I Love My Pillow Review

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I Love My Pillow is a brand talked about more and more – the company is known for offering quality products, as well as several pillow options in an effort to different types of sleepers. Mattress Clarity put three of the company’s pillows to the test in our in-depth review.

Overall, I liked all three pillows but personally preferred one specifically out of the bunch. My review will cover all three in detail, plush add some insights and thoughts on how they compare to each other (see how it compares to other I Love My Pillow products).

Read on for the full I Love My Pillow review!

I Love My Pillow Review

I Love My Pillow Review: The Basics

I Love My Pillow is a popular pillow brand that offers several types of pillows to please all sleepers. I personally reviewed three – the Signature Contour pillow, the Gel Memory Foam pillow, and the Memory Down pillow.  The company also offers a Classic Traditional pillow and a travel pillow, as well.

Overall, the three pillows were made with good quality materials and were very comfortable. Each pillow has a very distinct feel and caters to different sleepers or preferences but combined the pillows are a good size, designed with a nice length/width and didn’t feel too heavy or risk disturbing the spinal alignment.

I Love My Pillow Compared

One that is favorable – as well as accessible across all three pillows – is that they all feature removable covers, so sleepers can unzip the cover and machine wash (make sure to check washing instructions before doing so).

In terms of overall comfort, the softness of the down pillow was a personal favorite of mine but when it came to placing the pillow between the knees, the pillows felt a little too big. Overall my top pick of the three was the Signature Contour pillow, but read on for more details about each pillow.

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Please note, the I Love My Pillow brand is an entirely different company and product than MyPillow (often recognizable from the infomercials)

Signature Contour Pillow Review

The Signature Contour pillow comes in Queen and King size and it comes in the box below, featuring the “I Love My Pillow” stitching in the upper right-hand corner.

I Love My Pillow Contour Packaged

Customers can see the Queen is a sufficient size, can be “hugged” with ease, but not so big that it will overwhelm the bed. Sleepers who prefer a larger pillow may want to consider the larger King-size option.

I Love My Pillow Signature Contour

Though an appropriately sized pillow in terms of width and height, the biggest concern with memory foam pillows, in general, is that they will be too thick and misalign the spine. Fortunately, this memory foam contour pillow’s height was ideal for me as a back sleeper.

This pillow also has a very soft, essentially fuzzy cover, which feels great even without a pillowcase. There were no issues with laundering or care after cleaning it twice; the texture and feel have remained consistent.

I Love My Pillow Contour Construction

The other thing to note is the slight cavity in the middle of the pillow, a particularly innovative feature.  It results in extra support for the neck, letting the head drop in, making it a good fit for side sleepers, especially.

I Love My Pillow Contour Side Sleeper

Another concern that arises with memory foam is that it will be too firm, and result in soreness after a night of sleeping on it. Based on my experience, this pillow is just a bit too firm but it’s still softer than the average memory foam pillows. Fortunately, reviewing it didn’t result in any soreness, and definitely gave great support.

Memory Down Pillow Review

The Memory Down pillow is actually quite aptly named considering the feel – it does land somewhere between memory foam and down pillow. Compared to the other two, this particular one is easier to compress and is preferable to rest between the knees when sleeping on one’s side.

I Love My Pillow Memory Down Compared

Based on my experience, I think it could be a good fit for those sleeping on their sides or on their backs as well.  The feel is really unique – it’s actually sort of hard to describe – and in terms of overall feel, it’s hard to beat.

Gel Memory Pillow Review

This gel pillow is definitely targeting sleepers looking for a memory foam pillow, especially one that sleeps cool. It includes gel, and customers can see in the cover that there are little holes to promote airflow and help air to move in and out of the pillow with ease.

I Love My Pillow Gel Memory Review

I personally didn’t notice if the pillow slept noticeably cooler compared to either of the two options (to be clear, it didn’t sleep hot at all either), but others who are more sensitive to temperature may notice a difference.

The pillow is very comfortable, generally, a similar feel to the contour option, although thicker, and thus not as ideal for side sleepers and overall preferable for back sleepers.

Final Recommendation

The I Love My Pillow line is certainly high quality, and are amongst the best pillows I have reviewed.  Though I outlined my favorites in this review, please know this is very subjective, and others may find they have a different favorite I Love My Pillow based on his or her sleeping position and preferences.

The only word of caution I have is that they are on the larger side – so those considering a King will want to ensure they’re ready some serious pillow action! So yes, final word, I can definitely say I love my I Love My Pillow.

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I Love My Pillow Reviews

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