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Novosbed and Leesa are two online-only mattress companies that have had a lot of success.  While they have products with different construction, they both have been able to drive sales by highlighting the value consumers get by buying their product online.  

As the two companies grow, many people are starting to wonder how the two mattresses compare and which mattress is a better.  I like both mattresses, but I think if people have certain preferences, one mattress will suit them better than the other.  

This article will go through the major similarities and differences in an effort to clarify the decision if people have boiled their choice down to Novosbed vs Leesa.

Leesa vs Novosbed

Key Similarities

  • Both available only online
  • Both have very friendly sleep trials and good customer service
  • Both provide great value
  • Both are all foam mattresses

Key Differences

  • Novosbed has an all memory foam comfort layer / Leesa’s is a hybrid of latex-like Avena foam and memory foam
  • Leesa has a bouncier, more responsive feel than Novosbed (see the feel in my Leesa review)
  • Novosbed arguably has more durable materials
  • Leesa has just one firmness option.  Novosbed has 3, as well as a perfect firmness guarantee (learn more in my Novosbed review)
  • Novosbed costs roughly $150-$200 more

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The Leesa mattress consists of 2” of Avena foam (a latex-like foam), over 2” of 3 lb. density memory foam, over 6” of 1.8 lb. density polyfoam.

The Novosbed consists of 2” of 5 lb. density memory foam (with the medium firmness option), over another 2” of 5 lb. memory foam, over 7” of 1.8 lb. density polyfoam.

Leesa Vs Novosbed

The Avena foam has a bouncier, more responsive feel than the memory foam that the Novosbed contains.  Whether this is a good thing really comes down to personal preference.

General Feel

I did feel that the mattresses were similar in getting people to sink into the mattress just enough without feeling like they are sleeping “in” the mattress.  However, the real difference is that the Leesa is much more responsive and bouncy than the Novosbed is.  This means that if people were to move around, the Novosbed would take more time to react to their movement, as is true with most true memory foam mattresses.

Which type of feel is better?  Well, that comes down to personal preference.  Most people tend to either love or hate the true memory foam feel, so I would make sure to understand where people stand on the issue when deciding between these two mattresses.

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Novosbed memory foam mattress

Firmness Level

Leesa has just one firmness option, which I do think is suitable for a large portion of sleepers. I found it to feel great on both my side and back, so I think they did a great job of catering to as many people as possible.

Novosbed has three different options.  However, where it really stands out is with its perfect firmness guarantee.  This simply means if people get their mattress and think it’s too firm or too soft, the company will send them a Comfort + layer to make the necessary adjustment.  I think this is a great innovation and should calm any concerns about not trying the mattress out ahead of time.

Picture of the Leesa mattress
Leesa mattress

Customer Service / Trial / Return Policy

While there are slight differences between the two companies as far as the sleep trial and return policy go, I would just note that they are both really good and I wouldn’t consider the differences as part of my decision.  Both companies are known for having excellent customer service.

What is the best mattress?


For the base layer, both companies use the same density for their foam.  The middle layer is the biggest difference, however.  Leesa uses a 3 lb. density memory foam, while Novosbed uses a 5 lb. density memory foam.  Generally, the higher the density, the more durable the material is, so I would expect the Novosbed to last longer.

Sleeping Hot

Both mattresses use a similar method of preventing people from “sleeping hot.”  I personally didn’t notice any substantial difference, so I would say the mattresses are about equal in this category.


Leesa sells its Queen for $890, but consumers can usually get a $75 discount.  Novosbed sells its Queen for $1,099, but people can usually get a $100 discount.  Either way someone looks at it, Leesa sells for less, so they have to decide if the differences in construction/feel/quality are worth the extra cost for the Novosbed.

Pick Novosbed If:

You Want A Pure Memory Foam Feel– Some people absolutely love the slow-moving feel of memory foam.  That is the type of feel you get with Novosbed.

You Aren’t Sure What Firmness Level Is Right For You– Novosbed does a great job of managing the concern about finding the right firmness level.  The perfect firmness guarantee is great and very unique in the industry.

You Anticipate Having The Mattress For A Long Time-As mentioned, the Novosbed uses very durable materials that should last a long time.  If you plan on having your mattress for a long time, then the value of the Novosbed becomes greater.

Pick Leesa If:

You Want A Bouncier / More Responsive Feel– If you want the benefits of a foam mattress but don’t like the slow-moving memory foam feel, then the Leesa should be a good choice for you.

You Have Average Stats / Sleeping Preferences– Leesa is perfect for people who are in the middle of the road as far as their weight, build, and sleeping positions.  If someone weighs 175 lbs., for example, and sleeps sometimes on their side, sometimes on their back, they will probably like the Leesa a lot and wouldn’t need the firmness guarantee that Novosbed provides.  If someone is excessively heavy or tiny, then they might want to consider the Novosbed.

Final Recommendation

Both mattresses are a great value and can be a really great choice for the right person.  Out of all the reviews I’ve done, these two mattresses are definitely both towards the very top.  Take a look at the key differences I’ve laid out and assess how they apply to you personally, and from there you should be able to make an informed decision.

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