WinkBeds coolControl Mattress Giveaway

And the winner is (announced February 27th, 2017)… Angela Bauer WinkBeds Winner

**SPECIAL OFFER** WinkBeds is giving $400 off the coolControl mattress for the first 5 people that buy from the giveaway.  To be 1 of the 5  to get this huge discount, just CLICK HERE and use coupon “MCGiveaway”.

The coupon will only work 5 times, so sorry if you’re too slow!  WinkBeds is very tight with the discounts, I’ve never seen them do more than $100, so this actually is a special occasion.

And thank you for entering the giveaway!  Hopefully we will do some more giveaways soon!



Enter the giveaway below!  You can get whatever mattress size you want when you win, up to a $4898 value!

WinkBeds recently launched its coolControl system, which is the first mattress and base that actively cools or heats sleepers. This is brand new technology and is the best thing we’ve seen so far for temperature control.  For more information on this mattress, check out my WinkBeds mattress review and WinkBeds coolControl base review.

Enter to win the Winkbeds Mattress + coolControl base below!

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545 thoughts on “WinkBeds coolControl Mattress Giveaway”

  1. The Wink beds-cool control-mattress-sounds so amazing my son has a heart transplant and has real trouble sleeping on his mattress he does not like feeling hot since his transplant. This would be amazing to use for him stay cool at night.

  2. I would love the WinkBeds coolControl mattress to be able to control those restless summer nights. This mattress looks as great as the aqua pillows at keeping a comforting night of sleep.

  3. I’d love the WinkBeds coolControl mattress because it seems like it would be a good mattress for me since I am both a side sleeper and a bit on the heavy side. Plus, I have been interested in trying out a hybrid mattress for a while now due to how much more comfortable I think it would be than the foam one I currently have, which is not in the best condition. I also think I would love the WinkBeds coolControl mattress because you can set the temperature of the mattress to one that you desire, which I believe is a really cool feature! Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

  4. My husband is like a heater and he wraps himself around me and stifles me!! Lol!! This sounds amazing!! I truly need this in my life!! Thank you so much!!!!

  5. Winkbeds cool control mattress checks so many boxes for me. It would help me get a comfortable nights sleep and stop fighting with my husband over the mattress space!

  6. My husband loves to keep the AC on a low temp. (we’re in FL) I totally dislike getting up to a very cold room. The cool temp mattress would be a great compromise for us. Since we’d be cool in bed, the air ‘around’ us wouldn’t need to be so cold.

  7. My mattress is old and I toss and turn just trying to get comfortable. I get hot and wake up sweaty. I would love this awesome Cool Control mattress. Winkbed has stepped up the sleeping game. Wow, Cool control is definitely something much need for me. This would be such a blessing!

  8. I would like it because I need a new mattress and going through some hot flashes here lately so I would be a perfect tester for the CoolControl Mattress!

  9. I love the WinkBeds cool control Mattress because I could actually be cool at night and know I would sleep much better. This bed sounds amazing!

  10. My husband and I turn the a/c down to 65 at night to sleep cool. A cooling mattress seems much more efficient and a money saver versus running the a/c all night. My poor dog would appreciate not being so cold, since he’s a Boston Terrier not known for their cold tolerance. lol

  11. I would love to have the Winkbed cool control mattress because it cools or heats you when needed and it looks like it is very well put together and it would last you for years and years.

  12. I would love the WinkBeds coolControl mattress because my husband and I could each sleep at a comfortable temperature. It would be wonderful to win. My husband and I have been married 30 years and still have the same mattress! Thanks for the chance.

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