Nectar Lush Mattress Review – Luxury Memory Foam?

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Fans of super comfortable memory foam have most likely heard of the original Nectar mattress; it is easily one of the most popular bed-in-a-box memory foam mattresses, and it is also one of my personal favorites.

Very recently, the company released a more luxurious mattress option, the Nectar Lush – it contains some higher quality components such as a cooling Phase Change Material technology. Having spent so much time with the original Nectar, I was interested to see how the Nectar would compare!

So, let’s get down to brass tacks and find out just how the new Nectar Lush stacks up – read on for my full Nectar Lush mattress review.

Nectar Lush Mattress Deals
Nectar Lush
Nectar Lush
Nectar Lush

The Nectar Lush is a luxury memory foam mattress that should be a good match for side and back sleepers. 


The Nectar Lush Might Be A Good Fit For …

  • Back sleepers. The Nectar Lush is a medium-firm mattress that should be attractive to most back sleepers. Back sleepers should experience an excellent balance of comfort and support; they should feel their hips sink in the appropriate amount, while the memory foam contours to the shape of their body.
  • Side sleepers. The Nectar Lush features a 3” layer of memory foam right on top; this thick comfort layer should relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips, making this a good mattress for side sleepers.
  • Those who want a medium-firm mattress. The Nectar Lush is right in the middle of our firmness range and scored a 6.5/10. People who want a mattress that is not too soft and not too firm are going to love the medium-firm Nectar Lush mattress.
  • Fans of memory foam. Those who just adore the slow-moving feel of memory foam should check out the Nectar Lush; it contains 3” of memory foam with that classic, comfortable feel.

Nectar Lush Mattress Review

The Nectar Lush Might Not Be A Good Fit For …

  • Stomach sleepers. The Nectar Lush is medium-firm and might not be the best mattress for stomach sleepers. Those who sleep on their stomachs need a mattress to provide great support under their hips, so they might want to find something firmer than the Nectar Lush.
  • Fans of firm or soft mattresses. The Nectar is close to medium-firm and isn’t too soft or too firm. So, those who want something extra firm and supportive or super-soft might need to look elsewhere.
  • Those who don’t like memory foam. Memory foam isn’t for everyone; some people prefer the feel of an innerspring or latex mattress. People who don’t enjoy sinking into their mattress should look at another type of mattress.

Nectar Lush Construction And Foam Layers

Nectar Lush Construction Overview

  • The Nectar Lush is 12” tall.
  • The cover is thin and made of a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex – it should not affect the feel or properties of the top mattress layers.
  • The top layer is 3” of memory foam that contains Phase Change Material on top.
  • Next, there is a 2” transition layer made of Energex foam.
  • Finally, the base layer consists of standard supportive polyfoam.

Nectar Lush Mattress - Side Sleeping

Construction Takeaways

  • Memory foam is known for trapping heat, but the Nectar Lush should not be a hot-sleeping mattress because it features a breathable cover and Phase Change Material in the top layer. PCMs like the one found in the Nectar Lush are designed to assist with heat dissipation – they absorb body heat and actually change their physical makeup to keep sleepers at a suitable temperature.
  • The top layer of memory foam is soft and exhibits the slow-moving feel one finds with a memory foam mattress – the memory foam gives in easily and takes a few moments to return to its initial shape.
  • Mattresses with a thick memory foam layer usually promise excellent pressure relief – just looking at the Nectar Lush, it is clear that it should be a good match for side sleepers.
  • While the top memory foam layer lets sleepers sink in, the Energex transition layer keeps them from sinking in too far and get stuck. Energex foam is firmer and more responsive than the memory foam comfort layer; it will make it easier for sleepers to reposition and move around on the Nectar Lush.

Nectar Lush Mattress On Bed Frame

Nectar Lush Vs Nectar

Those who are considering the Nectar Lush mattress have undoubtedly heard of the original Nectar mattress. While these mattresses appear quite similar on the surface, there are some clear differences that make them a better fit for different types of sleepers.

First off, we have the obvious subject of price; the Nectar Lush costs $1499 for a Queen, and the original Nectar costs $799. That is a pretty steep price difference, so what makes the Nectar Lush cost more?

Well, the Nectar Lush contains some higher quality materials like Phase Change Material and a layer of Energex foam. The PCM dissipates body heat, helping to keep sleepers cool at night, and the Energex foam adds a bit more bounce to the mattress.

The original Nectar mattress has a classic memory foam feel and, while it does contain soft memory foam, the Nectar Lush is more responsive; it should be easier to move around on the Nectar Lush without getting stuck. The Nectar is also a bit softer than the Nectar Lush because it features a thicker memory foam layer on top – sleepers should sink into the original Nectar more than they do on the Nectar Lush.

The Nectar Lush should be more supportive than the Nectar mattress, making it a good mattress for back sleepers who require more support. This should apply to heavier back sleepers as well.

Again, it really depends on whether customers believe the extra price is really worth it based on their situation. Make sure to read our full Nectar vs Nectar Lush comparison.

Nectar Lush Mattress Deals
Nectar Lush
Nectar Lush
Nectar Lush

The Nectar Lush is a luxury memory foam mattress that should be a good match for side and back sleepers. 

Firmness And Feel

The Nectar Lush feels close to 6.5/10 on our firmness scale, just about medium-firm; the top comfort layer is very soft then, pressing in, one hits the transition layer and support foam which are noticeably firmer. Combining these three layers, the Nectar has a nice balance of comfort and support.

