Bear Pro Vs Bear Mattress Comparison – Which Bear Wins Out?

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The Bear is an all-foam mattress that has seen some great success over the last few years. The mattress is designed with athletes and those who want to recover after a tough day, in mind. The healing and recovery effect namely comes from the mattress’s Celliant cover, a soothing material created to improve blood flow and to help people sleeper cooler.

Until recently, Bear only offered their original mattress and the Bear Hybrid mattress, but now they have added the Bear Pro mattress, a more advanced, more deluxe version of the Bear mattress. It too features a Celliant cover as well as much of the same design as the Bear, but there is a bit more to it overall.

So, I want to dig into both mattresses and discuss what type of sleeper is going to prefer each mattress. I’ll break down the similarities, differences, construction, and a lot more in this Bear vs Bear Pro mattress comparison below.

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Key Similarities

  • They are produced by the same company.
  • They have the same customer service terms including sleep trials, warranties, etc.
  • Both the Bear and Bear Pro are medium-firm mattresses with no significant difference in firmness.
  • They both have a balanced foam feel with a bit of that memory foam feel on top.
  • Both mattresses feature a significant amount of memory foam in their construction.
  • The Bear and Pro both have a Celliant cover that is designed to help with recovery.
  • Their transition layers and support layers are essentially the same.

Key Differences

  • The Bear Pro is a more complex mattress, which does make it more expensive than the Bear.
  • The Bear Pro is thicker than the Bear overall.
  • The Bear Pro contains two layers of memory foam, but the Bear contains only one.
  • The memory foam on top of the Bear Pro is infused with copper, while the memory foam on top of the Bear is infused with graphite.
  • The Bear Pro is probably going to be more supportive than the Bear, so it should be the best mattress for heavy people.

Bear Pro Mattress Construction

Bear Pro Construction

  • The mattress is 12” tall and consists of 3 layers.
  • On top of the Bear Pro mattress is a Celliant cover.
  • The first comfort layer consists of copper-infused memory foam.
  • Below that rests a layer of gel memory foam.
  • Next, there is a responsive transition foam layer.
  • This all rests on a thick layer of support foam.

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Bear Mattress Construction

Bear Construction

  • The mattress is 10” tall and is comprised of 3 layers.
  • The Bear’s cover also contains Celliant.
  • The first comfort layer features graphite-gel memory foam.
  • Then, there is a transition layer with some bounce.
  • This all sits atop a layer of support foam that is a pretty standard polyfoam layer.

Read the full Bear mattress review, available here.

Construction Differences/Notes

  • Both mattresses feature a Celliant cover, and this material is known for having a number of health benefits. Specifically, Celliant is designed to promote healthy blood flow, and it should help with muscle recovery. Celliant is also there to help with heat dissipation and makes for a cooler night of sleep.
  • The Bear Pro and Bear both feature some kind of cooling infusion in their top layer. With the Bear Pro, the memory foam contains copper which is a conductor and can help draw heat away from the body. The Bear’s top layer of memory foam contains graphite, a material that is also effective at temperature regulation.
  • As mentioned above, the Bear Pro is thicker than the Bear and features a thicker comfort layer. This construction should make the Bear Pro a more suitable choice for larger sleepers, especially larger side sleepers. Heavier people can bottom out on thinner mattresses with thin comfort layers, but this will not be a noticeable issue with the Bear Pro.
  • The Bear Pro should be a more supportive mattress than the Bear because it is thicker overall. Even though the comfort layer is thicker on the Bear, its memory foam is still of a higher density and offer better support.
  • Because the Bear Pro features more memory foam in its construction, it should provide more of that slow-moving memory foam feel than the Bear.

Firmness/Feel Differences

First off, just commenting about firmness, the Bear and Bear Pro are very similar. In my experience, they both feel close to a 6.5/10. This is right toward the middle of the firmness spectrum. It is not too difficult to press my hand into the Bear and Bear Pro, but then my hand hits the firmer support layers.

I want to discuss how I feel sleeping on these mattresses, starting with the Bear Pro.

  • First off, I am feeling very well supported on the Bear Pro when I am back sleeping. I sink into the mattress somewhat, but I am experiencing solid lumbar support and fantastic contouring as well.
  • Side sleeping on the Bear Pro, the mattress is indeed soft enough for me, so I sink into the top memory foam layers and feel some nice pressure relief on my shoulders and hips.
  • While I am not getting fantastic support on my stomach, it is more support than I am getting on the Bear mattress. That being said, some stomach sleepers might need even more support.

Bear Pro Mattress Firmness And Feel

Now, compare that to how I feel sleeping on the Bear.

  • Lying on my back on the Bear, the mattress is definitely a good match for me. That being said, I feel a bit better support when I am back sleeping on the Bear Pro.
  • Moving to my side, I feel more comfortable here than I feel on the Bear Pro. I will mention that I am 160 lbs, and heavier people might have a different experience on the Bear.
  • Stomach sleeping, I am getting less support than I get on the Bear Pro. I don’t feel as much support, namely under my hips.

