Saatva vs Zenhaven Comparison

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Saatva is a reputable, online mattress retailer that produces the Saatva Classic and the Zenhaven mattress. In this extensive comparison, I’ll go over the similarities and differences between these two mattresses and share who each bed is suited for. I’ll also examine the performance details, construction layers, unique features and purchasing options for the Saatva and Zenhaven mattresses. Make sure to check out more mattress comparisons to determine what mattress is best for you. 

Saatva Mattress Review
Saatva Mattress
Multiple firmness options
Zenhaven Mattress
Multiple firmness options
Saatva Mattress Review
Saatva Mattress
Multiple firmness options
Zenhaven Mattress
Multiple firmness options

Saatva Vs Zenhaven Overview

Both of these mattresses are highly rated by consumers for their quality construction and Saatva’s customer service. Although the Saatva and Zenhaven have similar firmness options, their feels and performances differ, mainly due to the materials used and overall construction. Here’s a brief overview of the main differences between these two mattresses:

Who Should Get the Saatva?

Who Should Get the Zenhaven?

Sleepers who struggle with back pain and need extra lumbar support

Sleepers who want a flippable mattress

Someone who is a combination sleeper or sleeps in multiple positions

Sleepers who prefer a bouncier feel with extra resilience

Those who prefer a classic innerspring feel

Environmentally-conscious shoppers who want a bed made with all-natural, organic materials 

Saatva Vs Zenhaven Mattress Video Comparison

To see for yourself how the Saatva and Zenhaven mattresses perform, watch the video comparison below:

Saatva vs Zenhaven: Similarities and Differences

Because the Saatva and Zenhaven are produced by the same company, many of the service specifications and policies are the same. Where these mattresses differ is in their construction, price and durability. Check out some more similarities and differences below:



Both produced by the Saatva brand and offer the same great customer service

The Saatva is an innerspring mattress and the Zenhaven is a latex mattress 

Both offer multiple firmness options

The Zenhaven is a flippable mattress and the Saatva is not

Both are great cooling mattresses for hot sleepers 

The Zenhaven will be more durable over time

Both beds are constructed with organic cotton covers

The Saatva is more affordable than the Zenhaven

Firmness and Feel Differences

The firmness and feel of a mattress will dictate whom the mattress is best suited for. I’ll review the firmness and sleeping experience of each mattress and then suggest which mattress is best for different types of sleepers. 

How Firm Are The Saatva and Zenhaven Mattresses?

The Saatva Classic is available in three firmness options. I reviewed the medium Luxury Firm model, which felt close to a 7/10 in terms of firmness. The Plush Soft and Firm models will be softer and firmer than the Luxury Firm model, respectively. The Saatva’s two base layers of coils make this mattress more firm than average. The organic cotton pillow-top cover makes the top of the mattress feel soft and breathable.

Each side of the Zenhaven mattress offers a different level of firmness. To me, the Luxury Plush side is not as soft as advertised and feels like a 6.5/10 for firmness, or a standard medium-firm. Saatva claims the Gentile Firm side is 18% firmer than the Luxury Plush model and feels like a 7/10. The Zenhaven gets its support from layers of Gentle Firm and Luxury Plush Talalay latex. The latex comfort layers are zoned in five sections to provide extra firmness in the lumbar and hip region. 

Sleeping On the Saatva and Zenhaven

I felt an excellent balance of comfort and support on my back with the Saatva. My hips sank into the mattress just enough and I felt well-supported by coil layers. It’s no wonder the Saatva is one of the best mattresses for back pain

When I rested on my side, the Saatva offered plenty of pressure relief along my shoulders and hips. Side sleepers who are average-weight or lightweight should feel decent pressure relief on the Luxury Firm mattress. Heavier side sleepers might want to consider the Plush Soft model for better pressure relief. Stomach sleeping, I got enough support overall, including in the lumbar section. However, many stomach sleepers should get the Firm model for extra support. 

man side sleeping on the Saatva mattress

I felt adequately supported back sleeping on either side of the Zenhaven mattress, but overall I preferred the Gentle Firm side. The Luxury Plush side is designed with side sleepers in mind, and the Gentile Firm side will be too firm for most side sleepers. While stomach sleeping, I feel decently supported on both sides.  However, the Gentle Firm side offers better lumbar support for stomach sleepers than the Luxury Plush side.

A man sleeps on his side.

What Do The Saatva And Zenhaven Mattresses Feel Like?

The Saatva has a classic innerspring feel. So there was a bounce when I initially laid on the mattress, and I didn’t sink too far into it.  The soft pillow-top cover also made moving around the mattress very easy. 

saatva mattress

When you rest on the Zenhaven mattress, you will feel its Talalay latex layers support and bounce back to the weight of your body. There’s no doubt the Zenhaven is even more resilient and bouncy than the already bouncy Saatva. You will also be able to easily move around and change positions on the Zenhaven mattress while you sleep. 

