Tomorrow Sleep Medium Firm Vs Medium Soft

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I have received a few emails from people who are interested in the Tomorrow Sleep mattress asking whether the Medium Firm or Medium Soft version would be best for them.  I thought I’d put together a very quick guide to help you figure out which one you should pick.

Tomorrow Sleep Medium Soft Construction

  • The cover is thin and is a blend of polyester and nylon.  It allows you to interact directly with the top layers of the mattress
  • The top layer is 1 inch of 4.8 lb. memory foam with phase change material.  This is a soft material that is great at relieving pressure
  • The next layer is 2 inches of 2.5 lb. “airy comfort foam with gel.”  Try to imagine memory foam with a little bounce and that’s what you get here
  • The support layer is 6 inches of individually pocketed coils.  The wire used is thinner than in the Medium Firm version
  • There is a foam side rail system that provides extra edge support.  This allows you to use the full surface area of the bed
  • There is 1 inch of stabilizing foam at the bottom of the mattress for the coils to rest on

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Tomorrow Sleep Medium Firm Construction

  • The cover is the same as the Medium Soft version
  • The top layer is 1 inch of 3.5 lb. memory foam with phase change material
  • The next layer is .5 inches of airy comfort foam with gel
  • The next layer is 1.5 inches of “dynamic response foam.”  To me, the layer still has a memory foam feel that is slower to respond
  • The support layer is the same as the Medium Soft version but with slightly thicker wire in the coils
  • The side rail system is the same as the Medium Soft version
  • There is also 1 inch of stabilizing foam at the bottom of the mattress in this version as well

Construction Similarities/Differences

  • You can see that the thickness of the two version is the same
  • The thickness of the comfort part of the mattress is the same for both versions
  • The top layer is essentially the same foam but with different densities
  • The Medium Soft version uses a thicker amount of their airy comfort foam
  • The Medium Firm version alone has a layer of dynamic response foam.  I found that layer to be a firmer, memory foam-like layer
  • The Medium Firm version uses a thicker wire in the coil system
  • Overall, the Medium Soft version produces a greater sinking into the mattress feel, even though it looks like the materials are very similar between the two mattresses.

Get The Medium Firm Version If:

  • You sleep mainly on your stomach or back– The Medium Soft version is probably too soft for most back or stomach sleepers.  The Medium Firm version will give you better support in those positions
  • You are a heavy side sleeper To me, the Medium Firm version is still a bit softer than average.  I think heavy side sleepers might think the Medium Soft version is too soft, or they might push through and hit the coil system

Get The Medium Soft Version If:

  • You Are A Light Or Medium Weight Side Sleeper The Medium Soft version will give you the extra pressure relief on your hips and shoulders
  • You Just Like A Really Plush Mattress If you’ve had success with plush mattresses before, then you might want to consider this version of the mattress

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I think it should be pretty clear which version you get.  There are only two comfort options, so I think it should be pretty easy to decide.  With that said, if you want me to assess your personal situation and make a recommendation, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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9 thoughts on “Tomorrow Sleep Medium Firm Vs Medium Soft”

  1. I just got a Layla mattress because I heard from Sleepopolis that they recommended it to side sleepers with shoulder pain. Since this mattress only made my shoulder pain worse and I am probably going to return it. Would you recommend the softer mattress from Tomorrow Sleep? I am looking at Tomorrow Sleep because it ranked the best bed for side sleepers on other sites. Let me know.

  2. My husband is 6’3″ and 260 1bs. I am 5’2″ and 150 lbs. We are both side sleepers and need help with shoulder and hip pressure points while sleeping. Haven’t liked too firm in the past but too soft creates a sinking feeling. not sure which mattress would be best.

  3. Hey,

    I have some low back pain on my right side that’s gotten worse over the last year, so I try to sleep on my side. However, I do start on my side and end up on my back by the time I wake up. I sleep with my left arm pinned under my shoulder and my right arm, so on firm mattresses, my arm will go numb or radiate because it’s too hard. Currently, I have a Posturepedic Ridgeway Place Cushion Firm Pillowtop and it’s too soft. I’m hoping for something firmer. I’m trying to determine if I should go firm or soft? Thoughts? Thanks!

  4. Hello. I have the Cloud Tempurpedic Supreme Breeze mattress and I want to like it but it is simply too firm for me as a side sleeper. I know Tempurpedic has a softer version but you simply sink too far down in that mattress to be comfortable (IMO).

    I am 5’11 and 170 pounds. Right now my primary pressure point is my shoulder but my hip can only be sore. I simply can’t sleep thru the night in my Tempurpedic mattress.

    Do you have any recommendations for me? Is a hybrid mattress a good option? Are Euro Pillow Tops wise (lasting)?


    • That’s interesting because the Cloud Supreme is one of the softest mattresses Tempur-Pedic has available. You could try something like Purple. The pressure relief is really good and you won’t sink into it too much.

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