The Bear Pro is a more complex mattress than the Bear, but it does have a similar feel. Both mattresses feature a balanced foam feel with some of that slow-moving memory foam on top. I am feeling some more of that slow memory foam on the Bear Pro because there is an extra layer of the material.

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Motion Transfer

The section above discusses my own experiences with the Bear and Bear Pro mattresses. However, how does this information apply to couples? In addition to other factors, couples need to consider motion transfer. Basically, couples want to know that they can each move around on their side of the bed without disturbing their partner on the other side.

Testing out both mattresses for motion transfer, they performed very well. I placed a glass of water on both the Bear and Bear Pro. With each mattress, I placed the glass of water on one side and pressed into the other side, keeping a close eye on the surface of the water. I saw a little less disturbance on the Bear Pro so, between the two, it could be the best mattress for couples.

Bear Pro Mattress Motion Transfer

Also, I lay down on both mattresses while Marten, a member of our team, got in and out of bed and moved around on each mattress. I felt fewer of his movements on the Bear Pro.

This is not too surprising, given that the Bear Pro features more memory foam than the Bear, and this material is fantastic when it comes to isolating motion.

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Edge Support

Edge support also comes into play when it comes to couples, and it is basically a measure of how secure one feels sitting or sleeping near the edge of a mattress. Great edge support allows couples to sleep toward the edge, so they are not stuck in the middle of the mattress together.

Between these two mattresses, the Bear Pro features superior edge support. As I lie down near the edge of the Bear Pro, the mattress collapses less than the Bear does, so I don’t feel as much like I am going to roll off the mattress.

Bear Pro Edge Support

Bear Mattress Edge Support

Marten’s Take

When it comes to choosing a mattress, it really does depend on an individual’s personal preferences as well as his or her size and weight and while I had a certain experience with the Bear and Bear Pro mattresses, a larger person might have a very different experience. That is why I asked Marten, the largest member of our team, to try the Bear Pro and Bear mattresses out for himself. He is 6’7”, weighs 230 lbs, and here is what he thought:

In terms of firmness, I thought the Bear was a 7.5/10, and the Bear Pro was a 7/10. I feel like both mattresses are firmer than Joe thought, probably because I am sinking further into these mattresses and engaging the support layers more than Joe did.

So, let’s consider how this made me feel in different sleeping positions. Starting with the Bear:

  • Back sleeping on the Bear, the mattress is definitely working for me. I am getting a nice amount of contouring from the memory foam, and the mattress is holding me up overall.
  • However, when I am side sleeping on the Bear, I am not getting fantastic pressure relief on my shoulders and hips. It is a decent match for side sleeping, but I think I do need some more comfort.
  • At the same time, when I move to my stomach, I am not getting enough support under my hips, so they are bowing in and taking my spine out of proper alignment.

Now, how did I feel on the Bear Pro?

  • Back sleeping on the Bear Pro, I am also feeling some solid overall support. My hips sink in the right amount, and I am feeling even better contouring.
  • As Joe mentioned, the Bear Pro’s comfort layer is thicker, so I am feeling superior pressure relief on my shoulders and hips. I am not bottoming out on the Bear Pro whatsoever.
  • Stomach sleeping, the Bear Pro is also not providing me with the necessary hip support, so I am also bowing on this mattress.

Heavier back sleepers should get nice support on both the Bear and Bear Pro, but heavier side sleepers are going to prefer the Bear Pro. Heavier stomach sleepers are going to want to seek out a firmer mattress.

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Pick Bear Pro If:

  • Those who need more support. Between the two mattresses, the Bear Pro is definitely more supportive. The mattress should be a particularly good fit for those who have more support needs.
  • Back and stomach sleepers. Because of this extra support, the Bear Pro is going to be a significantly better option for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. The thicker construction and added layer should offer more support under the lumbar area for back sleepers and under the hips for stomach sleepers.
  • Larger people. People who are on the heavy side are most likely going to prefer the Bear Pro. The Bear Pro is thicker and features a thicker comfort layer, making it less likely that large sleepers will bottom out on the mattress.

Pick Bear If:

  • Those who want a more affordable mattress. The Bear mattress is similar to the Bear Pro in many ways, but it is also more affordable. Those who believe the Bear will give them the support and comfort they require will save some money by choosing the Bear Pro.
  • Lightweight sleepers. Those who are on the lighter side are not going to need the additional comfort and support that the Bear Pro provides. Again, opting for the Bear mattress is an altogether more budget-friendly decision.
  • Light and medium-weight side sleepers. While the Bear does not have as thick a comfort layer as the Bear Pro, it should still be particularly comfortable for light- and medium-weight side sleepers. Personally, I weigh 160 lbs, and the Bear relieved a significant amount of pressure on my shoulders and hips.


These two mattresses may bear the same name (no pun intended), but they really are a essentially better match for different people. Larger people and those who require more support are going to prefer the Bear Pro, while lighter people and those looking to save some money will most likely prefer the Bear Pro.

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