Tempur-Contour Elite Vs Rhapsody Luxe- Which Is Right For You?

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Two popular models from the Tempur-Pedic Contour collection are the Tempur-Contour Elite and Tempur-Contour Rhapsody Luxe.  They are very similar mattresses with just a few subtle differences.  I’ll do my best to list out the few things you might want to consider if you are deciding between these two mattresses.

Key Similarities

  • Both use the TEMPUR-HD (HD means high-density) material in the comfort layer
  • Both are quite firm
  • Both conform very well to the body
  • Both do well for back pain

Key Differences

  • The comfort layer of the Rhapsody Luxe is .8” thicker than the Elite
  • The Rhapsody Luxe is 1” thicker than the Elite is overall (14.5” vs 13.5”)
  • The Rhapsody Luxe is very slightly softer than the Elite is
  • The Rhapsody Luxe costs $500 more than the Elite does

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Feel Difference

Because the comfort layer is .8” thicker in the Rhapsody Luxe, that mattress is a bit softer and it conforms to your body a little more.  The difference will be pretty subtle, however.

What I Found From Several Live Chat Sessions

I thought it would be interesting to see what the company representatives would say about the difference between the two mattresses via a live chat session.  I did the same with Mattress Firm as well.  The only info I could get was that the Rhapsody has more TEMPUR-HD material, is thicker overall, and costs more.  I couldn’t really get any info at all on what type of person would want to get one mattress over the other.

Which Should You Pick?

  • Pick the Elite if you want a little more value (it is my opinion that the 1” difference in thickness does not quite justify a $500 price difference)
  • Pick the Elite if you want something very firm and sleep on your back or stomach
  • Pick the Rhapsody Luxe if you can afford the $500 premium
  • Pick the Rhapsody Luxe if you want a more medium firm mattress
  • Pick the Rhapsody Luxe if you ever sleep on your side at any point in the night

My Personal Opinion?

The two mattresses are in the same range of firmness, but the Rhapsody Luxe will be softer for you, so if you sleep on your side at any point during the night, that model may be the better way to go.  I don’t personally think the 1” difference in thickness justifies a $500 price difference, but if you can afford it and want a slightly softer the mattress, then the Rhapsody Luxe is the way to go.  Otherwise, the Elite might be the better value.

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