Bear Pro Mattress Review – Professionally Comfortable?

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As a fan of both the Bear and Bear Hybrid mattresses, I was excited when the company released the Bear Pro mattress. The Bear Pro is meant to fall in the middle of their mattress line. It is more complex than the Bear mattress, but it also costs less than the Bear Hybrid.

Like the other Bear mattresses, the Bear Pro features a Celliant cover and high-end materials, and I was personally interested to see how the Bear Pro would compare to the original Bear mattress and if it was worth the extra money.

To find out if the Bear Pro is true step up from the Bear mattress, read on for my full review.  This review will cover everything consumer should know about this mattress, including a full breakdown of the construction, the pros and cons, comfort, support, motion isolation, edge support, firmness and feel, breathability, durability, and much more.

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The Bear Pro Might Be A Good Fit For…

  • Those who want a medium-firm mattress. A medium-firm mattress is constructed with a combination of soft foam layers on top and a firm support layer below. The Bear Pro is right in the middle of the firmness scale, so those who like a mattress that is not extremely soft and not extremely firm will like the Bear Pro.
  • Those who want a balance of comfort and support. The construction of the Bear Pro gives the mattress a significant amount of comfort and support. Sleepers who need a mattress that is comfortable while still holding them up should definitely consider the Bear Pro.
  • Combination sleepers. The medium-firmness makes the Bear Pro a particularly good choice for combination sleepers. Those who change positions at night should feel especially nice support when they are on their back and stomach and enough comfort when they are on their side.
  • Those who want memory foam without the drawbacks. Memory foam is known for making people sleep hot, and it can sometimes make it more difficult to change positions at night. However, the memory foam features cooling infusions, and it is especially responsive.

Bear Pro Mattress Construction

The Bear Pro Might Not Be A Good Fit For…

  • Those who prefer a soft or firm mattress. As mentioned above, the Bear Pro is in the middle of the firmness scale, so those who want a very soft or very firm mattress will need to look elsewhere.
  • Stomach sleepers. While the Bear Pro is a supportive mattress, it might not be firm enough for those who sleep primarily on their stomachs. Stomach sleepers will probably want to find a firmer mattress that will properly support their hips.
  • Those who like to sleep on top of the mattress. The Bear Pro is a particularly responsive mattress, but it still quite soft. Lying on top of the mattress, I do sink in a fair amount, so those who don’t like to sink in should consider an innerspring mattress or something firmer.

See our list of the best innerspring mattresses if you don’t like to sink into your mattress too much.

Bear Pro Mattress Feel

Construction Overview

  • The Bear Pro is 12” tall.
  • The cover is woven with Celliant, a material I will discuss below.
  • The top layer contains copper-infused foam.
  • Below that, there is a layer of gel memory foam.
  • Then, there is a layer of responsive transition foam.
  • Finally, the base layer consists of high-density support foam.
  • The Bear Pro mattress is made in the USA.

Bear Pro Mattress Back Sleeping

Construction Takeaways

  • The Celliant cover is the same as the covers found on the Bear and Bear Hybrid mattress. This Celliant fabric is designed to keep sleepers cool and promote blood flow as well. Studies have also shown that Celliant will help significantly with muscle recovery.
  • The copper found in the top layer also comes with some interesting health benefits. Specifically, copper is a conductor and can actually draw heat away from sleepers, further promoting a cool night’s sleep.
  • While memory foam is known for trapping heat and can make sleepers overheat during the night, the Bear Pro’s gel memory foam will assist with cooling. The combination of the Celliant cover and cooling foam layers should keep most sleepers cool at night.
  • Combining the top foam layers and transition layer, the comfort layer of the Bear Pro is exceptionally thick. This thick, soft comfort layer should make the Bear a good match for heavier sleepers. Larger people can press through thinner comfort layers and bottom out, especially when they are on their side, but this should not be as much of an issue on the Bear Pro.
  • The Bear Pro should be a particularly good mattress for side sleepers of many sizes because the comfort layer is on the thicker side and should relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips.
  • While the Bear Pro does contain memory foam, it is still a responsive mattress. Sleepers will sink in, but they should not feel trapped by the mattress, making it very easy to reposition during the night.

How Does The Bear Pro Compare To the Original Bear Mattress?

For those who are considering the Bear Pro mattress, it might be worthwhile to see how it stacks up against the original Bear mattress.

First off, the mattresses are quite similar in a few ways. They both feature a Celliant cover, and they are similar in terms of firmness and feel. Both mattresses are close to a 6.5/10 in terms of firmness and they both feature a balanced foam feel.

Still, the construction of these mattresses is slightly different because the Bear Pro mattress is thicker than the Bear and also contains an extra layer of soft memory foam.

This construction makes the Bear Pro a better match for larger people. Heavier people are more likely to bottom out on the Bear mattress as they press through the similar comfort layer, but these same heavy people are significantly less likely to bottom out on the Bear Pro. Back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and those who need a more supportive mattress should also opt for the Bear Pro mattress.

However, light- and medium-weight sleepers don’t really need the extra support and comfort that the Bear Pro has to offer, so they can save some money by going with the Bear mattress. Make sure to read our full Bear mattress review.

20% Off
Bear Pro
Bear Pro
Bear Pro

The Bear Pro is a mattress with a great balance of comfort and support. Get 20% off plus 2 free Cloud pillows with our coupon. Use code CLARITY20.

Firmness And Feel

In my experience, the Bear Pro feels like a 6.5/10, about medium in terms of firmness. The Bear Pro’s top foam layers are very soft but, when I press my hand in, I feel the firm support layers beneath. All these layers combine for this medium firmness.

