Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress Review

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The Coronado mattress has been discontinued.]

The Brentwood Home Coronado mattress is an all-foam bed that uses eco-conscious materials and features plush comfort layers on top. This could lead to pleasant, pressure-free sleep for side and/or combination sleepers.

Is this the comfortable mattress you’ve dreamed of? Find out in our detailed review! We’ll cover everything you need to know about this mattress, from its pros and cons to its firmness, feel, construction, temperature regulation, and more. Let’s see how it performs!

Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress Overview

The Brentwood Home brand strives to use eco-conscious materials in all of its mattresses, which are made in the USA. The brand’s factory aims to be carbon neutral, and it plants three trees for every mattress sold. In addition to being eco-conscious, the brand also practices social consciousness by building Relief Beds for charity.

The all-foam Brentwood Home Coronado is a plush, fairly soft mattress with a balanced foam feel. Because of its feel and construction, this mattress will be better suited to some types of sleepers than others. Here’s a quick look at who might love this bed and who might want to continue their mattress search.

Who Might Like the Brentwood Home Coronado?

  • Side sleepers who are looking for plenty of pressure relief
  • People who enjoy a balanced foam feel
  • Folks who sleep with a partner and want to minimize motion transfer

Who Might Not Like the Brentwood Home Coronado?

  • Back and stomach sleepers, who probably won’t get enough support
  • People who enjoy the bounciness of an innerspring or latex mattress
  • Heavier-weight sleepers

Brentwood Home Coronado Video Review

Get up-close-and-personal with the Brentwood Home Coronado in our video review! Our reviewer, Joe, will assess this bed’s construction and feel and share his experiences with lying on this mattress.

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Brentwood Home Coronado Firmness and Feel

To begin to know the Coronado mattress better, let’s take a look at its firmness and feel. These factors will tell you a lot about whether the mattress could be a good match for your preferred sleep position(s) and other sleep needs.

How Firm Is the Brentwood Home Coronado?

We ranked the Brentwood Home Coronado around 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The industry standard for average firmness is 6.5/10, so this suggests the bed is a bit softer than medium-firm.

That said, note that firmness is a bit subjective. Depending on your body weight and personal preferences, you might find that this bed feels a touch firmer or softer.

Sleeping on the Brentwood Home Coronado

We didn’t obtain quite enough support while back sleeping on the Brentwood Home Coronado. Our hips sank in just a bit too far, which tugged the spine out of alignment. Lighter-weight sleepers might obtain enough support in this position, but average- and heavy-weight folks who spend all night on their backs will want to look for a more supportive mattress overall.

We felt great while side sleeping on this mattress. We enjoyed plenty of pressure relief around the shoulder and hip, which suggests this could be a great mattress for side sleepers.

As with back sleeping, we didn’t obtain enough spinal support while stomach sleeping on the Brentwood Home Coronado. Our hips sank too far into the mattress and pulled the spine out of alignment. Stomach sleepers of all sizes should look for a dedicated mattress for stomach sleepers.

What Does the Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress Feel Like?

This mattress has a balanced memory foam feel. You’ll sink into the plush comfort layers, but the bed doesn’t have the super slow-moving, “quick-sandy” feel that’s often associated with memory foam. Even though the mattress isn’t very bouncy, you probably won’t feel stuck in this bed.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs – 230 lbs

Average-weight back and stomach sleepers probably won’t obtain adequate spinal support on this mattress. Average-weight side sleepers should love the softer, pressure-relieving feel of this bed.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

In general, the Brentwood Home Coronado isn’t a great match for heavyweight sleepers, who will generally require a more supportive mattress overall. One possible exception? Heavyweight side sleepers might enjoy the plush, soft comfort layers on this bed.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 lbs

Lightweight sleepers will probably fare the best on this mattress. Lightweight back sleepers might obtain enough spinal support, and lightweight side sleepers should feel great on this bed. Lightweight stomach sleepers, however, will probably require a firmer mattress.

Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress Construction

Firmness and feel tell you a lot about a mattress, but they aren’t the full story. To really understand a bed, it’s important to peel back the cover and take a look inside. So let’s do that with the Coronado mattress now!


The Coronado features a quilted cover that adds some extra softness and breathability to the top of the mattress. It’s quilted with New Zealand wool, which helps wick away moisture and is naturally antimicrobial.

Brentwood Home Coronado Cover

Comfort Layers

The primary comfort layer on the Coronado consists of 3” of gel memory foam, which accounts for the mattress’s great pressure relief and offers some pleasant body contouring. The gel infusion also helps dissipate some heat. Underneath the memory foam, there’s a transition layer made from 1” of ventilated polyfoam.

Support Layer

The Coronado’s base layer consists of 8” of zoned, high-density polyfoam, which lends support and structure to the mattress overall.

Mattress Height

The Brentwood Home Coronado mattress is 14” tall.

Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress Performance

Before you make up your mind about the Coronado mattress, there are several key factors left to consider. We put this mattress through a barrage of tests to assess its performance with regard to temperature regulation, edge support, motion transfer, and more. Let’s see how it did!

