2021 Budget Mattress Showdown! Amazon vs Zinus vs Tuft and Needle vs LinenSpa vs Lucid

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It’s time for the Budget Mattress showdown! We’ve got the AmazonBasics vs. Tuft and Needle vs. Zinus vs. Linenspa vs. Lucid – this is the battle royale, the Royal Rumble, and Avengers: Endgame all rolled into one.

These are five of the popular mattresses one will find on Amazon, and they are also some of the most affordable – even the priciest mattress on this list, the Tuft and Needle, is priced under $600 for a Queen-size.

These five mattresses are also very similar in terms of construction, so it might not be too easy to choose between them. I’m here to pop the hood on these bed-in-a-box mattresses in this mattress comparison, so all those shoppers out there won’t have to pull their hair out with frustration.

Read on to find who won in our 2019 Budget Mattress Showdown!

AmazonBasics Deals

The AmazonBasics mattress is soft and simple and should be a good choice for side sleepers, back sleepers, and lightweight people.

Doesn't expire

Zinus Deals

The Zinus mattress features thick memory foam and is a good option for back sleepers, side sleepers, and couples. 

Doesn't expire

Tuft And Needle Deals
Tuft And Needle
Tuft And Needle
Tuft And Needle

The Tuft and Needle features an Adaptive Foam that is soft and responsive. The mattress should work for both back and side sleepers. 

Doesn't expire

Linenspa Deals
Linenspa Hybrid
Linenspa Hybrid
Linenspa Hybrid

The Linenspa is the firmest mattress on this list and is a great match for stomach sleepers. 

Doesn't expire

Lucid Mattress Deals
Lucid Hybrid
Lucid Hybrid
Lucid Hybrid

The Lucid is a comfortable and supportive hybrid that should be a great option for back and side sleepers. 

Doesn't expire


Mattress Construction

First off, let’s take a look at the construction of these five mattresses – keep reading to find out exactly what specific materials are found in these budget mattresses.

AmazonBasics Mattress Construction

AmazonBasics Construction

  • The mattress is available in 8”, 10”, and 12” models, and we reviewed the 12”, their softest option.
  • The AmazonBasics’s cover is particularly thin and shouldn’t affect how the mattress feels.
  • The top layer of the AmazonBasics contains soft memory foam.
  • Then, a transition layer lies between the memory foam layer and two base layers –  the base layers feature some ventilation that should allow for some air to flow through the mattress.

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Zinus Mattress Construction

Zinus Construction

  • The Zinus mattresses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs – I reviewed the 12” Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress.
  • The top layer is 3” of memory foam, infused with gel to assist with cooling.
  • Then there is a transition layer, followed by two base layers. Similar to the AmazonBasics, the base layers leave some room for airflow.

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Tuft And Needle Construction

Tuft And Needle Construction

  • The Tuft and Needle is 10” tall.
  • The mattress’s cover is also particularly thin and soft to the touch.
  • The comfort layer of the mattress contains 3” of Adaptive Foam, a proprietary foam that is like a mix between latex and memory foam – it is soft, pressure-relieving, but also responsive.
  • The base layer is 7” of dense polyfoam.

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Linenspa Mattress Construction

Linenspa Construction

  • The Linenspa also comes in a few different versions, and I reviewed the 8” memory foam hybrid mattress.
  • This is a very simple mattress, so it is 1.5” of memory foam resting on 6.5” of pocketed coils.

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Lucid Mattress Construction

Lucid Construction

  • Like some of these other mattresses, the Lucid is available in many different models – I reviewed the 10” memory foam hybrid mattress.
  • The cover is soft, and the top comfort layer is 2.5” of memory foam that is infused with bamboo charcoal and aloe vera.
  • Bamboo charcoal is meant to help with cooling, and aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Then, there are two transition layers followed by 5.5” of individually-encased coils.