MC ZenhavenGif 190107

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lb – 230 lb

The Saatva is a solid choice for average-weight sleepers regardless of their sleeping position. Average-weight back and stomach sleepers should enjoy plenty of spinal support as well as some pressure relief. Although the Luxury Firm model might be too firm for average-weight side sleepers. 

The Gentle Firm side of the Zenhaven mattress is a great match for average-weight back and stomach sleepers. This side is firm enough for these sleepers to receive enough comfort and support for their spine and hips. But when it comes to side sleeping, average-weight sleepers may feel too much pressure against their shoulders and hips. 

On the Luxury Plush side, average-weight people should feel even better while sleeping on their backs than on the Gentle Firm side. Unfortunately, the Luxury Plush side is not soft enough for these side sleepers to sleep comfortably. Average-weight stomach sleepers could rest well on the Luxury Plush side, but they will likely prefer the Gentle Firm side.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lb

The Saatva should offer decent spinal support to back sleepers weighing close to 230 lb. Heavyweight stomach sleepers will receive plenty of support from the mattress’s coils for ideal pressure relief. Sleepers weighing closer to or over 300 lb will require a firmer and more supportive mattress for stomach sleeping. Heavyweight sleepers looking to buy a mattress from Saatva should look into the Saatva HD, a mattress designed with heavier sleepers in mind. 

Heavyweight sleepers will find both sides of the Zenhaven to be extra firm. Back sleepers should feel very nice overall support sleeping on both sides of the mattress. I recommend heavyweight side sleepers to find a softer mattress than the Zenhaven, as even the Luxury Plush side is too firm for the shoulders and hips to properly sink into the mattress. The Gentle Firm side will be a better option than the Luxury Plush side to provide adequate support to heavier stomach sleepers.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 lb

Lightweight sleepers will find comfort in any position on the Saatva mattress, especially stomach sleeping. Side sleepers who like a plusher feel should consider the Saatva’s Plush Soft model.

Both sides of the Zenhaven also make for great options for lightweight sleepers of all sleeping positions. Lightweight sleepers shouldn’t feel too much pressure on their shoulders and hips while side sleeping. And back and stomach sleepers will feel supported as they are less likely to sink into the mattress. 

Mattress Construction Differences

The Saatva and Zenhaven mattresses have vastly different constructions. I’ll take a look at each layer and discuss how each level affects the overall feel and performance of each mattress. 


The Saatva comes with an organic cotton, quilted pillow-top cover intended to prevent hot sleeping. The cover is designed to provide more support in the center third of the mattress where you need it most. 

saatva mattress 1024x745 1

The Zenhaven’s cover also comes with a soft organic cotton cover with patented Lumbar Zone quilting for extra support in the center third section. 

Comfort Layers

Saatva’s main comfort layer is its pillow-top cover. Between the cover and the two support layers of coils is a thin layer of CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam. The memory foam delivers great lumbar support and pressure-point relief

Underneath the Zenhaven’s cover is two layers of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic New Zealand wool. To meet this certification standard, fabrics must be made with at least 95% organic fiber, free of toxic chemicals, colored with nontoxic dyes, and meet other strict social and environmental criteria. This wool layer is flame-retardant and helps to regulate body temperature

Since the Zenhaven is flippable, there are two sets of latex comfort layers that impact the mattress’s firmness. The Gentle Firm side comes with a zoned 1.5” layer of Gentle Firm Talalay latex. Luxury Plush side comes with a respective zoned 1.5” layer of Luxury Plush Talalay latex. 

Support Layer

The Saatva’s support comes from a dual set of steel coils on the bottom of the mattress. The top layer of microcoils collapses under your body weight to provide relief and body contouring. Below this is a thicker layer of more durable coils to prevent sagging. 

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Just like the Zenhaven’s comfort layer, there are two core base layers to dictate the firmness of the mattress. On the Luxury Plush side, you’ll find a 3” Talalay latex Plush layer. On the Gentle Firm side, there is a 3” Talalay latex Firm layer.

Mattress Height

The Saatva mattress is available in two heights: 11.5″ and 14.5″. I reviewed the 11.5″ model.

The Zenhaven only comes in one height: 10”.

Saatva and Zenhaven Performance Differences

There are some other factors beyond firmness and feel to determine whether or not a mattress will be a good fit for you. I tested out some crucial performance details to determine which mattress will be better to sleep on. 

