Brentwood Home Avalon Vs Del Mar Vs Oceano Review

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Brentwood Home has recently come out with a line of innerspring mattresses, the Avalon, Del Mar, and Oceano. I was able to talk with the product team at length about their new line and test all three of the mattresses out at their showroom in Los Angeles.

This video isn’t as thorough as some other mattress reviews (I’ve done a number of Brentwood Home mattress reviews already), but I’m happy to answer more specific questions in the comments below.

Key Differences

  • Price: the Avalon is $795, Del Mar is $995, and Oceano is $1,495 for a Queen
  • Construction: the Avalon has a coil unit below 2 inches of polyfoam; the Del Mar has 2 inches of gel memory foam over 1 inch of polyfoam over a coil unit; the Oceano has 2 inches of gel memory foam over a microcoil unit over polyfoam over a coil unit
  • Firmness: The Avalon is the firmest, the Del mar is in the middle, and the Oceano is the softest
  • Bounciness/Resilience: The Avalon is the springiest, while the Del Mar and Oceano have roughly the same responsiveness

Brentwood Home Innerspring Mattress Reviews

Pick The Avalon If:

You Are On A Budget / Want A No Frills Mattress– If you are on a budget or just want an extra mattress for a guest room, the Avalon could be a great choice. It’s a solid choice that can get the job done for a lot of sleepers, but you can definitely get better materials with the other two more expensive options.

Brentwood Home Avalon Review
Brentwood Home Avalon Mattress

You Want A Firmer Mattress– If you just sleep on your back or stomach, or if you generally prefer firmer mattresses, then the Avalon might be the way to go. Out of the three, there’s no question it’s the firmest option.

You Want A Springier Mattress– The Avalon is very springy and you definitely feel like you sleep “on” the mattress rather than “in” the mattress. You don’t really sink into the mattress at all, especially when compared to the other two models in the spring line.

Brentwood Home Avalon Mattress

Pick The Del Mar If:

You Sleep In Multiple Positions– The Del Mar is in the middle of the firmness scale out of three. This makes it best for people who sleep in multiple positions, as it’s soft enough for side sleepers and firm enough for stomach and back sleepers.

Brentwood Home Del Mar Review

You Want Extra Value– In my opinion, there is a big jump in quality from the Avalon to the Del Mar, but the jump in quality from the Del Mar to the Oceano isn’t quite as big. To me, that makes the Del Mar the best value because it is $500 less than the Oceano.

Brentwood Home Del Mar Mattress

Pick The Oceano If:

You Want A Full Luxury Mattress– The Oceano pulls out all the stops with its construction. The materials are all really great and it provides a true luxury sleeping experience.

Brentwood Home Oceano Review

You Mainly Sleep On Your Side– I feel that the Oceano is the best at pressure relief, and you really get the benefit of this if you sleep a lot on your side.

Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress


Hopefully this helps you make a better informed choice. As you move up in price in this line, the quality gets better. The firmness and feel is different for each one as well, so take a look at what I’ve laid out and hopefully the choice will be clear.

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