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Main Construction Notes And Differences

  • The Linenspa and Lucid I reviewed are both hybrid mattresses, and Zinus also offers hybrid models. Hybrid mattresses contain coils and are often a better match for heavier sleepers or those who just need a bit more support.
  • The AmazonBasics and Zinus are both all-foam, memory foam mattresses – memory foam is known for having a slow-moving feel that provides great pressure relief and contouring.
  • As I said above, the Tuft and Needle features Adaptive Foam in its comfort layer. It is a soft and responsive alternative to memory foam that is more on the premium end. That’s one of the reasons the Tuft and Needle is the most expensive of these five mattresses.
  • Except for the Tuft and Needle, all of these mattresses are available in multiple thicknesses. The thicker models, such as the 10” and 12” models are usually going to be more fitting for larger sleepers and people who require more support. Also, side sleepers should consider one of the thicker models with a thicker comfort layer.

Firmness/Feel Differences

These five budget mattresses are similar in terms of firmness, but they do vary a bit. For instance, the AmazonBasics and Zinus mattresses are both close to a 6/10, a bit softer-than-average. The Tuft and Needle and Lucid mattresses are a tad firmer and are closer to 6.5/10. The Linenspa is the firmest of the mattresses and has a firmness rating of 7.5/10.

These affordable bed-in-a-box mattresses are also slightly different in regard to feel. The AmazonBasics and Zinus mattresses both have that classic memory foam feel that conforms to the curves of the body. Even though the Lucid contains coils, it exhibits this same slow-moving feel. The Tuft and Needle mattress is more responsive than these memory foam mattresses, so it has a balanced foam feel. The Linenspa has a thinner comfort layer over coils so it has a classic hybrid mattress feel.

I slept on all five of these mattresses and moved around to try them out in different sleeping positions. All of these mattresses, save the Linenspa, felt fantastic when I was back sleeping. I am getting some contouring from the memory foam found on the AmazonBasics, Zinus, and Lucid, and my hips sink in the perfect amount. I also feel the right balance of comfort and support when I am on the Tuft and Needle.

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Lucid Mattress - Back Sleeping

Similarly, all five mattresses except for the Linenspa were a particularly good match for side sleeping. The AmazonBasics, Tuft and Needle, Zinus, and Lucid all feature significant comfort layers that relieve pressure on my shoulders and hips. I sink in and feel almost no pressure on my shoulders and hips.

Out of these mattresses, the Linenspa felt best when I was stomach sleeping. With its thin comfort layer and supportive coils, the mattress is holding me up well. The other four mattresses are just too soft for stomach sleeping.

Motion Transfer Differences

Motion transfer is definitely something couples want to think about if both partners want to sleep through the night. A mattress with memory foam is usually a good option, as this material is known for isolating motion well.

While four of these mattresses feature memory foam, the AmazonBasics and Zinus seem to perform the best with motion isolation. I placed a glass of water on both mattresses and then tried to disturb the other side. This had very little effect on the water.

AmazonBasics Motion Transfer

Also, I lay down on all five mattresses and asked Marten to move around on the other side. I felt fewer of his movements while lying on the AmazonBasics and Zinus. See our best mattresses for couples for some other options.

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Edge Support Differences

Edge support is also a very important consideration for couples. Both partners want to find a mattress that will allow them to sleep toward the edge so that they are not stuck in the middle.

The Lucid and Linenspa perform the best because they both contain coils. This helps keeps the edge of the mattresses more supportive so that it is easy to sit and sleep toward the edge.

Lucid Mattress Edge Support

Marten’s Take

Everything above is really based on my own experiences with these five mattresses. Other types of people, such as larger sleepers, might have different thoughts about these mattresses, so I asked Marten to come in and help us out. Marten is 6’7” and weighs 230 lbs, while I am 5’9” and weigh 160 lbs. Marten is much larger than me, so let’s see what he had to say:

Larger people like me definitely want to track down a mattress that is supportive and comfortable for their size. I have slept on all five of these mattresses, and I found that two fit these criteria.

