More On Our Mattress Reviews Philosophy

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We wanted to cover a couple of main points related to how we think our readers should use our mattress reviews, and ultimately how they can be helpful for consumers looking to purchase a mattress or other sleep related products.

Doing extensive research is something we definitely recommend, but there are specific things to consider when looking at ratings and reviews. Here are the things every consumer should know about our content:

We Keep It Simple

Over time, we have learned that the vast majority of people don’t really care about the exact technical details of all the mattress brands. They simply want someone to provide them with the main takeaways that can inform their buying decision without conducting granular research on products all by themselves.

A helpful, clear and trustworthy voice in the sleep space is what we aim to provide. Shoppers who want extremely detailed information or personal recommendations, feel free to fill out our contact form and we will provide that information to you.

Different People Have Different Preferences

No matter what one person says about a mattress, some people will continue to have strong preferences for one type of mattress over another. Whether it’s latex, memory foam, or innerspring, we’ve seen people and reviewers in the space hold strong preferences for one type over another.

Keep that in mind when blogs and other resources claim a certain type of mattress is amazing. People who don’t like a certain type of mattress probably won’t like that specific brand very much.

Don’t Just Take Our Opinion

We try to simplify everything about each brand and mattress product, as well as provide our overall opinion. However, we strongly encourage reading multiple reviews so that curious shoppers can get a better picture of how people like the different brands overall.

Each individual’s circumstances and tastes are different, and that’s especially true with mattresses. We suggest reading as many reviews and ratings as possible, so that shoppers can have full confidence in their decision.

Do Lots Of Independent Research

We have built an in-depth mattress buying guide with tried and true information over time. We think it’s wise to read as much about the different types of mattresses (latex, memory foam, innerspring, air, etc.) as possible, and then think hard about what a the individual needs and likes are. What sleeping position is preferred? What’s the budget, and what is the maximum price consumers can pay? Are thier special considerations like sleeping hot or with a partner?

It’s best to ask these questions and answer them before reading the individual reviews of each of the brands.  We believe consumers make better, informed decisions and end up with much better sleep if they answer a few of their own personal questions before reading reviews.

If In Doubt, Contact Us

Shoppers who are really confused or undecided can always fill out our contact form. We always try to stay prompt in our inbox to help our readers the best that we can.

We’re incredibly thankful that our readers chose us to help them find the perfect bed for them. Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback!

Joe Auer

Joe Auer is the editor of Mattress Clarity. He mainly focuses on mattress reviews and oversees the content across the site. He likes things simple and takes a straightforward, objective approach to his reviews. Joe has personally tested nearly 250 mattresses and always recommends people do their research before buying a new bed. He has been testing mattresses for over 5 years now, so he knows a thing or two when it comes to mattress selection. He has been cited as an authority in the industry by a number of large publications. When he isn't testing sleep products, he enjoys working out, reading both fiction and non-fiction, and playing classical piano. He enjoys traveling as well, and not just to test out hotel mattresses! Joe has an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and an MBA from Columbia University.