How To Roll Up and Compress a Memory Foam Mattress

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This video shows how to fold and roll up a memory foam mattress (it’s a similar process for a mattress with pocket coils). It is a very interesting process that not a lot of people think about when they purchase a memory foam mattress.

For those looking for a tutorial on how to do this at home – they are unfortunately out of luck. It’s not possible to fit a mattress back in that little box without one of these big fancy machines.

For those looking to return a mattress, they should make sure to contact the company from where they purchased it – most of the time they don’t expect the person to actually return the mattress, but rather will arrange for someone to come pick it up from someone’s house for recycling or donation.

Thanks to Brentwood Home for letting me see the factory and take this footage!

Joe Auer

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