New Purple (2, 3, 4) Vs. Leesa – Which Should You Get?

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Purple 2, 3, 4 are new luxury, hybrid foam-coil options from Purple. Leesa is a medium-firm budget mattress. Both are popular bed-in-a-box options. We’ll compare the different options in this post to help you determine which is the best fit for you.

Key Similarities

  • Both have responsive sleeping surfaces.
  • Both offer 100-day trials.
  • Both offer free shipping.

Key Differences

  • The new Purple is more expensive ($1,299 to $3,499 for the new Purple; $525 to $1,070 for Leesa). 
  • The new Purple has coils.
  • The new Purple has multiple firmness options.
  • Leesa is all-foam.
  • Leesa is a budget option.
  • Leesa has more of a latex feel (but does not contain latex).
  • Leesa has a simpler construction.
  • Purple uses a proprietary material for its top layer.
  • The new Purple is thicker. (Purple is 11″ to 13″ thick; Leesa is 10″ thick.)

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New Purple Construction

  • The thinnest and firmest new Purple option is the Purple 2 at 11″ thick. Purple 3 is a step up in softness and an inch thicker. Purple 4 is the softest of the three new options and is 13″ thick.
  • The top layer is what makes each version of the new Purple mattress different. Each version has Purple’s proprietary, temperature-neutral Smart Comfort Grid for a top layer. The “grid” is a hyper-elastic polymer that is supportive until you put enough pressure onto it to soften it. The thickness of this layer corresponds to the firmness level of each mattress: Purple 2 has 2″ of Smart Comfort Grid material; Purple 3 has 3″; and Purple 4 has 4″.
  • Half an inch of transition foam separates the gel grid from the coil system beneath.
  • A 7.5″ thick layer of individually wrapped, durable coils makes the mattress supportive and helps with temperature control.
  • A polyfoam outer shell reinforces edge support.
  • The base later is comprised of 1″ of foundational foam.

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A bed is opened to show its components.

Leesa Construction

  • Two inches of latex-like Avena foam form Leesa’s top layer, providing comfort and contour support. This layer also gives the mattress its springy, firm surface feel.
  • A 2″ middle layer of memory foam offers additional support.
  • The base layer is 6″ of high-density foam.

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Construction Differences/Notes

  • Leesa is all-foam, while the new Purple has coils.
  • Leesa has a latex-like material on top.
  • Leesa has only three layers.
  • Purple has a hyper-elastic, proprietary material on top.
  • The new Purple is more supportive for heavier people.
  • The new Purple has multiple firmness options.
  • The new Purple is thicker.
  • The new Purple is more durable.
  • Both have responsive, springy surfaces.

Firmness/Feel Differences

Leesa is firmer than Purple 3 and 4 and has more of a latex feel than each of the new Purple options. All options (Leesa and the new Purple mattresses) have responsive surfaces that spring back to shape quickly.

Motion Transfer Differences

Both models isolate motion well, but the new Purple’s unique top layer gives it an edge. Softer new Purple options do an especially good job of preventing motion transfer.  

Pick The New Purple If …

  • You are heavier. The new Purple has coils, runs thicker, and is made with unique and durable materials, making it more supportive for people who weigh more.
  • You want a mattress that will last. The new Purple uses higher quality materials and has coils.

Pick Leesa If …

  • You are on a budget. The Leesa is much less expensive than the new Purple, so it allows you the opportunity to save some hard-earned cash.
  • You want a medium-firm mattress. The Leesa has a medium-firm sleeping surface, while the new Purple has multiple firmness options. 

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These are pretty different options and will probably appeal to different shoppers. I hope this comparison has helped you determine which brand has what you need. Please leave any specific questions about Leesa or the new Purple in the comments.

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