Amerisleep Vs Tempurpedic

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Amerisleep and Tempurpedic are two companies known for their line of memory foam mattresses.  Tempurpedic created the memory foam mattress category back in the day and is the driving force for why memory foam is so popular today.

Amerisleep has been in business for a while now too and is really starting to pick up in popularity.  Many people are asking how these two companies compare to one another, so I thought I’d lay out some of my thoughts in this mattress comparison and help you if you are deciding Amerisleep vs Tempurpedic.

Amerisleep vs Tempurpedic

Key Similarities

  • Both have memory foam mattresses (although Tempurpedic does also have a line with springs)
  • Both have a range of models for different types of sleepers
  • Both have been in business for more than just a couple years
  • Both have great company reputations

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Key Differences

  • Tempurpedic has a higher price point for its models
  • Amerisleep has a couple unique aspects to the construction of its mattresses, namely bio-based foams and celliant in its cover
  • Consumers can try out Tempurpedic mattresses in stores, but they have to buy Amerisleep online
  • Amerisleep discloses all its specs, while Tempurpedic typically does not

Note: both mattresses rank well in my overall mattress reviews.

Construction Notes

While Tempurpedic does have a line with springs in the support layer, it is mainly known for its memory foam mattress line.  Amerisleep only has memory foam mattresses.  One major thing to note when looking at the construction of the mattresses from both companies is that Tempur-Pedic does not disclose the specs of its mattresses (while Amerisleep does).  That makes it a bit hard to make an objective comparison between the specs of the different mattresses.

It may also be helpful to see how the construction of these mattresses compare to other brands by reviewing our other Tempurpedic and Amerisleep mattress comparisons like Tempurpedic vs Tuft & Needle and Amerisleep vs Leesa.

You Might Want To Choose Tempurpedic If:

You Want A More Established Brand– Tempurpedic has been around forever and is essentially the company that created the memory foam mattress category.  People can have the benefit of reading customer reviews that span a very long time.

You Need To Try Out Your Mattress In A Store– I think the return policy of Amerisleep should alleviate any concerns about buying online, but if people feel they need to try out their mattress in a store ahead of buying, then Tempurpedic will allow you to do that.

You Want A Few Additional Model Options– Amerisleep currently has 5 models that cater to different types of sleepers.  Tempurpedic has more models than that, including one with springs in the support layer.

You Might Want To Choose Amerisleep If:

You Want More Value– Given the different business models of the two companies and the resulting differences in prices, I think a lot of people would agree Amerisleep gives people more bang for their buck.

You Value Their Additional Features– Amerisleep mattresses feature celliant-infused covers.  People can read more about celliant and decide for themselves, but the claim is that celliant has a number of health benefits (I’m not a scientist so I can’t attest to this claim).  Amerisleep also uses bio-based, open-celled foams that make the mattresses much more breathable.  These features are unique, great extra touches that really make for a high-quality mattress.

You Want A Very Customer-Friendly Trial Period / Return Policy / Warranty– Amerisleep has a very good trial period, return policy, and warranty.  They really take all the risk out of buying one of their mattresses online.

What It Comes Down To

I have always loved Tempurpedic mattresses whenever I get the chance to sleep on them.  They are the brand that everyone knows in this industry and for good reason too.  I do think the quality of Amerisleep mattresses is extremely high as well.  The fact that Amerisleep’s business model allows them to price their mattresses much lower than Tempur-Pedic for me is the deciding factor.

I think people could make arguments one way or another as to which line of mattresses is best for people, but the fact that the price is across the board so much lower is what tips the balance towards Amerisleep in my opinion.

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These are both very good companies.  They have a lot of similarities in the line of mattress models.  Check out the key differences that I’ve laid out and the decision should be a little bit more clear.

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