Saatva Vs Zenhaven

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The Saatva and Zenhaven mattresses are made by the same company (the Saatva company). As a result, people can expect a lot of similarities when buying either one. They have similar sleep trial periods, return policies, etc. However, the two mattress are substantially different in their construction, so in my opinion there should generally be a pretty clear choice for people if they are looking at these two mattresses. I’ll try to highlight the major differences to help people if they are making the final decision of Saatva vs Zenhaven.

Key Similarities

  • Made by the same company
  • Online-only business model
  • Great cost savings/value
  • Similar trial periods, return policies
  • Great customer service
  • Both have firmness options

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Key Differences

  • Saatva is an innerspring mattress, while Zenhaven is all natural latex
  • Zenhaven uses more premium/costly materials
  • Zenhaven is bouncier/more resilient
  • Saatva has some green materials, but Zenhaven uses only 100% green materials
  • Zenhaven will most likely be more durable over time
  • Zenhaven is much heavier

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Reasons Someone Might Want To Pick Zenhaven

  • All-Natural– While Saatva does use fairly green materials, Zenhaven uses all-natural materials. If someone wants to go all the way green, then Zenhaven would be the choice for them. It is actually one of the best latex mattresses we have ever tried.
  • Someone Wants Their Mattress For A Long Time– Saatva has good durability, but the latex in Zenhaven is extremely durable. If someone plans on having their mattress for a very long time, then this might be a factor for them.
  • Someone Want Extra Bounce/Resilience– Saatva does have good bounce, but the latex in Zenhaven gives extra bounce/resilience. This means when people move around in the bed, the mattress responds immediately to their movements.

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Reasons Someone Might Want To Pick Saatva

  • Save Money– The Saatva does cost considerably less than the Zenhaven because of how costly the materials are in the Zenhaven. If someone is on a budget or doesn’t think they’ll have the mattress forever, then Saatva may be the way to go.
  • Someone Who Prefers The Traditional Innerspring Feel– If someone has traditionally slept on innerspring mattresses and are used to that feel, then they would probably prefer the Saatva over the Zenhaven.

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Bottom Line

I think these two mattresses are different enough that people should be able to make a clear decision. If someone has the budget and want a completely green mattress, then certainly the Zenhaven is the choice for them. If someone doesn’t want to spend as much money, and they want a more traditional mattress, then Saatva will be the one for them. Either one is a good choice, but people should do some quick research and then they should be able to tell which one is best for them.

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