Amerisleep vs Loom & Leaf

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Amerisleep and Loom and Leaf are two reputable brands that have had great success cornering the memory foam mattress market.  Amerisleep has a line of different models, while Loom & Leaf has had success with just one model (although it’s part of the Saatva company, which has two other brands).

Loom and Leaf vs Amerisleep

Given that both are all memory foam mattresses, people often times wonder how the two brands differ from one another.  While there are many similarities, there are a few differences.  I’ll try to highlight those differences in this in-depth mattress comparison to help people if they are making the decision of Amerisleep vs Loom and Leaf.  The decision shouldn’t stress people out too much, as both companies have great return policies in case one doesn’t work out for them, and they are great overall as well. Don’t stop here! Make sure to check out our other popular Amerisleep and Loom and Leaf comparisons like Amerisleep vs Casper and Loom and Leaf vs Leesa.

Key Similarities

  • All Amerisleep mattresses and the L&L are memory foam mattresses
  • Both use bio-based foams
  • Both do an excellent job of keeping the mattress cool (for a memory foam mattress)
  • Both are great with motion transfer / top picks for couples
  • Both have great company reputations / good customer service

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Key Differences

  • Amerisleep has a variety of models, while Loom and Leaf has just one
  • Amerisleep makes its models with certain sleepers in mind, while L&L aims to create a universal sleeping experience with its one mattress
  • Amerisleep has celliant technology in its covers
  • 3 Amerisleep models are in the same price range as L&L, while 2 are significantly more expensive
  • Amerisleep mattresses are shipped in a box, while L&L is hand delivered

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Amerisleep has five different models, but they all share some things in common.  They all use a 4 lb. density memory foam as the top comfort layer.  The foams are all bio-based foams, making them slightly more “green” than the average memory foam mattress, and slightly cooler as well.

Amerisleep Reviews
Laying on the Amerisleep Colonial Mattress

Each model is created for certain types of sleepers.  For example, the Americana is the least expensive, has just 2 inches of memory foam, and is the firmest model.  It caters to back and stomach sleepers.  Compare that to the Independence, which has 5 inches of memory foam, is the most expensive, and is best for pure side sleepers.  Generally, the more memory foam in the mattress, the more expensive it is going to be.

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See the feel of the Amerisleep in the video below

Amerisleep does have celliant covers.  This type of cover is supposed to help increase blood flow, reduce pain, and boost muscle recovery.  I’m not a scientist, so I can’t vouch for the legitimacy of these claims, so people should take a look themselves at the science behind the claims and make a judgment on their own.

Loom and Leaf aims to cater to all sleepers.  To me, it has a middle of the road firmness (the relaxed firm comfort level).  It is great with pressure relief for when I sleep on my side yet feels nice and supportive while on my back.  

Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress construction
Loom & Leaf mattress

The densities of the foams are all in the same general range as the Amerisleep line, and they use bio-based foams as well.  The construction overall is fairly similar to that of the Amerisleep mattresses.

See the firmness and feel of Loom & Leaf below:

Pick Amerisleep If:

  • You Want Options– If people only sleep on their back, then Amerisleep will have a specific model suited for back sleepers.  Their line of mattresses caters to specific sleeper types, so if people have specific sleep preferences and want options to reflect that, then Amerisleep may be the way to go.
  • You Value The Celliant Cover– I can’t personally vouch for the science behind celliant technology, so I would recommend reading about it on one’s own and making one’s own decision.  It purports to boost flow and increase energy and muscle recovery.  This could be ideal for athletes, but again I would encourage people to read the science behind it.

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Pick Loom And Leaf If:

  • You Don’t Have Specific, Unique Sleeping Preferences– L&L does a great job of catering to the majority of sleepers.  If people aren’t overly heavy, for example, or they sleep in multiple positions, then the Loom and Leaf will probably be a great fit for them.
  • You Are A Combination Sleeper– Because Loom and Leaf is geared for as many types of sleepers as possible, it does a really great job for people who sleep in multiple positions.

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Overall recommendation

There are a LOT of similarities with these two companies.  This is one comparison where it is very difficult to say which one people should choose.  They both are great companies, both great mattresses, so if people still can’t decide, I’d flip a coin to make the decision and don’t stress!

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