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A mattress is opened to show its construction.

Highlights Of The Layla Mattress

  • The Layla is flippable, meaning it has two firmness levels in one mattress: a soft side and a firm side.  This helps maximize the chances that people will find the right firmness level for them.
  • The soft side is especially good for side sleepers.  The memory foam is nice and soft and really melts away any pressure that people might feel.  If people consider the transition layer, then there are really 5 inches of comfort material.  That makes it such an excellent choice for people who sleep mainly on their side.
  • The mattress uses copper-infused memory foam.  Copper is known to have certain health benefits and it is also a conductor, meaning it can draw heat away from the body.
  • The mattress does a good job of addressing the issue of sleeping hot.  There is something called Thermogel infused into the cover.  The cover to be cool to the touch as a result.  In addition, the copper infusion into the mattress will draw heat away and there are also little air channels in the mattress to allow for air to flow through it.  Overall, it is one of the better memory foam mattresses for sleeping cool.
  • Overall, the mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on. The memory foam is really nice and has an excellent feel to it that a lot of people are really going to like.

Layla offers a unique copper-infused memory foam comfort layer that aims to improve circulation and joint pain.  Learn more about this mattress in my Layla mattress review, or compare it to other mattresses I have reviewed.

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