Tempur-Flex Supreme Breeze Review- Right For You?

The Tempur-Flex Supreme Breeze is the newest model in the Tempur-Pedic collection. The Flex collection aims to combine the benefits of memory foam and springs. The Breeze concept takes a few extra measures to ensure that the mattress will sleep cool. I was excited to take a deep dive into this mattress and see who it might be good for.


I would encourage you to take a look at my review of the normal Flex Supreme for a full analysis of the construction of that mattress. The main difference here is the Breeze version has a couple of extra measures to make sure that the mattress keeps cool. The cover fabric is different and the comfort layer is infused with gel to make the mattress cooler. From most accounts, people tend to agree that the Breeze version provides a cool sleeping surface.

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Firmness Level

Just like the normal Flex Supreme, this mattress has a medium softness that is just slightly firmer than the Cloud Supreme.

You Might Want To Pick This Mattress If:

  • You’ve Had Trouble In The Past With Sleeping Hot– The Breeze version is an extra $1,000, so I would only recommend getting it if you’ve had real problems with sleeping hot on your mattress in the past.
  • You Sleep In Multiple Positions– Given that this mattress has a medium softness, it is a good choice for people who don’t just sleep in one position.
  • You Want Pressure Relief But A Responsive Foam– The foam used in the Flex collection is more responsive than the foam used in the other collections. That means it’s easier to move around and you don’t get that slow-moving feel Tempur-Pedic is normally known for.

Which is the best Tempur-Pedic model for you?

You Might Not Want To Pick This Mattress If:

  • You’ve Never Had Issues With Sleeping Hot– If sleeping hot has never been an issue for you, then you probably don’t need to pay the extra $1,000 for the Breeze version of this mattress.
  • You Like The Slow-Moving Feel Tempur-Pedic Is Known For– If you like the classic, slow-moving memory foam feel, then you will probably want to look at the Contour or Cloud collection mattresses.
  • You Sleep In Just One Position– If you sleep just in one position, then you can probably find a firmer or softer model that is tailored to just that position. In my opinion, this mattress is better for combo sleepers.
  • You Have Budget Concerns– One issue I might have with this mattress is the price. There are probably other mattresses with somewhat similar specs that you can get for a lower price (for example, the Flex Prima is $2,099).

Most Common Pieces Of Praise/Complaints

As I mentioned earlier, this model is brand new, so there’s not enough review data yet to really say what people like/complaint about the most with this mattress.

Why Would You Want To Pick Pick This Model Over The Other Tempur-Pedic Mattresses?

  • You sleep in multiple positions
  • You are especially sensitive to sleeping hot
  • You want pressure relief but don’t like the feeling of slowly sinking into your mattress

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This is an expensive mattress, but I still think it could be a good fit for the right person.

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2 thoughts on “Tempur-Flex Supreme Breeze Review- Right For You?”

  1. Bed is comfortable, (we got Flex Supreme BREEZE) a little too soft actually after it breaks in 6 mos. but so wish I had not gotten the “Breeze” model. First off, in winter, if you keep your room cool as we do at night, it initially feels like you are sleeping atop an ice skating rink. I do not like getting into a cold bed. After a year it does not seem as cold maybe the chemicals in the top of it break down, not sure. My biggest issue, that I did not notice when I bought it, is that unlike the other models the BREEZE models do not have the zip off washable topper! We go to bed clean, shower, and for some reason the lower part of the mattress, the white topper, got a yellowish brownish large spot. We had no pets, we didn’t do anything to make that, all I can think of is my husbands feet might sweat?? Don’t think they do but am thinking sweat causes some chemical reaction in the topper.. a year later my side of the bed too! No clue why and you cannot clean it! Tried a sponge with a little Dawn dishwash liquid, mild bleach and water, but no it will not come out. I do not much like this bed for the money it costs, for this reason but also it got too soft after less than a year. Comfortable enough but if I had to do over I’d go with one of the conventional models, and not get any BREEZE model.

  2. Hi Joe, my be you could give me some advise on the tempur pedic beds. I recently purchased the flex prima bed and it is not real leaving my pressure points so I don’t know if I bump up to the flex supreme if that would do it or if I should go with the cloud supreme breeze since you sink in further in that bed and I could have hot spells. I have two broken femur bones in each hip and 3 broken fertrabres in my low back and pain in my hip.

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