Tuft & Needle Vs. Mint Vs. Hybrid – How Do They All Stack Up?

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There are currently a ridiculous amount of mattresses available online. Trust me, I have reviewed the majority of the top mattress brands, and I feel like I have only scratched the surface.

A good way to narrow down the field is to seek out a quality brand and then go from there. Tuft & Needle is one such brand because they have some of the best values and best customer service I have experienced.

Now, one of the drawbacks of online mattresses is that one can’t physically compare them as one would do in a store. That makes it difficult to decide which of the three Tuft & Needle mattresses is the best fit: the Original, the Mint, or the Hybrid.

To help those who have narrowed down their decision to the Tuft & Needle mattresses, I thought it would be a great idea to break these three mattresses down. I have slept on and reviewed all three, so I have all the information necessary to choose one of the Tuft & Needle mattresses.

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Key Similarities

  • These three mattresses are produced by the same company, so they come with the same customer service terms, warranties, and sleep trials.
  • All three mattresses contain Adaptive Foam, a proprietary, soft and responsive alternative to memory foam.
  • While they feature some different materials, they are all close to medium-firm and are definitely at least in a similar firmness range.

Key Differences

  • The mattresses vary in price; the Original is the most affordable, the Mint is a few hundred dollars more, and the Hybrid is the most expensive.
  • The construction of these mattresses gets more complex with each model. The Tuft & Needle is just two layers of foam, but the Mint adds a transition layer. The Hybrid is the most deluxe and features, multiple layers of foam as well as coils.
  • The feel is going to be slightly different between these three mattresses.

Tuft And Needle Construction

Tuft & Needle Construction

  • The Tuft & Needle is 10” tall and consists of 2 layers.
  • On top of the cover, there is a soft, thin cover.
  • The top layer of the Tuft & Needle is made of Adaptive Foam that contains graphite and cooling gel.
  • The base layer is 7” of base polyfoam and is a pretty standard base layer.

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Mint Mattress Construction

Mint Construction

  • The Mint is 12” tall and is comprised of 3 layers.
  • The Mint’s cover is also soft, but it has more of a knitted design and contains antimicrobial protection.
  • The first layer is also 3” of Adaptive Foam with graphite and cooling gel.
  • Below the Adaptive Foam, the Mint features a transition layer.
  • The Mint’s support layer is also 7” of base polyfoam.

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Tuft And Needle Hybrid Construction

Hybrid Construction

  • The Tuft & Needle Hybrid is 12” tall.
  • The Tuft & Needle Hybrid’s cover is even softer than what we find on the other two mattresses and it has a sweatshirt quality. It is quilted with a thin layer of memory foam.
  • The top layer of the Hybrid is 2” of the same Adaptive Foam found in the Original and Mint.
  • The Adaptive Foam layer rests on a thin layer of micro coils.
  • Then, there is a foam transition layer.
  • Next, there are 6” of supportive, pocketed coils.
  • Finally, there is 1” of base polyfoam on the bottom of the Hybrid.

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Construction Differences/Notes

  • As mentioned above, Adaptive Foam is Tuft & Needle’s proprietary alternative to memory foam. Adaptive Foam is soft and will allow sleepers to sink in, but it is also responsive so as not to trap sleepers.
  • The antimicrobial protection found in the cover of the Mint will keep it clean and free of microbes that could break down the mattress over time.
  • Since the Original is the most affordable mattress, it is no surprise that it features the most streamlined construction. It is only two layers and does not contain many of the materials and layers found in the Mint and Hybrid.
  • Looking at all three mattresses, the Original has the thinnest comfort layer. This makes the Original a bit firmer than the others and could possibly be a more fitting mattress for stomach sleeping.
  • While some side sleepers could bottom out on the Original mattress, this is less likely on the Mint mattress. The addition of a transition layer gives the mattress thicker comfort layer that should provide better pressure relief for side sleepers.
  • The Hybrid is Tuft & Needle’s most advanced mattress, and it is easy to see this in the construction. It features the most complex construction and features a layer of micro coils and pocketed coils that will provide more support and a layer of quilted memory foam that will provide more comfort.
  • All three mattresses contain graphite and gel, materials that are meant to assist with heat dissipation. While they should all be cooler-sleeping mattresses, the Hybrid might sleep even cooler because of the coils. The coils leave a lot of room for air to flow through the Hybrid, while the foam base layers found on the Original and Mint do not.
  • The Hybrid mattress should also be a better fit for heavier sleepers. The mattress is thicker and also contains coils, making it a more supportive mattress that should be able to hold up more weight than the Original or Mint.