Bear Pro Firmness Scale

Here is how I feel when lying in different sleeping positions:

  • When I lie down on my back, the Bear Pro’s memory foam is conforming to the curves of my body. At the same time, my hips are sinking in just a bit, and the support layers are absolutely holding up my body.
  • When I move to my side, the Bear Pro is also a good match for me. I am feeling a bit of pressure on my shoulders and hips, but not a significant amount. Side sleepers of many sizes should have a similar experience.
  • While I lie down on my stomach, the Bear Pro is supportive enough for me. I feel like the mattress is offering me enough overall support, but I will say that this is not a very firm mattress. Those who sleep just on their stomach, especially larger stomach sleepers, are probably going to want a firmer mattress.

In regard to feel, one word comes to mind: balanced. The mattress has a bit of the soft memory foam feel but not too much. The Bear Pro is responsive, but it is not too bouncy. Lying on the Bear Pro mattress, I sink in but not too far.

Bear Pro Mattress Firmness And Feel

Motion Transfer

Couples who are in search of a mattress will want to consider motion transfer. Basically, when one partner moves around on their side of the mattress, will their partner feel these movements on their side?

Memory foam is one of the best materials when it comes to handling motion transfer. The material absorbs the movements made as one moves around at night, making it less likely that this motion will transfer across the mattress.

Because of this, I was not very surprised by how well the Bear Pro deals with motion transfer. I placed a glass of water on one side of the Bear Pro, and then I pressed my hands into the other side, creating a disturbance. Looking closely at the glass of water, I did not see this disturbance transfer over.

Also, I lay down on the Bear Pro as Marten got in and out of bed on the other side of the mattress. He even changed positions, rolled around, and bounced on the edge of the Bear Pro, and his movements did not disturb me on the other side of the mattress.

Taking all of this into account, the Bear Pro could be an exceptional mattress for couples.

Bear Pro Mattress Motion Transfer

Edge Support

Edge support should also be a major consideration for couples. Edge support is a measure of how well a mattress holds one up when sitting or lying near the edge. Solid edge support will ensure that both partners can sleep toward the edge of the mattress, while poor edge support will force both partners to sleep toward the center of the mattress.

When I sit near the edge of the Bear Pro mattress, the foam does collapse a fair amount, but I do not feel like I am going to fall forward. Also, I can lie very close to the edge of the Bear Pro mattress without feeling like I am going to roll off.

Overall, the Bear Pro’s is quite impressive.

Bear Pro Edge Support

Marten’s Take

When shopping for a mattress, it is important to take one’s size and weight into account. A mattress that is a good fit for someone of my size (5’9” and 230 lbs) might not work for someone of a larger size. That is why I asked Marten, a larger member of our team, to try out the Bear Pro and then talk about his experience. Marten is 6’7” and weighs 230 lbs.

While Joe said the Bear Pro was a 6.5/10, I thought the mattress felt closer to a 7/10. This often happens when we review foam mattresses. I sink further into the mattress and feel more firmness than Joe did.

Here is how I feel sleeping on the Bear Pro:

  • Starting on my back, the Bear Pro is definitely supportive enough. At the same time, my hips sink into the top foam layers, and that foam even takes the shape of my body. Overall, the Bear Pro is an especially good match for me when I am back sleeping.
  • Moving to my side, I do feel some surprisingly nice pressure relief. As Joe mentioned, the comfort layer is quite thick, so even a larger person like me is not bottoming out. However, those who are over 300 lbs, for instance, might press in further and feel some more firmness on their shoulders and hips.
  • Stomach sleeping, the Bear Pro is not supportive enough for me. I feel like the center of my body is dropping into the mattress, and I am feeling a bit of lower back strain as well. I would say I need a more supportive mattress.

Heavier back sleepers should definitely consider the Bear Pro mattress, and side sleepers under 300 lbs should also feel comfortable. Heavier stomach sleepers will most likely want to seek out a firmer mattress.

Based on Marten’s experience, it seems like the Bear Pro is indeed a good fit for larger side and back sleepers. However, as Marten mentioned, side sleepers over 300 lbs might need a mattress with an even thicker comfort layer.

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Unboxing The Bear Pro

The Bear Pro is a bed-in-a-box mattress, so it will arrive in a large cardboard box. The Bear Pro is very heavy, so do ask a friend to help move the mattress into the bedroom.

Then, open the box, take out the rolled-up mattress, and position it on the bed frame or foundation and carefully cut through the multiple layers of plastic, one by one, so as to not damage the Bear Pro mattress.

Finally, clear away all the plastic and shipping materials and give the mattress time to expand. Since the Bear Pro contains memory foam, it may be between 24 and 48 hours before it is ready to go.

What Makes The Bear Pro Stand Out?

  • The Bear Pro mattress features a perfect balance of comfort and support.
  • The mattress should be a great match for combination sleepers.
  • The Bear Pro mattress contains many cooling features and should be a good fit or hot sleepers.
  • The mattress is responsive so it gives a bit of that memory foam feel without trapping sleepers.

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Overall Rating

Bear Pro Mattress
3.5 Overall
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Trial Period

In the end, the Bear Pro mattress is indeed a more complex, more luxury version of the original Bear. The mattress should be ideal for combinations sleepers, fans of medium-firm mattresses, and those who want memory foam without the drawbacks.

The Bear Pro comes with free shipping and returns, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty. Financing is available as are numerous accessories. Bear also offers the original mattress as well as the Bear Hybrid. Read the Bear mattress review and Bear Hybrid mattress review.

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