Comparison Of Tuft And Needle And Leesa

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With the ever-increasing number of online-only mattress options coming out, it’s only natural for people to wonder how they compare to one another.

More and more people are wondering how Tuft & Needle compares to Leesa.  I think the decision can be broken down somewhat simply, as there are some clear differences between the two mattresses.  I’ll try to lay out those differences here.  Both have great return policies, so I wouldn’t worry too much about this decision as it’s pretty low-risk.


From my personal experience and reading the experiences of many other people, I think it is fairly safe to say that the Tuft And Needle is firmer than the Leesa.  One person’s perception of firmness can be different from someone else’s, but the vast majority of people agree that T&N is a bit firmer.


The Tuft And Needle is significantly cheaper than Leesa, so you will ultimately have to decide whether the potential higher quality components in the Leesa is worth the extra amount of money you have to spend for it.

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Leesa uses a latex-like foam called Aveena as the top layer.  As such, the mattress is fairly resilient and bouncy.  It is more so than the Tuft & Needle.  Is this a good thing?  It certainly can be, but it really comes down to personal preference.

Customer Service / Return Policy

Both companies have fantastic customer service and offer very similar trial periods / return policies.  As a result, I wouldn’t make this a decision criteria because they are both really good and really keep the consumer’s best interest at heart.

picture of tuft and needle and leesa side by side

Who Should Get The Tuft & Needle?

  • Those on a budget If you have budget concerns, then you will be better off going with the lower-priced Tuft & Needle
  • Those Who Prefer A Firmer Mattress– The Tuft & Needle is definitely a bit firmer than Leesa, so if that is what you prefer, you would probably want to get the T&N.  This would be suited for people who only sleep on their back or stomach.

Who Should Get The Leesa?

  • Those Who Sleep On Their Side– I think the Leesa is very comfortable and does a great job at relieving pressure points for side sleepers.
  • Those Who Want A Bit Of Bounce– If you prefer a mattress that is resilient and a little bouncy, then the Leesa would be the clear choice of the two.

How Should You Decide?

If you are deciding Tuft And Needle Vs Leesa, you should take a look at the main differences and figure out where you stand on them.  Ask yourself questions like what your real budget is, whether you sleep on your side only, what firmness you like, etc.  From there, it should be pretty clear which mattress you should get.

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