Firmness/Feel Differences

Right off the bat, the Tuft & Needle mattresses are very similar in regard to firmness. They all have an identical top layer of Adaptive Foam that gives the top of the mattress a soft feel. That being said, the total comfort layer on the Original is thinner than what we find on the Mint and Hybrid. That makes the Original feel like a 6.5/10, while the Mint and Hybrid feel closer to a 6/10.

While these three mattresses are very close in terms of firmness, they do feel different depending on what position I am. Starting on my back, the Original mattress is supportive enough for me, and I am feeling pretty much the same amount of support on the Mint. When I lie on my back, I am getting the best support out of these three mattresses because of the two layers of coils.

Tuft And Needle Hybrid Firmness And Feel

Side sleeping, I am getting a decent amount of pressure relief on the Original mattress. With its thicker comfort layer, the Mint feels even more comfortable when I am on my side. The Hybrid is more supportive than the other mattresses, and it is also more comfortable. The addition of that memory foam layer in the cover really makes the Hybrid the best match for side sleeping.

Now, when it comes to stomach sleeping, the Tuft & Needle wins out. The mattress features a thinner comfort layer than the Mint and Hybrid. Because of this, I don’t feel my hips sinking too far into the Tuft & Needle, but I need more support than what I am getting on the Mint or Hybrid.

In regard to feel, these mattresses are very similar. They all have a balanced foam feel that is both soft and responsive. That being said, the Hybrid’s memory foam layer gives it a bit more of the slow-moving feel, and the coils do compress differently than a foam base layer.

Motion Transfer Differences

When it comes to motion transfer, Adaptive Foam is not too bad. The material helps isolate motion to each side of the mattress. Good motion isolation is especially important for couples. It ensures that both partners can move around at night without waking each other up.

Testing out the motion transfer on the Original and Mint mattresses, I am only seeing a little bit of disturbance. Lying down on both mattresses, I am not disturbed when Marten moves around on the other side. The Adaptive Foam is isolating Marten’s movements to his side of the mattress.

All that being said, the Hybrid features even better motion isolation. I am feeling even fewer of Marten’s movements on the Hybrid because of that extra layer of memory foam. Memory foam is known for isolating motion quite well, so this is not surprising. Because of this, it should be the best mattress for couples.

Tuft And Needle Hybrid Motion Transfer

Edge Support Differences

Edge support is also an important consideration for couples when mattress shopping. Edge support is a measure of, well, how supportive the edge of a mattress really is. A mattress with great edge support will allow couples to sleep all the way toward the edge with no problem.

Sitting and lying down near the edge of the Original and Mint, I do not feel as secure as I feel on the Hybrid mattress. Not only does the Hybrid feature coils, but these coils are also firmer toward the edge of the mattress. This enhances the edge support and makes it much easier to sleep toward the edge of the Hybrid mattress.

Tuft And Needle Hybrid Edge Support

Marten’s Take

My opinions regarding the three Tuft & Needle mattresses are based very much on my own experience. My experience, in turn, is dictated by my size and weight. Since I am only 5’9” and weigh 160 lbs, I wanted to bring in a larger person to talk about their experience with these three mattresses. So, I asked Marten, who is 6’7” and weighs 230 lbs, to try the Tuft & Needle mattresses out for himself. Here is what he had to say:

So, I want to start off by talking about firmness. I personally think the Tuft & Needle is a 6.5/10, the Mint is a 7/10, and the Hybrid is a 6.5/10. Now, as Joe mentioned, my experience has to do with my larger weight. My extra pounds are causing me to sink into these mattresses further than Joe and feel some extra firmness.