First off, I like the Lucid because it contains coils and memory foam. These coils are offering me the support I need when I am on my back, while the memory foam is contouring to the shape of my body. The memory foam is also providing enough pressure relief for when I am on my side.

Then we have the Tuft and Needle, a good option for heavier side sleepers. When I am lying on my side, I sink into that Adaptive Foam and feel very little pressure on my shoulders and hips.

So, those who need the best mattress for heavy people should focus on the Lucid and the Tuft and Needle.

Who Should Choose The AmazonBasics?

  • Back sleepers. The mattress features a nice balance of comfort and support that should be ideal for back sleepers.
  • Side sleepers. The AmazonBasics 12” model’s thick layer of memory foam should provide a good amount of pressure relief for side sleepers.
  • Couples. The AmazonBasics’s memory foam isolates motion quite well, so couples shouldn’t disturb one another at night.

Who Should Choose The Zinus?

  • Back sleepers. Similar to the AmazonBasics, the Zinus should be supportive enough for back sleepers of many sizes.
  • Side sleepers. The Zinus, especially the thicker models, should offer great pressure relief.
  • Heavier sleepers. Depending on their sleeping position, larger sleepers might find the Zinus to be a good match.

Zinus Mattress - AmazonBasics vs. Tuft and Needle vs. Zinus vs. Linenspa vs. Lucid

Who Should Choose The Tuft and Needle?

  • Back sleepers. The Tuft and Needle should also be a good option for back sleepers. It allows the hips to sink in while supporting the rest of the body.
  • Side sleepers. The Tuft and Needle’s Adaptive Foam should provide the pressure relief that side sleepers are looking for.

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Who Should Choose The Linenspa?

  • Stomach sleepers. Out of these mattresses, the Linenspa is the best option for stomach sleeping. It has a thinner comfort layer and supportive coils, so stomach sleepers should get the support they need under their hips.
  • Back sleepers. The 8” model might not be a good match for back sleepers, but the 10” or 12” models could be decent options.

Who Should Choose The Lucid?

  • Back sleepers. The Lucid contains coils and memory foam and provides enough comfort and support for most back sleepers.
  • Side sleepers. The thicker layer of memory foam should definitely relieve pressure for most side sleepers.
  • Heavier people. With its layer of supportive coils, the Lucid is going to be one of the better matches for larger people.
  • Couples. Even though it isn’t an all-foam mattress, the memory foam layer should help cut down on motion transfer.

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Final Thoughts

So, who won the showdown? It really depends on firmness and feel preferences as well as preferred sleeping positions. For more information about these mattresses, make sure to read our individual reviews!


Is Lucid or Zinus better?

The Lucid and Zinus are both quality mattresses, but they are a good fit for different types of sleepers. With its supportive coils, the Lucid mattress should be a better option for heavier people, and the Zinus should be a better option for couples.

Both mattresses should be a great fit for back and side sleeping.

What is the best mattress to buy on Amazon?

For those who want to find a great, affordable mattress on Amazon, look no further than the AmazonBasics, Zinus, Tuft and Needle, Linenspa, and Lucid. These are five of the most popular, best mattresses on Amazon.

Is Zinus or AmazonBasics better?

Neither mattress is “better,” but they are both a better match for different types of sleepers. The Zinus is going to be a good choice for heavier sleepers and those in search of a higher quality mattress. The AmazonBasics should be a better option for lightweight people and those looking to save some more money.

Are Lucid and Linenspa the same company?

Lucid is a Linenspa brand, but they are different mattresses.

What is the best affordable mattress?

Those who are seeking the best affordable mattresses should take a look at Amazon. Focus on brands such as AmazonBasics, Zinus, Tuft and Needle, Linenspa, and Lucid. These are all affordable mattresses, but they are also all supportive and comfortable.

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