Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress Review

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After reviewing and liking the Brentwood Home Sequoia mattress, I was excited to get the opportunity to check out the company’s factory and showroom in Los Angeles. There I was able to get a better understanding of the mattress line and figure out which mattresses within the line are best for certain types of sleepers.

I spent the most time testing and discussing the Coronado mattress, as it is one of the most popular mattresses that Brentwood Home makes.

While I didn’t get my standard week+ time period to test the mattress, I developed a really good feel for it and who might like it.

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The Coronado starts with a quilted cover that adds extra softness and breathability. The comfort layer is 3 inches of gel memory foam. Below that is 2 inches of ventilated polyfoam and then 6 inches of polyfoam as the base layer.

Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress Construction

This mattress was made to be fairly soft, and that was my experience as well. You do sink into the mattress a decent bit. The foam isn’t quite the quicksand, slow-moving memory foam feel that Tempurpedic is known for, but it’s not too bouncy either. It has a nice balanced foam feel in my opinion.

You Might Want To Get The Coronado If…

You Are A Side Or Combo Sleeper– This mattress is definitely on the softer side. While it still can be supportive for people who sleep on their back or stomach, its best quality is its pressure relief for people who sleep on their side.

You Want A Balanced Foam Feel– If you want the pressure relief of a foam mattress without the foam being too slow-moving or having the feeling of getting stuck, then this could be a good option for you.

You Sleep With A Partner– The Coronado does a very good job of isolating motion. This means you won’t be disturbed if your partner is moving around in the bed. This makes it an ideal mattress for couples.

Brentwood Home Coronado Review

You Might Not Want To Get The Coronado If…

You Sleep Just On Your Back Or Stomach– This mattress is on the softer side, so if you sleep just on your back or stomach, then you might want to take a look at some firmer options.

You Want The Bounce Of An Innerspring/Latex Mattress– With the Coronado, the foam is fairly slow-moving and you feel more like you are sleeping in the mattress rather than on it. If you want a more responsive mattress where you sleep more “on” the mattress, then an innerspring or latex mattress might be the better way to go.

Brentwood Home Coronado Cover

Other Notes

The mattress does very well with motion isolation and edge support. That means you won’t be disturbed by your partner when they move around the bed (good mattress for couples). It also means you can use the entire surface of the mattress without feeling like you are going to fall off. That makes the mattress great for couples.

At $995 (for a queen), you get a really great value with this mattress. The materials are all really great and the mattress should hold up well over the long-term.

Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress


The Coronado mattress is very well constructed and a good option for a lot of people. If you want a balanced foam feel and typically sleep on your side, then this could a great choice for you.

Check out my other Brentwood Home mattress reviews as well as the Sequoia vs Coronado article to help with your decision.

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