Bedface Sheets Review

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Bedface is a premium bedding company with a lot of personality (one can glean from their branding, at least).  Besides the marketing, they have a reputation of delivering quality sheets at a reasonable price.

Overall I liked the sheets, and think the marketing holds true – but read my full Bedface sheets review to see how they compare to other options on the market  (see how Bedface compares to leading brands HERE).

Bedface Sheets Review

My Experience

I reviewed a queen size Super Sleep set, which includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, two pillowcases, and a duvet cover.  One of the unique things about Bedface are their color options – they have 24 color sets to choose from, some of them get pretty crazy (bright yellow caught my eye).  I ended up going with a fairly “boring” color set, gray/dark gray/white.

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Bedface Sheets Colors

The first thing I noticed with these sheets was that they have a lot of personality – from the color choices to the tag line (The Best Damn Sheets On The Internet), to the small touches on the pillowcase – they have a brand that I personally really like.

Bedface Pillow Case Tag

Other big thing on my mind with sheets (especially since I tried these out during an NYC muggy summer) is sleeping cool/breathability.  I’ll get into the construction down below, but for now suffice to say that these sheets do a great job of letting air flow through them.

Another big component of sheets is the general feel – and these have a very unique feel to them.  Soft, but has a thicker/sturdier feel than a lot of others that I’ve tried.  They also have more texture than a lot of sheets, which one can even see in a close-up shot of the fabric.


The key to the unique feel is the construction of course – which begins with Facetech cotton that I believe was developed by Bedface.  The fabric is long-staple cotton but has thicker yarns in a looser weave.  This is how they get the textured feel (and durability) but still have a sheet that air can flow through.

The sheets have a feeling of quality (my subjective opinion), more than any other I’ve reviewed at this price point.  The luxury feel comes out in the small touches, for example they have nice quality buttons on the duvet cover that are hidden well but easy to find and use.Bedface Duvet Cover

Bedface Duvet Cover

The only concern I had was that they came out a bit wrinkly after the first wash.  They still felt great but looked a little off, particularly the pillowcase.  Upon second look – I think this was my fault, I washed them in hot water when instructions specified cold water.

Just beware upon ordering to follow the instructions so that the sheets look and feel as great as possible.

Bedface Sheet Set Care

Other Things To Note

  • Bedface can ship almost to anywhere in the world
  • Customers can return the sheets within 100 days for a full refund (very unusual for sheets)
  • Bedface does not disclose their thread count (personally I don’t judge based on the thread count, but something to note)
  • Individuals can build their own color scheme – I’ve seen a few options that should definitely excite the sports fans out there!Bedface Sheets Door Hangs

Bedface Sheets Door Hangs

Final Recommendation

This company definitely has personality – and fortunately backs it up with a quality product.  I really like the sheets, they have a unique feel, but one that I definitely prefer.  At this price point, I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find a better option.

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