Loom & Leaf Vs Leesa – Which Should You Pick?

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Get ready for battle in another mattress comparison! Today, we’ll review two all-foam beds: Loom & Leaf (made by Saatva) and the Leesa.

This Loom & Leaf vs. Leesa mattress comparison will help you determine which bed is perfect for you. Let’s begin!

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  • Supportive and pressure-relieving 
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  • Balanced memory foam feel
  • Great for lightweight sleepers
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Loom & Leaf Vs Leesa Overview

The Loom & Leaf has three layers of memory foam, all working together for a plush feel designed to make you feel like you’re slowly and softly sinking into the bed. They have two different firmness options available — Firm and Relaxed Firm. We’ll mostly cover the Relaxed Firm model for this review, but anyone who wants more support might want to take a look at the Firm.

Leesa is another notable player in the online mattress game. They sell many different models, but for this review, we’ll focus specifically on the all-foam Leesa Original.

To be honest, there are quite a few similarities between these two beds in terms of construction. But there are also some notable differences regarding feel and responsiveness. Here’s a quick look at who these mattresses may be right for.

Who Should Get The Loom & Leaf

  • Anyone who loves the contouring hug of memory foam
  • Heavier people. For an all-foam mattress, the Loom & Leaf doesn’t sag a whole lot, making it more supportive than some of the other all-foam beds out there.
  • Hot sleepers. The Loom & Leaf has some impressive cooling technology that helps promote airflow, breathability, and overall temperature regulation.
  • Side sleepers and back sleepers. The Loom & Leaf could be an especially good option for anyone who deals with back pain.

Who Should Get The Leesa

  • Anyone who prefers a more balanced memory-foam feel. The bed is more responsive than the Loom & Leaf, with foam that quickly bounces back into place.
  • Side sleepers and back sleepers. The Leesa’s top layer of proprietary LSA200 foam provides a nice balance of comfort, support, and contouring.
  • Lightweight sleepers will likely feel comfortable in all three sleeping positions.

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Loom & Leaf Vs Leesa Video Comparison

Need an up-close look at these two popular beds? Watch our video review below!


Similarities Between The Loom & Leaf And Leesa?

Let’s break down some of the key similarities between these two beds.

  • Both are all-foam, online mattresses.
  • Both beds should appeal to back sleepers, although their preference might vary depending on their weight.
  • Both beds have a standard polyfoam base for added support.
  • They also both fall into the category of Medium Firm.
  • Neither bed is likely ideal for stomach sleepers.

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Key Differences Between The Loom & Leaf And Leesa?

Of course, there are also some important differences between the Loom & Leaf and the Leesa. Let’s go over some of their most notable distinctions.

  • Loom & Leaf has two models to choose from with different levels of firmness.
  • The Loom & Leaf is definitely going to be the better option for heavier sleepers, because it’s 2″ thicker than the Leesa.
  • While both beds have decent temperature regulation, the Loom & Leaf sleeps a little bit cooler than the Leesa.
  • The Leesa is better for those on a budget.
  • Lightweight sleepers of all positions will probably be more comfortable on the Leesa.

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Firmness and Feel Differences

Firmness and feel are two of the most talked-about factors when buying a new mattress. Let’s see how the two beds differ in these areas and where they align.

How Firm Are The Loom & Leaf And Leesa Mattresses?

The Loom & Leaf begins to feel a little bit softer as time progresses, which means the firmness can fluctuate between 6.5/10 and 7/10. Either way, the bed stays rooted in the Medium Firm category.

Similarly, the Leesa clocks in at a 6.5/10. The LSA200 foam is fairly soft, but the support layer is firm, helping the bed also land at Medium Firm overall.

Sleeping On the Loom & Leaf And Leesa Mattresses

As with all the beds we cover, we personally tested out both of these mattresses. Here’s how they each felt in different sleeping positions.

The Loom & Leaf gives a good deal of pressure relief on the shoulders and hips, so it’s a good option for side sleepers. The bed feels comfortable while back-sleeping as well — the lumbar region filled in by the top layer of gel memory foam. The same can’t be said for stomach-sleeping, because it’s not supportive enough under the hips.