Sleeping Hot or Cold

This comparison is simply too close to call. Because of the Saatva’s dual set of coils, there is plenty of room for air to flow through the mattress. Its breathable top cover also makes the Saatva one of the best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers. 

The Zenhaven is also a great option for hot sleepers because of its latex construction. Its latex support layer comes with vented airflow channels so the mattress will not overheat while you sleep. 

Motion Transfer

Neither mattress did a great job of isolating motion. Slow-moving memory foam mattresses deal with motion transfer better than innerspring or latex mattresses. When testing both of these mattresses, I could feel the movements of my coworker on the opposite side of the mattress I was laying on. Both of these mattresses are bouncy and responsive (the Zenhaven more so) and don’t absorb the motion of another person well. 

Saatva Mattress - Motion Transfer

Edge Support

The Saatva Luxury Firm model’s edge support is a notch above the Zenhaven mattress. The Saatva is constructed with a high-density foam encasement that made me feel completely secure sitting and laying down near the edge of the mattress. The Zenhaven’s edge support is by no means terrible, but when I was lying near the edge, I felt that I could roll off the mattress. 

A man sits on the edge of his bed.


The Zenhaven easily wins for durability. Talalay latex is a very high-quality, durable material, and because of this, the mattress should stand up to years of use. The Saatva mattress is also constructed with durable materials, they’re just not as durable as Talalay latex. 


Saatva delivers mattresses with free white glove delivery. So, unlike most online mattresses, the Saatva Classic and Zenhaven do not come rolled up in cardboard boxes. Outgassing is not an issue for either mattress. You’ll be able to sleep on these mattresses the night you receive them without an unpleasant chemical smell. 


Initially, both of these mattresses won’t make any significant noise. Even though the Saatva mattress is an innerspring mattress, I didn’t hear any significant noise laying on it. Over several years, it’s possible the Saatva will start to make some creaking noises. But I don’t anticipate the Zenhaven getting noisier because it’s constructed with mostly foam. 


Couples will want to have a mattress that is resilient and easy to move around on. Both of these are great mattresses for couples. Mattresses constructed with innerspring coils and/or latex make for good bounce and comfort for couples. 

Saatva vs Zenhaven Mattress Size Options and Price

These mattresses have slightly different purchasing options. Check out these charts below for updated prices and available sizes for the Saatva and Zenhaven:


Twin38" x 75"$1395.00
Twin XL38" x 80"$1495.00
Full54” x 75”$1995.00
Queen60" x 80"$2095.00
King76" x 80"$2595.00
California King72" x 84" $2595.00
Split King76" x 80"$2990.00
Split California KingTwo 38" x 80" pieces$2990.00


Twin38" x 75"$1995.00
Twin XL38" x 80"$2195.00
Full54" x 75"$2995.00
Queen60" x 80"$3295.00
King76" x 80"$3945.00
California King72" x 84"$3945.00
Split KingTwo 38" x 80" pieces$4390.00

Company Policies

The Saatva Classic and Zenhaven mattresses come with the exact same company policies. You’ll find that the warranty and trial period go beyond the industry standard to offer sleepers quality customer service. 

Warranty Info

Both mattresses come with a lifetime warranty

Sleep Trial 

Both mattresses come with 365-night home sleep trials

Return Policy 

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Saatva mattress during the trial period, Saatva will refund or exchange your mattress for a $99 transportation fee. This fee covers the cost of labor and gas for the mattress pickup.

Saatva Mattress Review
Saatva Mattress
Multiple firmness options
Zenhaven Mattress
Multiple firmness options
Saatva Mattress Review
Saatva Mattress
Multiple firmness options
Zenhaven Mattress
Multiple firmness options

Saatva Mattress vs Zenhaven Mattress FAQs

Still pondering the Saatva and/or Zenhaven mattress? Consider the answers to these commonly asked questions!

Which mattress is better, Saatva or Zenhaven?

Different sleepers will prefer the Saatva or Zenhaven based on their feel and performance preferences. The Saatva performs better for sleepers with back pain and for those who prefer a classic innerspring feel. The Zenhaven is better suited for someone who wants firmness options and who is looking for a long-term investment. Shoppers not looking to spend as much money on a mattress should opt for the Saatva Classic.

How long will the Saatva and Zenhaven last?

Both the Saatva and Zenhaven are durable mattresses. The Saatva should last at least seven to 10 years with proper care. The Zenhaven is constructed with Talalay latex, a highly durable material that can withstand friction and moisture. It can withstand 10 to 20 years of use.

Can you flip the Saatva or Zenhaven?

The Saatva Classic is not a dual-sided mattress, but the Zenhaven is! The Zenhaven comes with a Gentle Firm side and a Luxury Plush side that offer slightly different feels. 

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