Brooklyn Bedding Vs Leesa

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Brooklyn Bedding and Leesa are two great mattress companies that have seen lots of recent success with their online-only business model.

They both offer a great value through eliminating retail stores and passing the savings along to consumers.  As a result, people can get a high-quality product at an affordable price.

There are a few key differences between the two mattresses, and once you understand them I think it’s easy for most people to decide between Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa.  They’re both great mattresses, so there’s no reason to stress out too much about this decision. Let’s compare these mattresses so you can find your perfect match!

Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa Mattress

Key Similarities

  • Both have a similar business model and value proposition
  • Both mattresses are all-foam (no springs) the height of the mattresses are the same (10″)
  • Both include free shipping and arrive in a box
  • Both companies are known for their customer service
  • Sleep trial and return policies are both customer-friendly

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Key Differences

  • Leesa is $140 more expensive (although with a discount, this difference is smaller)
  • Leesa has one firmness option; Brooklyn Bedding has three
  • The comfort layer of Brooklyn Bedding is all latex; Leesa has Avena foam over memory foam
  • Brooklyn Bedding has a little more resilience/bounce to it.

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The Leesa mattress consists of 2” of Avena foam (a latex-like foam), over 2” of 3lb. density memory foam, over 6” of 1.8 lb. density polyfoam.

The Brooklyn Bedding #bestmattressever consists of 2” of talalay latex, over 2” of dunlop latex, over 6” of high-density polyfoam.

The real difference comes down to the comfort layers.  Brooklyn Bedding has all latex, while Leesa has Avena foam over memory foam.  Aveena is latex-like, and it provides a nice little bounce and resilience to the mattress.  By having a memory foam layer, Leesa hopes to get the best of both worlds.  In my experience, it was a very balanced feel that conformed well to my body without feeling overly bouncy.  Brooklyn Bedding was definitely more bouncy.I have not tested either mattress for an extended period of time.  However, based on the material specs, I would estimate the Brooklyn Bedding will be more durable in the long run.  If you are planning on keeping your mattress for a very long period of time, then I would look into this more.

See the feel of Brooklyn Bedding

Vs the feel of Leesa

People will probably want to ask which feel is better. I can’t say because it really depends on personal preference.  Figure out which feel you would like better and make a decision from there.

It may also be helpful to see how these mattresses stack up to others by reading our other Brooklyn Bedding and Leesa comparisons like Brooklyn Bedding vs Loom & Leaf and Leesa vs Casper.


For a Queen, the Brooklyn Bedding is $750, but people can typically also get an additional 5% off.

The Leesa Queen is $890, but people can almost always get a good discount, so the price difference between these two is smaller than it may seem at first.

Pick Brooklyn Bedding If:

  • You Want Firmness Options– Brooklyn Bedding has three different firmness options.  I believe Leesa will be a great firmness fit for a large portion of people, but if you know you want something that is extra soft or extra firm, then take a look at the extra firmness options from Brooklyn Bedding.
  • You Want More Resilience- The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is definitely bouncier / more resilient than the Leesa.  This can feel beneficial to some, but it comes with some drawbacks like more motion transfer.  If you are looking for more bounce, go with the #bestmattressever.
  • You Want To Save A Bit More– When you factor in available discounts, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress is still at least $50-75 cheaper.  If you are shopping on a budget, then that may be an issue to consider.

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Pick Leesa If:

  • You Aren’t Overly Light Or Heavy- Leesa has one firmness option that should work well for people who aren’t overly light or overly heavy.  If someone has average sleeping preferences, then they probably won’t need additional firmness options.
  • You Want A More Balanced Feel- The Leesa has a more balanced feel in my opinion that mixes in memory foam and latex qualities into one mattress.  People will sink in a bit, for example, but not too much.  It has a little bounce, but not too much.  If people want a more balanced feel, then Leesa might be the choice for them.

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Leesa Mattress Reviews

Final Recommendation

These are two really great options, and I think they’ve both been very successful for a reason.  I don’t think people can really go wrong with either one, but if someone knows their own preferences I think it’s pretty easy to decide between them.  Learn more about each in my Leesa mattress review and Brooklyn Bedding review.

Consumers should read through this article a few times, assess their needs and preferences, and then make a more informed decision.

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