Loom and Leaf Mattress Review: Ultra-Luxury For The Best Price?

The Leesa is similar to the Loom & Leaf in that it feels good on the back, but not so much on the stomach. While side sleepers will likely be comfortable on both beds, the Loom & Leaf offers a bit more pressure relief.

Leesa Mattress - Back Sleeping

What Do The Loom & Leaf And Leesa Mattresses Feel Like?

Even though both beds have similar firmness levels and constructions, they differ when it comes to texture and responsiveness. Sleeping on the Loom & Leaf results in a classic memory-foam experience — a little bit of sinkage, a little bit of contouring, and an overall slow responsiveness.

The Leesa has more of a balanced memory-foam feel, with the bouncier LSA200 foam on top and a slower-responding memory foam directly beneath it. When lying on the mattress, we sunk a little bit, but could also move around pretty easily.

Average-Weight Sleepers – 130lbs – 230lbs

Average-weight back and side sleepers should enjoy all the body contouring, pressure relief, and lumbar support found in the Loom & Leaf. Average-weight stomach sleepers might want to seek out a bed with more support on the hips — perhaps the Firm model.

Average-weight back sleepers will likewise feel supported on the Leesa — held up by the support layer while the top foams conform to the curves of their bodies. For average-weight stomach sleepers, those under 200 lbs will probably find the pressure relief they need, but anyone closer to 230 lbs might begin to feel pressure on their shoulders and hips. People in this category will have more success with one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230lbs

The Loom & Leaf is a good option for heavier people because of its thickness. The Relaxed Firm model also has a 7.5 on the firmness scale. Heavy side sleepers will probably feel most comfortable. Heavier back and stomach sleepers might want to look into the Firm model.

On the Leesa, back and side sleepers who weigh closer to 230 lbs might find the required pressure relief, but those who are closer to 300 lbs might not get enough support from the base foam layer. It’s worth noting that Leesa does offer hybrid beds such as the Leesa Hybrid and Leesa Legend, both of which feature coils that offer stronger bases for heavier sleepers.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130lbs

Both the Relaxed Firm and the Firm Loom & Leaf mattress might be just a bit too firm for lightweight sleepers. But they should be comfortable in all three sleeping positions on the Leesa.

Mattress Construction Differences

Now let’s go through an anatomy lesson of both beds as we break down their construction.


As with any bed, the first thing you’ll encounter is the cover. For the Loom & Leaf, that means a quilted, organic cotton zoned to provide support in the middle of the mattress.

The side of a luxury mattress.

The Leesa’s cover is made of a twill fabric, and like the Loom & Leaf’s, is soft and breathable.

Leesa Mattress - Construction And Layers

Comfort Layers

The Loom & Leaf’s first three layers are all about comfort. It starts with a 2” layer of memory foam with a 4-lb density—its surface convoluted to assist with airflow.

Next, you’ll experience the middle comfort layer, topped off with a laminate panel of Spinal Zone Gel. A proprietary solution created by the brand, this gel promotes both a lower temperature and spinal support.

For the final comfort layer, we have a 2” stretch of denser memory foam with a 5-lb. density. This provides most of the mattress’ body contouring.

The Leesa’s top comfort layer is made with the proprietary LSA200 foam. Bouncy, soft, and responsive, its texture is designed to be more breathable than typical memory foam and prevents the mattress from trapping too much heat.

Underneath the LSA200 foam is a layer of slow-moving memory foam to aid with pressure relief and provide a little bit of contouring. The push and pull between both of the comfort layers is where the Leesa gets its balanced feel.

Support Layer

Both the Loom & Leaf and the Leesa have a standard base of polyfoam, providing some extra support at the bottom of the bed.

Mattress Height

The Loom & Leaf is 12″ tall and the Leesa measures 10″.

Loom & Leaf And Leesa Mattress Size Options and Price

See the charts below for the most up-to-date size and pricing information for the Loom & Leaf and Leesa mattresses.