Nectar Lush Firmness Scale

This balance makes the Nectar Lush ideal for back sleeping; lying on my back, I sink in and feel the mattress take on the shape of my body. At the same time, the transition layer stops from sinking in too far and even provides some decent lumbar support.

Moving to my side, the Nectar Lush is giving me enough pressure relief on my shoulders and hips; the memory foam is 3″ thick and lets me sink in without bottoming out. However, when I am stomach sleeping, this comfort layer is too thick, so the mattress is not providing me with enough support.

The mattress boasts that classic memory foam feel with just a bit of response. The top memory foam layer gives the mattress that slow-moving feel, but the Energex transition layer ensures that sleepers won’t get stuck.

Nectar Lush Firmness And Feel

Motion Transfer

Couples definitely want to consider motion transfer when shopping for a mattress; if their mattress does not isolate their nocturnal movements, partners could disturb each other quite a bit. That’s why it is a good idea for couples to find a mattress with thick memory foam on top.

Because of this, I was not surprised by how well the Nectar Lush isolated motion. I first placed a glass of water on one side of the mattress and then pressed into the other side; it barely moved. I also lay down on the mattress and requested that Marten move around on the other side, generating  a disturbance; I did not feel him moving around.

This lets me know that the Nectar Lush should be an excellent mattress for couples.

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Nectar Lush Motion Transfer

Edge Support

Couples are also going to want to keep edge support in mind when they are selecting a mattress because superb edge support will ensure that both partners can sleep all the way toward the edge of the mattress.

When I sit down on the edge of the Nectar Lush, the foam does collapse under my butt. That being said, I don’t feel like I am going to fall forward off of the mattress. When I lie down near the edge of the Nectar Lush, the mattress is providing enough support so that I don’t feel like I am going to roll off.

While I don’t feel the type of edge support I have experienced on a firmer innerspring mattress, the Nectar Lush features some decent edge support.

See our best innerspring mattresses.

Nectar Lush Edge Support

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

When people are shopping for a mattress, it is crucial that they consider their own size and weight; that will affect how firm the mattress feels to them and how much support they receive. I am 5’9” and weight 160 lbs; to get the perspective of a larger person, we asked Marten, who is 6’7” and weighs 250 lbs, to try out the Nectar Lush:

Joe thought that the Nectar Lush was close to a 6.5/10 in terms of firmness, and I actually agreed; it feels like a 6.5/10. I usually bottom out on softer memory foam mattresses, but I was not having this experience on the Nectar Lush; the memory layer is thick, and the Energex transition layer keeps me from hitting the support layer when I am on my side.

Back sleeping, the Nectar is a decent match for me; I sink into that top layer, feel the memory foam conform to the curves of my body, and get the support of the base foam.

When I am side sleeping, I feel some pretty great pressure relief from that top memory foam layer. Again, I am not bottoming out on the mattress.

However, when I am stomach sleeping, the Nectar Lush is not supportive enough for me. I do need more support under my hips, and I feel like I am bowing into the mattress.

Those who need one of the best mattresses for heavy people should check out our list. 

Nectar Lush Unboxing

The Nectar Lush is a bed-in-a-box mattress and, being such, it will be delivered to one’s apartment or house in a cardboard box. Start by bringing the box inside and, with someone’s help, carry it to the bedroom.

Then, open the top of the box, pull out the rolled-up mattress, and place it on the frame or foundation. Next, it’s time to cut through the plastic; do this carefully so as not to damage the mattress. We recommend cutting through one layer at a time using the cutter provided by the company (this can be found at the bottom of the Nectar Lush’s box).

As we start to cut through the plastic, the mattress will start to expand – don’t be surprised if this happens very quickly! Then, clear away the plastic and leave the mattress for about 24 to 48 hours so that it can fully expand and offgas; this is a memory foam mattress, so expect a bit of that chemical smell when unboxing the Nectar Lush.

What Makes The Nectar Lush Stand Out?

  • The mattress features soft memory foam that provides it with a comfortable, slow-moving feel.
  • Phase Change Material (PCM) can be found in the top layer of the Nectar Lush, making it a good option for hot sleepers.
  • The thick layer of memory foam should relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips when people are side sleeping.
  • The mattress is medium-firm and has a nice balance of comfort and support – this makes it ideal for back sleepers.

Overall Rating

Nectar Lush Mattress
4.3 Overall
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Trial Period

The Nectar Lush is a fantastic addition to Nectar’s line of mattresses – it is comfortable, supportive, and a good match for fans of memory foam. The mattress comes with a 365-night sleep trial, a Forever Warranty, free shipping and returns, as well as free white glove delivery. Financing is also available. If you’re looking to save on your purchase, check out our Nectar Sleep coupons page for the best deals.


Do Nectar mattresses get softer?

Memory foam mattresses can lose their shape and firmness over time, and the Nectar is no different. After several years of use, owners might start to notice the mattress is softer and not as supportive as when they first purchased it.

Are memory foam mattresses any good?

Memory foam mattresses can be an excellent choice depending on one’s sleeping preferences. For instance, those who sleep on their side and like to sink into their mattress are going to love the memory foam. On the other hand, people who sleep on their stomach and prefer to rest on top of their mattress might not find it to be the best fit.

Do Nectar mattresses need a box spring?

Nectar mattresses do not necessarily require a box spring. A flat frame or bed with wooden slats should be all that is necessary to support their Nectar mattress.

How long will the Nectar Lush mattress last?

The Nectar Lush contains some more durable materials than what is found in the original Nectar mattress; because of this, it should last for between five and six years. This does depend on the weight of the owners and how much they use the Nectar Lush mattress.

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