construction

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Key Differences

  • Nectar has one model, while Amerisleep has 5 models
  • Nectar has one firmness, while Amerisleep caters each model to a different firmness level
  • Nectar is less expensive than every Amerisleep model
  • Amerisleep has a couple of extra bells and whistles in its construction
  • Amerisleep has been in business much longer than Nectar
  • Amerisleep is made in the US, while Nectar is made in China

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Construction Differences

There are a few main things you should know about the differences in construction between the Nectar and the different Amerisleep models.

  • Both mattresses do a nice job of addressing cooling in their construction.  With Nectar, you have a tencel cover with gel memory foam.  With Amerisleep, you have a celliant cover, plant-based, open-cell memory foam, open-celled memory foam, and air channels
  • The Amerisleep mattresses have celliant covers.  This could bring certain health benefits (do your own research on this, however)
  • The Amerisleep memory foam will be slightly faster to respond than the Nectar memory foam
  • The Amerisleep models are catered to specific sleeping positions.  The firmer models are for back/stomach sleepers, while the softer models best for side sleepers.  Nectar aims to have a universally comfortable mattress
  • I expect the durability of the mattresses to not be far off from each other, with Amerisleep having the slight edge

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Firmness/Feel Differences

The feel of the Nectar is probably most comparable to the Amerisleep AS4.  The Amerisleep mattresses are more responsive than the Nectar.  The firmness depends on the exact model in question.

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Motion Transfer Differences

Both the Nectar and all the Amerisleep mattresses will perform quite well with motion transfer.  I can’t say that one is necessarily better than the other in this category as they are both quite good.

What Should You Base Your Decision On?

  • Price Differences– If you are undecided but want to save some extra money, Nectar is the way to go
  • Firmness Differences– If you know the exact firmness you want or only sleep in one position, Amerisleep will have more specific options for you
  • New vs. Old Company– Amerisleep has been around much longer than Nectar
  • Made in USA vs China– Amerisleep is made in America, while Nectar is made in China

Note: Nectar initially had shipping delays as it got started.  It looks like those issues have been resolved.


These companies have pretty similar offerings.  It may also be helpful to see how these mattresses compare to others by checking our our popular Amerisleep and Nectar comparisons like Amerisleep vs Loom & Leaf and Nectar vs Nectar Lush. If you have any specific questions, definitely don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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