Amerisleep Mattress Giveaway Winner

Congrats to this week’s Amerisleep Mattress Giveaway Winner!

Amerisleep Mattress Winner

If you didn’t win this week, Amerisleep has offered the best deal I’ve ever seen from them: a $250 discount AND 2 free memory foam pillows.  This is the top reviewed mattress on my site, so if you’re even considering a new mattress, I’d jump on this deal now.

This deal will last only until Feb 1st, 2017 – just Click Here and use code clarity250″ to get the discount and pillows!

And if you’re wondering which Amerisleep might suit you the best (they have a few different models), check out my Amerisleep reviews.

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16 thoughts on “Amerisleep Mattress Giveaway Winner”

  1. Congratulations to the winner! What an amazing gift! Thank you for this opportunity, would’ve loved to have a new mattress….. Will you be having another giveaway contest? Thanks~

  2. Thanks for the opportunity! I would love to review your product. Feel free to check out my blog. I do giveaways as well. I’d love to partner with you.
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Susan – I’d shoot them an email and see if they’ll honor the pillow deal, let them know you found them through the giveaway and I’m sure they’ll oblige ;).

  3. Hey I Didn’t Win but Thanks For the chance I had by Entering The Contest! U have a Great Task of Trying Out Different Mattresses & I’d Appreciate Your Opinion as I Have Severe Spinal Stenosis in My Lower Back & Other Lower Back Problems esp in disk4 area. My sleep is Always Broken Up & I Forget What A Good Nights Sleep Is Like AnyMore. Sometimes If I sleep with My top half Elevated & My Legs Raised With Pillows It Relieves the Painful Pressure To My lower back area & It Helps. Is there a Certain Bed You Would Recommend To Help Me Sleep ?? And is It Affordable ???

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