Brooklinen Classic vs Luxe Sheet Set

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Brooklinen sells comfortable and high-quality bedding goods from pillows, comforters and even loungewear. The online brand sells six different sheet sets, including the Classic Percale sheets and the best-selling Luxe Sateen sheets.

In this comparison, I’ll go over the similarities and differences between these two popular Core sets sold by Brooklinen. I’ve also compiled the pros and cons of each set to help decide which sheets are best for you, so keep reading!

Brooklinen Sheets Video Review

Check out our video comparison, which covers both the Classic and Luxe sets, as well as the Linen sheet set.

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set

The Brooklinen Classic sheets are cotton sheets woven into a percale weave. Percale sheets are lightweight, breathable and have a matte finish. Keep reading to learn more about the Classic sheet’s high-quality materials and percale feel. 

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set

Brooklinen’s high-quality set of percale sheets are the brand’s classic sheet set. They feel soft and crisp at the same time, perfect for cotton lovers.

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Brooklinen Classic Sheet Material

The Classic sheets are made from 100% OEKO-Tex® certified long-staple cotton. To be certified Standard 100 by OEKO-Tex ® means that Brooklinen’s cotton is free of harmful substances and chemicals. 

Long-staple cotton produces fibers that are long-lasting and soft to the touch. With proper care, these sheets should last several years. The Classic sheets feature a 270 thread count, which is on the higher end for percale sheets. Thread count is not always an indicator of quality, but a lower thread count could indicate a less soft feeling. But one plus to lower thread counts is that the Classic set will be very breathable, which is great for hot sleepers. 

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A hand brushes over the Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet set, which has a white and gray window pane design.

Brooklinen Classic Sheet Feel 

Of Brooklinen’s sheet sets, the Classic sheets are the most crisp option. Sleeping on the Classic set is a similar feel to wearing a pressed button up shirt. Touching the fabric against itself will create a soft rustling sound. These sheets might lose that crisp feeling the more you wash and use them, but overall, this is the general feel to a set of percale sheets like the Classic set.

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

The Luxe sheets are Brooklinen’s most popular sheet set, and for good reason! They are made with a sateen weave that creates a silky feel and lustrous finish. Learn more about materials behind the Luxe sheets and how the sateen weave affects its feel. 

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheets

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheets

The Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheets are a great luxury pick and also help with temperature regulation.

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Brooklinen Luxe Sheet Material

The Luxe sheets are made from 100% OEKO-Tex® certified long-staple cotton, just like the Classic sheets. Although these sheets are not listed as hypoallergenic, the cotton should not trigger any allergies. 

Some sateen sheets are not as durable as percale sheets, but you can still expect the Luxe sheets to last at least two years with proper care. The Luxe sheets feature a 480-thread count, making them luxuriously soft. Its higher thread count means it may trap more heat than the Classic sheets, but I still found the Luxe set to be breathable. 

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set - A hand brushes over the top sheet.

Brooklinen Luxe Sheet Feel 

Of Brooklinen’s sheet sets, the Luxe sheets are the most smooth and buttery selection. The Luxe sheets are incredibly soft and glides over itself with ease. They are also great for cold sleepers who want a cozy, warm feeling. They’re a bit thicker than the Classic set as well.

Brooklinen Classic Core vs Brooklinen Luxe Core: Similarities and Differences

Both of these sheet sets are produced by Brooklinen, so they are bound to have some similarities. But these sheets have very different weave patterns and feels that will appeal to different sleepers. Here are some of the main similarities and differences to consider:

Both are machine-washable.The Luxe set has a higher thread count than the Classic set.
Both sets come in a variety of essential and limited edition colors.The Classic set is more affordable than the Luxe set.
Both fitted sheets come with “long” and “short” side labels.The Classic set is made with a percale weave while the Luxe is made with a sateen weave.
Both come with a 365-night trial.The Luxe set has a buttery smooth feel, while the Classic set has a crisp, cotton feel.

Weave Style

Weave style refers to the pattern that two yarns are woven together to create a fabric. One of the main differences between the Classic and the Luxe sheets is their two opposing weave styles. The style used to weave fabric will determine its finish and texture, two key traits to consider when buying sheets. 

The Classic Percale sheets are tightly woven which results in its crisp texture and matte finish. The sheets also have a lower thread count.On the other hand, the Luxe Sateen sheets have a looser weave that creates a shiny look and smooth texture. 

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The other drastic difference between these sheets is their feel. Feel is entirely up to personal preference and ranges from ultra crisp to ultra soft. The Classic and Luxe sets cannot be more different in feel. The Classic sheets are their most crisp option and the Luxe sheets are their most smooth selection.

Pros and Cons of Each Sheet Set

Still trying to decide what sheet set is best for you? Take a look at these pros and cons! Keep in mind that these lists are subjective to personal preferences, so consider what aspects are most important to you.

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set

Great for hot sleepers
Lightweight and breathable
Crisp, button-up shirt feel
Wrinkles easier
Could feel too stiff for some

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

Higher thread count
Buttery smooth feel
Shiny finish
Sleeps warmer
More pricey

Pricing and Sizing 

Get up-to-date pricing information on the Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet and the Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet sets with our charts below! Note that these prices reflect the full price before any seasonal discount.

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set

Twin XL$139
California King$209

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

Twin XL$159
California King$229

Which To Choose…

As we mentioned earlier, which sheet set to choose comes down to your personal feel preference. Whether you prefer a crisp texture or a luxuriously soft texture, you’ll love how easy Brooklinen sheets are to maintain. Brooklinen sheets also come in several sizes, color options and bundle options. Below is a short list of who will prefer each Brooklinen sheet set. 

Who Should Get the Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set?

  • Fans of crisp cotton sheets
  • Hot sleepers looking for breathable sheets
  • People wanting durable sheets that won’t pill or snag
A picture of what the Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set includes, sitting on a bed.

Who Should Get the Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set?

  • Fans of smooth, sateen style cotton sheets
  • Cold sleepers who want sheets to retain heat
  • Those looking for a higher thread count
Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheets - A picture of all the pieces of the Brooklinen Luxe Core set.

Final Thoughts 

Both Brooklinen Core sheet sets are great options for sleepers looking for high-quality standard bedding. There are several traits the Brooklinen Classic sheets and Luxe sheets share including being made from responsibly sourced long-staple cotton, being machine-washable and coming with a 365-night trial. 

The main differences between these sheets are their weave styles, feels and finishes. The Classic sheets feel similar to a crisp button-up shirt, while the Luxe sheets have an ultra-smooth and soft feel. The Classic sheets also have a lower thread count than the Luxe sheets, making them more lightweight and breathable. 


What makes Brooklinen sheets a good choice?

Brooklinen is a bedding company known for creating top-rated products that promote restful sleep. What makes Brooklinen sheets a good choice for shoppers is their high-quality materials, durability and ease of use. All Brooklinen sheets are certified Standard 100 by OEKO-Tex®, which means their fabric is made without harmful chemicals or pesticides. All of Brooklinen’s sheets are machine-washable and can be tumble-dried on low heat.

What is the difference between percale and sateen?

Percale and sateen are two different weave styles used to produce bedding. Percale sheets are woven tighter than sateen sheets, have a crisp texture and appear matte. Sateen sheets are woven looser, feature a buttery smooth texture and have a slight sheen. Lastly, percale sheets tend to be more breathable and retain less heat than sateen sheets.

Do Brooklinen sheets need to be washed first?

It is recommended that you wash your sheets before first using them. Properly caring for and regularly cleaning your sheets will make them last longer. You will notice over time that your sheets will get softer over time with every wash, regardless if they are percale or sateen!

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