Lull Vs Leesa Mattress

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Lull and Leesa are two mattress companies that have had good success since their initial launches.  They both follow a similar business model of selling online-only and cutting out the middleman to provide consumers a unique savings opportunity.  

Lull mattress vs Leesa mattress

While the business model is fairly similar, there are some differences between the two mattresses.  In this article, I will go over the similarities and differences between the two mattress in an attempt to help clarify your decision between Lull vs Leesa.

Both companies have great return policies and offer quality products, so either one you get should be low risk.

Key Similarities

  • Similar cost savings compared to mattresses sold in retail stores
  • Both consist of all foam (no springs)
  • Both have free shipping and arrive in a box
  • The height of both mattresses is the same (10”)
  • Both companies have great reputations and customer service
  • Roughly same price when considering potential discounts
  • Both have one firmness option

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Leesa vs Lull
4.3 Reviewer
Value (Price)
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Overall Sleep Experience
4.5 Reviewer
Value (Price)
Doesn't Sleep Hot
Motion Transfer
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Overall Sleep Experience

Key Differences

  • Lull has memory foam on top, while Leesa has Avena (latex-like)
  • Leesa has a more responsive, bouncy feel to it
  • Lull has a 3” comfort layer, while Leesa has a 4” comfort layer

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The Leesa mattress consists of 2” of Avena foam (a latex-like foam), over 2” of 3lb. density memory foam, over 6” of 1.8 lb. density polyfoam (learn more in my full Leesa review).

Leesa mattress reviews and complaints

Leesa mattress

The Lull mattress consists of 1.5” of gel-infused memory foam, over 1.5” of latex-like polyfoam, over 7” of high-density polyfoam (learn more in my full Lull review).

Lull Mattress Review

The difference in construction does produce two relatively different feels.  Durability of foam mattresses generally depends on the density of the foams being used.  Lull does not disclose the densities of their foams, but I would note that the mattress weighs 6 lbs. more than the Leesa does.  

Given they are the same thickness, Lull appears to use more dense materials in part of its construction.  Generally that would lead me to believe the Lull would be slightly more durable, but that’s just a hunch.

General Feel

The two mattresses do have a different feel.  I think they have roughly the same firmness (my subjective opinion), which is a slightly firmer than average feel.  If you read all the consumer reviews of either mattress, if someone has a complaint about the feel, it’s that it is a tad bit firm.  I think the firmness level is a good fit for most people, as long as they aren’t too heavy or too light.

The key difference is Lull has memory foam as the top layer, while Leesa has a latex-like foam called Avena.  This means the Lull has a slow-moving, quicksand feel, while Leesa has a more resilient, bouncy feel to it.  

One feel is not necessarily better than the other.  It really comes down to your personal preference.  See the difference in the feels in the videos below:

Lull Firmness and Feel

Leesa Firmness and Feel

Personally, I thought these two mattresses in particular did a great job for sleeping in any position.  Some mattresses are better for certain types of sleepers, but these two were similar in that they were great for combination sleepers like myself (I sleep on my back, side, and stomach sometimes).


The Leesa sells its Queen for $890.  The Lull sells for $850.  You can usually get a $75 discount from Leesa and a $50 discount from Lull, so the difference in price is very small.

Main Points To Consider

Honestly, these two mattresses are very similar.  The price is roughly the same.  The trial periods/ customer service/ return policies are both really great.  They both have the same thickness.  Most people generally think the firmness level is about the same.

For me, it just comes down to whether you want a more memory foam feel or not.  If you do, then go for the Lull.  If you want a foam mattress but without the slow-moving memory foam feel, then go for the Leesa.  

Both are great options, and their trial periods and return policies are so friendly that there’s really no risk in giving one a shot.

Joe Auer

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Very nice review. I would choose Leesa due to the fact that their company does such a great job in their outreach programs, donating mattresses to homeless shelters and people in need. Impacts the company bottom line, but they have been doing it since the company was started. Regards, Kevin

Definitely a great program!

Very good review very helpful thank you

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