WinkBeds coolControl Review

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How Is This Different From The Regular Winkbed?  It’s not.  This is the exact same mattress as the regular WinkBed, except that there are holes in the bottom of the mattress where air tubes from the special foundation can fit and blow cool/warm air into the mattress (see how it works HERE).

For a full analysis of the coolControl features, read the full breakdown and WinkBeds coolControl review.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The coolControl Mattress is no longer available. See our best mattress page for some other great options!

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Note: Motion transfer is beneficial for those who share the bed and don’t want to be woken up by another’s movements. Looking for a mattress that better absorbs motion? Check out our Best Mattresses for Couples.

How Does It Work?

There is a special foundation that has air tubes built into it. The tubes fit into the holes of the bottom of the mattress. There is a machine that controls the air that flows through the tubes and there is an app that allows people to control the airflow from their smartphone.

WinkBeds coolControl How Works
How the heating/cooling works

People can set the air temperature for two sides of the mattress. That means if people want the left side to be warm and the right side to be cool, they can make that happen. There are 5 different settings of warm and 5 different setting of cool, so people have a big range of possible sleep surface temperature.

WinkBeds coolControl App

Can People Feel The Air?

I felt the air flowing just a tiny bit, like a very light breeze.  Depending on whether people like this feeling, they can regulate the airflow by choosing the right sheets and mattress protector.

How Cool/Warm Can It Get?

There are five settings for both cool and warm. I don’t know the exact temperature of the different settings, but I will say that the mattress can be very cool, very warm, or somewhere in-between (we list it as a top pick for hot sleepers). I don’t think anyone would need it to be any warmer than the warmest setting or any cooler than the coolest setting. The temperature range is pretty vast.

Quick Note On Noise (potential “CON”)

If someone is a side sleeper and they happen to put their head directly over one of the tubes, they can hear a little bit of noise, which is just the air flowing through the tube. If someone has a sheets/a mattress protector on the mattress, it shouldn’t be an issue, and most likely they aren’t going to be able to hear anything, but I thought I’d just make a quick note of it.

Better Than Other Mattresses That Claim To Sleep Cool?

A lot of mattresses have the claim that they have a cool sleeping surface, but this mattress definitely takes the cake. With actual cool air flowing through the mattress, people can make the sleeping surface as cool as they want. If people are very sensitive to sleeping hot, then this could be the mattress for them.

The big advantage is that people have total control over the temperature of the mattress, no matter their environment (whether they live in a hot/humid place or cold place).

Feel/Contruction/Quality of the Mattress

Note that the mattress is identical to the WinkBeds mattress, except for the holes in the bottom.  Thus people will not be able to use the coolControl system with an older WinkBed model.  For more information on the mattress itself (outside of the temperature control features), make sure to check out the full WinkBeds mattress review.

Overall Thoughts

It’s a new concept, so we’ll so how well it holds up over time, but it worked very well for me and I was able to make the sleeping temperature whatever I wanted it to be. If someone is extra sensitive to sleeping hot or conversely they like a warmer sleeping surface, then this is definitely a top option available.

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