Dromma Bed Review- A Good Choice For You?

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The Dromma Bed is another online-only offering with a couple of unique aspects to it.  I was interested to see how it compared to the other bed-in-a-box mattresses that I’ve tried over the past couple of years.

Overall, there are a few things that make it stand out form other mattresses in this space.  It is thicker than a lot of its competitors.  It uses natural latex rather than synthetic latex.  It also uses bio-based foam as part of its memory foam.  But how did the mattress feel overall? (see how it compares HERE).

Note: I received the Medium Soft version for this review.

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Construction Overview

  • The top layer is 1.5″ of natural latex.  It is ventilated to keep the mattress extra breathable.  This layer is what provides the bounce/responsiveness of the mattress.
  • The second layer is 2.5″ of gel memory foam.  This helps the mattress provide extra contouring.
  • The base layer is 8″ of polyfoam, which is pretty standard amongst bed-in-a-box offerings.


You Might Want To Pick The Dromma Bed Medium Soft If:

  • You Want The Benefits Of A Foam Mattress Without Many Of The Drawbacks– This mattress has great pressure relief, but it is still quite responsive, meaning you won’t feel like you get stuck in the mattress.  You also won’t sleep hot either.
  • You Are A Side Sleeper– This mattress does provide great pressure relief and has the right level of softness to be ideal for side sleepers.
  • You Want To Sleep Cool– This mattress was constructed with sleeping cool in my mind.  The top natural latex layer and gel memory foam below it to a good job of keeping a nice and cool sleeping surface.
  • You Want A Bed-In-A-Box Mattress That Uses More Natural Materials– The top layer is natural latex and the memory foam is partly bio-based, so while the mattress isn’t fully organic, it is at least getting you part of the way there.

You Might Not Want To Pick The Dromma Bed Medium Soft If:

  • You Sleep Mainly On Your Back Or Stomach– In my opinion, the mattress is a little too soft for back or stomach sleepers.
  • You Prefer An Innerspring Feel– There is definitely a considerable difference in feel between this mattress and a traditional innerspring mattress.  That doesn’t mean you won’t like the Dromma bed if you are used to spring mattresses, but it might take a bit of time to get used to.
  • You Want A Slow-Moving Memory Foam Feel– This mattress is pretty responsive, meaning the mattress goes back into place pretty quickly when you move around.  If you want the slower-moving type of feel, then you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.


You can see from the video below that this mattress is pretty soft.  I can put my hand into the mattress pretty easily.  You can also see that the foam returns fairly quickly back to its original shape.  It has a nice foam feel but it is also quite responsive, meaning you won’t have the feeling of getting stuck.

Motion Transfer

From the video below you can see that the mattress does a solid job at isolating motion.  That makes it a great option for couples who are sensitive to the movements of their partner.

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How Is This Unique Compared To Other Bed-In-A-Box Mattresses?

  • The top layer uses natural latex (as opposed to synthetic latex)
  • The mattress is 2″ thicker than most comparable mattresses
  • The memory foam is a percentage bio-based
  • The mattress has two firmness options (many others just have one)
Dromma Bed
4.3 Reviewer
Value (Price)4.3
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.5
Motion Transfer4.4
Edge Support3.9
Company Reputation4.3
Return Policy/Warranty4.4
Overall Sleep Experience4.4


I think this is a pretty unique offering that a lot of people will like.  It has a lot of what I like with foam mattresses but without sleeping hot or having the feeling of getting stuck.

Buy Dromma Bed Direct from Manufacturer

Joe Auer

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Thanks for a great set of reviews and unbiased on these mattresses. This is the first set of reviews that doesn’t take me immediately to the reviewers own products! The market is confusing, and even if one goes to the stores like Sears or Sleep Train they appear not to have the same models a lot of the time so one cannot compare apples to apples . I am going to go for one of your recommended reviewed mattresses. You are doing a great job. Thanks

Thank you Roberta, glad you like the site!

Will you be reviewing the Nectar mattress soon?

No plans to in the near future, but many more brands to come in 2017!

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