Loom & Leaf

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38″ x 75″ x 12″ $949
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ x 12″ $1,249
Full 54″ x 76″ x 12″ $1,799
Queen 60″ x 80″ x 12″ $1,989
King 76″ x 80″ x 12″ $2,199
Split King 76″ x 80″ x 12″ $2,498
California King 72″ x 84″ x 12″ $2,199
Split Cal King 72″ x 84″ x 12” $2,576

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Size Dimensions Price
Twin 39″ x 75″ x 10″ $799
Twin XL 39″ x 80″ x 10″ $849
Full 53″ x 75″ x 10″ $999
Queen 60″ x 80″ x 10″ $1099
King 76″ x 80″ x 10″ $1299
California King 72″ x 84″ x 10″ $1299

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Loom & Leaf
  • Great for hot sleepers
  • Supportive and pressure-relieving 
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Leesa Original
  • Balanced memory foam feel
  • Great for lightweight sleepers
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Loom & Leaf And Leesa Performance Differences

We put all of our beds through a gauntlet of tests that cover everything from temperature regulation to motion transfer and edge support. Let’s see how these two mattresses performed.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

Between the Loom & Leaf’s Spinal Zone gel and the Leesa’s LSA200 foam, both beds come equipped with some fascinating cooling technology. But we found that the Loom & Leaf slept a bit cooler.

Motion Transfer

Memory foam beds tend to isolate motion well, making them some of the best mattresses for couples. Both the Loom & Leaf and the Leesa lived up to this reputation. However, we found that the Loom & Leaf was a little better at isolating motion overall.

Edge Support

A downside of memory foam is that the material doesn’t always make for the best edge support. So we were pleasantly surprised to find that the Loom & Leaf scored pretty high here. We didn’t feel too much collapse when sitting on the edge of the bed.

A man sitting on the edge of a mattress.

On the Leesa, we noticed a bit of collapse under our hips. When lying near the edge, it didn’t feel as secure. Overall, Loom and Leaf wins this round.

Leesa Mattress - Edge Support


Both of these beds are made of sturdy materials that should make for a long-term investment that stands the test of time. It’s hard to give an exact number, but we can confidently say that both mattresses should last between seven and 10 years.


Off-gassing refers to the faint smell that emerges when opening and unrolling any bed-in-a-box. But because the Loom & Leaf mattress doesn’t arrived compressed inside a cardboard box, you won’t run into this issue here. The Leesa does emit a slight chemical smell at first, but it completely fades within two days.


Because the Loom & Leaf and the Leesa are all-foam beds, they tend to be pretty silent. Squeakiness is more commonly found in hybrid mattresses or other beds that contain springs.


When people seek out a mattress for sex, they’re usually looking at bounciness, resilience, and how easy it is to change positions. Because of their slow-moving feel, memory foam beds typically aren’t the best for sex. But the Leesa proved to be the exception to this rule, thanks to its faster response time. We even placed it on our Best Mattresses For Sex list.

Company Policies

Each mattress company has different protocols when it comes to warranties, sleep trials, and returns. Let’s take a look at the fine print.

Warranty Info

The Loom & Leaf comes with a 15-year warranty and the Leesa comes with a 10-year full replacement limited warranty.

Sleep Trial

The Loom & Leaf’s sleep trial is a full 180 nights, while Leesa’s is only 100 nights.

Return Policy

Loom & Leaf offers a full refund as long as the exchange happens within the trial period. Note that the company does charge an additional $99 transportation fee to cover labor and gas.

If customers aren’t satisfied with the Leesa after 30 nights, they can return it for a full refund within the 100-day trial period. Leesa will coordinate the pickup from your home. This only applies to your first Leesa purchase.


Still wondering which mattress is best for you? Read on for some frequently asked questions that might help.

Which is better, Loom & Leaf or Leesa?

It’s all about what’s best for you. If you prefer that classic memory-foam experience, you might prefer the Loom & Leaf. Those seeking a more balanced feel might gravitate toward the Leesa.

How long will the Loom & Leaf and Leesa mattresses last?

The beds’ warrantees range between 10 and 15 years, showing that they’re meant to last a while. These policies are comparable to most other mattress brands.

Can you flip the Loom & Leaf and Leesa mattresses?

No, neither of these beds are meant to be turned over.

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