How did it feel to actually lie on the mattresses? Well, on the Tuft & Needle mattress, I am not getting enough support when I lie on my back. As Joe said earlier, the mattress is only two layers and it does not feature coils. I feel like I am dropping through the mattress.

Now, when I move to my side, I am getting some decent pressure relief on my shoulders and hips. I do think that people who are larger than me might press in even further and feel less pressure relief.

While the Original was firm enough to support Joe while stomach sleeping, I do need more support. I am feeling my hips and center mass dip into the Tuft & Needle Original mattress.

When I lie on the Tuft & Needle Mint, I am getting some better back support. However, when I am side sleeping, I am dropping too far into the mattress, so I am feeling some more pressure relief on my shoulders and hips. Stomach sleeping, I do need some more support.

Back sleeping on the Hybrid, I am feeling the best support out of these three mattresses. Those coils are definitely holding up my weight. Side sleeping, that comfort layer is thick enough to ensure I don’t bottom out, so I am feeling some fantastic pressure relief. However, even the Hybrid is not supportive enough for me when I am on my stomach.

So, heavier back sleepers should prefer the Mint or Hybrid while heavier side sleepers should feel the best pressure relief on the Hybrid. Heavier stomach sleepers are going to want to find a firmer mattress altogether. Also, make sure to check out our best mattresses for heavy people

The Original Should Be A Good Fit For…

  • Those who want a more affordable mattress. The Original is the most affordable in Tuft & Needle’s line of mattresses. The Original also has a similar firmness and feel like the other mattresses, so it offers a very similar experience for less money.
  • Stomach sleepers. Between these three mattresses, the Original features the thinnest comfort layer. This makes the Original a bit firmer than the other Tuft & Needle mattresses, so it should offer better support for stomach sleeping.

The Mint Should Be A Good Fit For…

  • Light- and medium-weight side sleepers. The Mint has a thicker comfort layer than the Original, but not as thick as the Hybrid. That being said, the mattress should still offer great pressure relief to side sleepers who are not too heavy. They will get the pressure relief they need without having to spend so much on the Hybrid.
  • Heavier back sleepers who want to save some money. While the Hybrid is definitely the most supportive mattress of the three, the Mint should still provide enough comfort and support for heavier sleepers. At the same time, it is more affordable than the Hybrid mattress.

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The Hybrid Should Be A Good Fit For…

  • Back sleepers. As I stated above, the Hybrid is more supportive than the Original and Mint mattresses. At the same time, the top layers are very comfortable and contour to the curves of the body. All-in-all, the Hybrid features the best balance of comfort and support.
  • Larger sleepers. Heavier sleepers are usually better off with a thicker mattress that contains some type of coils. Well, the Hybrid is indeed the thickest Tuft & Needle mattress, and it contains two sets of coils.
  • Side sleepers. With the higher price tag comes a thicker comfort layer. The Hybrid is simply the most comfortable of the three Tuft & Needle mattresses and should be the best match for larger side sleepers and those who need extra pressure relief.
  • Couples. Based on my tests, the Hybrid mattress isolates motion better than the other two mattresses. Sleeping partners should disturb one another so much when moving around on the Hybrid. The mattress also features superior edge support which will let couples sleep all the way toward the edge.
  • Hot sleepers. The addition of coils makes the Hybrid a better cooling mattress. All three mattresses feature Adaptive Foam with graphite and cooling gel infusions, but only the Hybrid features coils that will allow air to flow through the mattress.
  • Those who want a long-term investment. The Hybrid features the highest price tag, but it should also last the longest. The coils and extra layers of foam should add some life to this mattress, allowing it to stand up to more years of use.

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Choosing the right Tuft & Needle mattress does not have to be difficult. In fact, using the information provided above, it should be easy for anyone to pick between these three fantastic memories. If there are any questions or further recommendations needed, leave a comment below.

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