Sleeping Hot Or Cold

The Brentwood Home Coronado is an all-foam mattress, which means it is likely to trap some heat. That said, the mattress has a few design features that could help it sleep cooler than some all-foam beds: It uses a breathable cover, gel-infused memory foam, and ventilated polyfoam. Still, this probably isn’t the coolest-sleeping mattress around.

Motion Transfer

The Coronado does a great job of minimizing motion transfer. Its plush comfort layer absorbs movement and limits disturbances across the surface of the mattress. This could be a great mattress for couples.

Edge Support

Even though it’s on the softer side, we found that the Coronado has strong edge support. We felt secure while sitting and lying down near the edges of this bed, so couples should be able to utilize the full surface of the mattress.


The Brentwood Home Coronado mattress is a well-constructed bed that should be very durable. This is reflected in the mattress’s longer-than usual warranty. (More on that below!)

Brentwood Home Coronado Review


The Brentwood Home brand uses a variety of eco-friendly materials, including CertiPUR-US certified foams. This means the Coronado is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so it shouldn’t produce noxious off-gassing.


We didn’t observe any notable noise from this mattress during our review. Because it’s an all-foam bed, it should stay noise-free over the long-term.


When people seek out a mattress for sex, they’re usually concerned about whether it will be easy to change positions. The Coronado isn’t the most responsive option out there, but it should be a decent match. Even though there’s plush memory foam on top of this mattress, partners shouldn’t feel stuck in this bed.

Company Policies

If you choose to purchase the Brentwood Home Coronado, here’s a quick look at the policies that you can expect to encounter.

Warranty Info

The Coronado comes with a 25-year limited mattress warranty, which is much longer than a lot of mattress warranties.

Sleep Trial

The Coronado comes with a generous year-long sleep trial.

Return Policy

The Coronado mattress comes with free shipping and returns. Refer to the Brentwood Home website for additional return information.

How Does the Brentwood Home Coronado Compare to Other Mattresses?

Comparison shopping is a great way to feel confident in your mattress decision. So we did some comparison shopping for you! Below, we’ll pit the Coronado against two of its all-foam competitors: the Layla and the Nectar. Let’s see how these beds stack up!

Brentwood Home Coronado vs Layla Mattress

The Coronado and the Layla mattress boast fairly similar constructions. They’re both all-foam beds that layer a cooling cover over plush memory foam comfort layers and supportive polyfoam base layers. One big difference? The Layla is flippable, so it offers two firmness options in one mattress. The Coronado is not flippable.

Layla Mattress Review

Because these beds have similar constructions, it’s probably not shocking that they’re also similar when it comes to firmness. We ranked both the Coronado and the Layla as a bit softer than average, or around 6/10 on the firmness scale.

In spite of their similarities, these mattresses have slightly different feels. The Coronado has a balanced foam feel, while the Layla has more of the slow-moving feel that’s often associated with memory foam.

Who Should Get the Coronado?

  • People who prefer a balanced foam feel
  • Folks who want a non-toxic mattress
  • People who are comfortable with one firmness option

Who Should Get the Layla?

  • Folks who prefer a slow-moving memory foam feel
  • People who want a flippable mattress
  • People who want a mattress for hip pain

Learn more about the Layla in our in-depth Layla mattress review!

Brentwood Home Coronado vs Nectar Mattress

The Coronado and the Nectar mattress are fairly similar in construction. They’re both all-foam beds that layer cooling covers over plush memory foam and supportive base foams. The Nectar contains even more memory foam than the Coronado.

Nectar Mattress - Construction And Foam Layers

Perhaps surprisingly, these beds differ a bit when it comes to firmness. We ranked the Coronado around 6/10, or a bit softer than average. Meanwhile, we ranked the Nectar at 6.5/10, or right around average firmness.

These beds are also a bit different when it comes to feel. The Coronado has a balanced foam feel, while the Nectar has that classic slow-moving memory foam feel.

Who Should Get the Coronado?

  • People who prefer a balanced foam feel
  • Folks who want an eco-friendly mattress

Who Should Get the Nectar?

  • People who enjoy a classic memory foam feel
  • Folks who are looking for a great value mattress

Read our other Brentwood Home comparisons to see how it stacks up against more competitors.

Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress FAQs

Still have questions about the Coronado mattress? We’ve put together answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this bed!

Are Brentwood mattresses safe?

The Brentwood Home brand strives to use eco-friendly and human-safe materials in its mattresses. Refer to the Brentwood Home site for additional information.

How long will the Brentwood Home Coronado mattress last?

The Coronado is a durable mattress, and it comes with a 25-year limited warranty. This is longer than many mattress warranties, which speaks to the fact that this mattress should be a good long-term investment.

Can you flip the Brentwood Home Coronado mattress?

No, you cannot flip the Brentwood Home Coronado mattress. Doing so would result in sleeping on the firmer support layer instead of the plusher comfort layers on top.

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