Organica Mattress Review

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The Organica mattress is a new memory foam mattress with an organic cotton cover. The mattress has a very interesting design and feel, and may be of special interest to those that want a somewhat more natural mattress.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hey, friend! Unfortunately, the Organica mattress is no longer available. Check out our best mattresses for some other great options!

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Who will love Organica:

  • Those who like a firmer mattress – though the mattress appears fairly soft to the touch, it actually feels pretty firm when laying on it, definitely a little firmer than the average bed-in-a-box model.
  • People who like the organic cover – the cover is completely organic, which will please the natural and eco-friendly minded shoppers.  The mattress isn’t completely organic, but it is a step ahead of nearly all mattresses in this price range.
  • Those who are looking for value – people can order their Organica mattress online, cutting out a lot of the middle men in the sales process and saving them money.
  • People who like its unique design – the Organica definitely has a unique look that some may enjoy.

Who may not like Organica:

  • Those who want a soft mattress – Organica mattress is fairly firm
  • People who do not like memory foam – many readers are taken by certain brands, but ultimately even if it’s a good memory foam mattress, people will not like it if they’re not a fan of memory foam.
  • Those who want an entirely organic mattress – Organica is one step closer, but not entirely organic.  Though at this price range there may not be a mattress that is entirely organic, so people should expect to pay more if this is a priority for them.
Organica Mattress Review

Personal Experience

I had a good experience with Organica, the foam is definitely high quality, and the organic cover intriguing.  The mattress was a little firm for my taste, but for a person with this preference it could be a very good fit.  Only downside was the edge support, which was definitely lacking, but overall the mattress holds up against many of the online-only options in terms of comfort and support.

The Cover

The cover is made entirely of organic cotton, and has a very unique design.  It’s definitely one of the cooler looking mattresses on the market, and very attractive to the natural-minded person.  Also, the cotton-ticking is quilted with memory foam, making the cover feel extra plush.

Organica Mattress Cover

Other things to note

  • Consumers get a 120 day trial, where they can return the mattress for a full refund if it doesn’t suit their needs.
  • 5% of Organica profits are donated to charity.
  • The mattress didn’t sleep hot at all during my sleep trial
  • The mattress is 11 inches thick (most bed-in-a-box mattresses are 10 inches)

Final recommendation

The Organica mattress is an interesting take on the online-only business model (see our guide to buying a mattress online).  It’s not my personal favorite, but for the right person it could be a good option.  I do like the design and organic cover, but it was a little firm for my taste.  Let me know if people have any questions about Organica or other mattresses I’ve reviewed.

Joe Auer

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