Avena vs Latex Foam

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Avena Foam vs Latex LeesaAvena foam is the top layer (comfort layer) of the Leesa mattress.  Many people talk about how comfortable the Leesa mattress is, however nobody really knows much about Avena (it’s really only used in the Leesa, as far as mattresses go).  What’s interesting about this foam is that it really is a latex alternative, although it is a polyurethane foam.

Why people call it a latex alternative is because it behaves like latex (see how in my best latex mattress page), in that it has more “spring” than memory foam, and it actually helps keep the mattress from sleeping hot, as I describe in my Leesa mattress review.

What are the properties of Avena foam?

  • The foam is hypo-allergenic
  • Shows to have better durability than latex (good for long-term mattress performance)
  • Will not crack/crumble like some foams

What are the specs?

  • 3.6 pcf density
  • 20-26 ifd
  • CertiPUR-US Certified

Readers are encouraged to ask any questions in the comments below if there is still any confusion about the differences between these two types of foam.

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