Live And Sleep Mattress Review

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Live And Sleep is an online-only company that sells a high-quality memory foam mattress.  Whenever I sleep on memory foam mattresses, I have two main concerns: that it will sleep hot and that I’ll sink in so much that I get stuck in the mattress.  If a memory foam mattress can address those concerns, I will probably like it.  With Live And Sleep, the mattress slept nice and cool and I didn’t feel like I got stuck in the mattress.  Overall, I did have a good experience sleeping on this mattress.

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Who Should Be Interested In Live And Sleep?

  • You Want Memory Foam But Don’t Want To Sleep Hot Or Get Stuck In The Mattress– As I mentioned, these are my two biggest complaints with memory foam mattresses in general.  Live And Sleep has directly addressed them and I slept cool through the night and didn’t have the feeling of getting stuck in the mattress.  See also our guide to finding the best memory foam mattress.
  • You Seek A Medium Firm Feel– The mattress was designed specifically to be a medium firm feel.  I agree that it is slightly firmer than average.  That is right in my personal sweet spot, but this doesn’t cater to all sleepers.  If you want a mattress that is either really firm or really soft, this probably isn’t the best fit for you.
  • True Value Seekers– Live And Sleep follows the online business model, cutting out the middle-man and saving a lot of money in the process.  However, they don’t spend a ton of money on marketing, so I feel they go even further in making sure that they price their product as affordably as possible.  The best comparison would probably be with the Tempur-Pedic collection of mattresses (see Tempur-Pedic reviews).
  • Couples– This mattress has very limited motion transfer, making it ideal for couples who want to sleep undisturbed if and when their partner moves about the bed.
Live And Sleep Mattress
3.9 Reviewer
The Live and Sleep is a fine mattress, though I don't think it offers anything particularly interesting in the general online-only mattress landscape. I had a good experience sleeping on the mattress, but I don't see any reason why you would choose Live and Sleep over other similar mattresses I have reviewed.
Value (Price)3.8
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.2
Motion Transfer4.4
Edge Support3.8
Company Reputation3
Return Policy/Warranty4.5
Overall Sleep Experience3.7

Who Might Not Want The Live And Sleep?

  • You Prefer A Traditional Spring Mattress Feel– This mattress won’t change your mind if you just don’t like the memory foam feel and instead prefer the traditional spring feel.  I’ve noticed that there are “memory foam people” and “non-memory foam people.”  If you are a memory foam person, you will love this mattress.  If not, you won’t.
  • You Like Sleeping “In” The Mattress– I don’t personally like the feeling of sleeping “in” a mattress.  I like sleeping “on” a mattress.  I just don’t like the feeling of getting kind of stuck in memory foam.  Some people do, however, so if that’s you, then maybe you should try another memory foam provider.
  • You Want An Especially Soft Or Firm Feel– There is only one firmness level, so it is not right for every type of sleeper.  Some people need a softer or very firm mattress.  If that’s you, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Live And Sleep Review

Other Takeaways

Cover– This mattress has a removable cover that you can take off very easily and wash.  This is very unique in the industry.  There are really only a couple of other mattresses I know of where you can do this.  This will make sure you can keep your mattress clean at all times.

Free Trial / Return Policy– Keeping in line with other online companies, the company has a very customer-friendly free trial period and return policy.  This should alleviate any fear of not being able to try the mattress out ahead of time.

Final Word

I had a great experience on the mattress.  I don’t normally tend to go for memory foam mattresses because of the sleeping hot and getting stuck issue, but that was not the case here.  I slept quite comfortably in the Live And Sleep mattress and think you will too.

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4 thoughts on “Live And Sleep Mattress Review”

  1. Joe, I have discovered that the Live and Sleep mattress is the exact same (or at least appears to be) as this mattress sold on Amazon and made by Resort Sleep,

    They use exact same photos and near exact specs. Except the mattress through Amazon is $200 cheaper. Can you confirm this is true? I was interested at one point in the Live and Sleep mattress, but now they are off the list because of this. Thanks.

  2. Hi, I just got this bed two weeks ago. The first week I had only a top sheet because my new sheets hadn’t came in the mail yet and we upgraded. I didn’t notice sleeping hot and although I didn’t sink or get stuck I I could use more firmness for myself. I got an organic cotton waterproof mattress protecter from target. After putting That on I notice I do sleep hot. Along with my son. I get sweaty and uncomfortable if my body is touching the bed.

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