Helix Vs Tuft And Needle

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Helix and Tuft and Needle are two very popular mattress companies that have utilized the online-business model with great success.  They both take a different approach with their product, but they provide a unique and quality offering at an affordable price.

As the two rise in popularity, I have received a number of questions about how they compare to one another.  They are very different, so I’ll try to highlight the main differences in this article to help people if they are deciding Helix vs Tuft and Needle.

Helix vs Tuft & Needle

Key Similarities

  • Similar business model
  • Both offer great value
  • Both are known for great customer service
  • Both are low-risk purchases with friendly trial periods / return policies

Key Differences

  • Helix offers a customized mattress, while T&N has one mattress that is the same across the board
  • Helix is more expensive than the Tuft & Needle
  • Helix uses a combination of Helix Dynamic foam (a latex-like foam), polyfoam, and micro coils; T&N uses 2 layers of polyfoam

Construction Differences

There are some major differences here.  Tuft and Needle uses two layers of polyfoam in its construction.  Helix uses a combination of a proprietary foam (latex-like), microcoils, and polyfoam.  How those layers are combined depends on the answer to the personalization quiz.  The mattress will be softer or firmer, bouncier or slower-moving, etc. depending on how someone fills out the quiz.  It’s hard to say how the feel will be different between the two mattresses because the feel of the Helix simply depends on how someone takes the personalization quiz.

You Might Want To Pick Helix If:

You Sleep With A Partner With Different Preferences– Helix allows people to split the mattress in half.  One side will be based on their preferences while the other will be customized to match their partner’s preferences.  If someone has a different sleeping style or preferences from their partner, then Helix is an intriguing option.

You Are Unsure About Your Preferences– If someone doesn’t know exactly what type of mattress they want, Helix can be a great choice because it does all the work for them.  It prompts people with the right questions to ask and then gives them an optimal mattress for them based on their answers to those questions.

You Have Unique Sleeping Preferences– The Tuft & Needle tries to cater to as many sleepers as possible with just one mattress.  If someone is out of the norm, then they might want to consider the Helix.  This means if someone only sleeps on their side, they are very lightweight, etc.  Helix will be able to customize the mattress to their unique preferences.

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picture of the helix mattress next to its box

You Might Want To Pick Tuft & Needle If:

You Are On A Budget– There is a pretty decent sized price difference between the two mattresses.  For a Queen, the price difference is $300, so that could potentially be a deciding factor for people depending on what their budget is.

You Have Middle Of The Road Sleeping Preferences– Tuft and Needle built their mattress to cater to as many sleepers as possible.  That means the mattress will be generally best for people who aren’t outliers as far as sleeping preferences.  If someone isn’t extra heavy, for example, then they may not need the customization that Helix provides.

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What It Comes Down To

Both are really great options.  Tuft and Needle is known for being a tremendous mattress for the money.  Helix has had great success because not everyone believes there is one best mattress for everyone.  It really comes down to whether people believe in the value of customization and then balancing that versus the extra $300 they would have to pay for the Helix.  Both have great return policies and trial periods, so I don’t think there’s any harm in picking either of them.

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