Avocado Vs Purple – Which Should You Choose?

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Avocado and Purple are both relatively firm mattresses sold online. Both offer different constructions, but Purple has a wider range of options. We’ll compare the two brands in this Avocado vs Purple mattress comparison so you can better determine which is best for you.

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Key Similarities

  • Both are relatively firm mattresses.
  • Both have some springiness to them.
  • Both brands have options that incorporate springs.
  • Both brands have multiple models.
  • Both brands have unique names.
  • Both offer 100-night trials.
  • Both offer free shipping.

Key Differences

  • Purple sells both an all-foam mattress and a spring mattress, while Avocado has only a spring mattress. (This review looks at the all-foam Purple.)
  • Purple offers less expensive options. ($959 to $2,199 for Avocado; $699 to $1,299 for the all-foam Purple; $1,299 to $1,899 for a Purple mattress with coils)
  • Purple has multiple firmness options.
  • Avocado has an optional pillow-top.
  • Avocado uses natural materials.
  • Purple uses a unique material that makes it both bouncy and soft. This material is marketed with the “raw egg test.”
  • Purple comes in thinner options, as thin as 9.5″. Avocado is available in an 11″ and 13″ version.

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Avocado Construction

  • Avocado has a button-tufted cover made with 100 percent organic cotton. It is breathable and soft to the touch. Without the pillow-top, Avocado is 11″ thick. The pillow-top adds two inches, bringing the mattress to 13″ thick.
  • The comfort layer on top is made of natural dunlop latex. This is a very durable material that provides good pressure relief and great bounce.
  • The support layer is comprised of a system of individually wrapped coils that are zoned to provide extra support where you need it the most. This advanced coil system is great for heavier sleepers.

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Inside Of Purple Mattress

Purple Construction

  • Purple has a relatively simple construction. The foam version has just three layers, and the spring version swaps out a dense foam base for coils sandwiched between thinner layers of foam. The layers in the coil version are different thicknesses depending on the level of firmness.
  • The two models use somewhat different material for their covers. The foam version uses a breathable blend of viscose, polyester, and polyester-lycra. The coil version uses a stretchier fabric made of polyester and spandex.
  • Both models start with a top layer of hyper-elastic polymer, the unique material that gives this mattress its particular bounciness, pressure relief, and coolness. In the foam version, this layer is 2″ thick. In the coil version, the thickness of this layer varies.
  • In the foam version, the middle layer is 3.5″ of relatively dense polyurethane foam.
  • In the foam version, the base is 4″ of denser polyurethane foam. In the spring version, the base is a 7.5″ layer comprised of support coils between thinner layers of foam.

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Construction Differences/Notes

  • Purple has better pressure relief and conforms better to contours.
  • Avocado is a little firmer and has more spring.  
  • Purple’s proprietary foam material gives it a unique memory foam/latex combo feel.
  • Purple offers thinner options.
  • Avocado offers a pillow-top.
  • Both use materials and construction that enable cool sleeping.

Firmness/Feel Differences

Both are relatively firm and bouncy, but Avocado is a little harder and springier.

Motion Transfer Differences

Both isolate motion well. However, Purple has a slight edge because it’s a little softer.  This may make it a slightly better option for couples.

Pick Avocado If

  • You like natural materials. Avocado uses organic cotton and natural latex, making it a “greener” option than Purple.
  • You like bounce. Avocado has a springier sleeping surface.  
  • You want one of the best organic mattresses.

Pick Purple If

  • You sleep on your side. Purple is a little softer, and its unique top material offers better pressure relief. In my opinion, it’s a better fit for side sleepers overall.
  • You are on a budget. Purple has more affordable options (namely the original).

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While both of these brands fall on the firm end of the spectrum and offer foam/coil hybrid options, ultimately there are a lot of differences between these options. I hope this comparison helped you determine which better suits your needs. Please leave any specific questions about Purple or Avocado in the comments below. 

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