Helix Mattress Giveaway – Best Soft Mattress Video Released!

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Customizable comfort is only an entry away with our Helix Mattress Giveaway!

Helix Sleep offers nine different mattresses based on different sleeping preferences, including a couple of very soft mattresses. Enter our giveaway below for a chance to win a Helix Mattress + two pillows!

Helix Mattress Giveaway – Best Soft Mattress!

Take The Helix Mattress Customization Quiz Here

We really like Helix Sleep because they’ve considered a variety of sleeping preferences when designing their mattresses. It’s really fun to take their quiz and see what kind of mattress they select for you based on your sleeping style.

Helix Sleep made our list of Best Soft Mattresses because they have a couple of beds in their line that are very soft. When we say soft, we’re talking about mattresses that rank between a 5 and 6.5 out of 10 on a firmness scale. Side sleepers in particular may appreciate soft mattresses because they help relieve pressure very well.

We recently reviewed the Helix Midnight, which has an average firmness. It’s pressure relieving but offers great support. We also reviewed the Helix Nightfall, which is a mattress designed for heavier and bigger sleepers. Reviewing both of these mattresses gave us a good sense of how well Helix considers multiple sleeping types.

If you had a Helix mattress in the past and weren’t so satisfied, we think it’s worth revisiting! They’ve really improved their line of mattresses since our last review!

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  1. Really need something maybe this is it ?I suffer with osteoporosis, authoritis, degentative disc disease , coraniary ardery disease, amsomia and COPD so I’m luck to get a goodnight sleep and time and my bed definitely is not helping!!!!! So would be great to win and try this

  2. I’d love to think this mattress could help my husband sleep through the night, something he rarely does due to pain from shoulder & neck injuries. He’d feel so much better if he could just get the proper rest. I know I’d love the mattress as a friend has one in her guest room

  3. I’m Really appreciative of your approach to reviewing the various mattresses out there in relation to sleep preferences. I’ve learned so much. It will definitely help me make my decision.

  4. My husband likes firm , and I have a painful condition that makes sleeping on a firm mattress IMPOSSIBLE !!
    I need support, but O can’t stand pressure !?? What could your mattress do for me ?

  5. This is a very informative video! They answer every question you’re asking yourself! It makes it really simple to decide what’s right for you specifically! I want one, now!

  6. I have tried to enter a number of ways and it never lets me continue to enter.
    I have fibromyalgia and really would like a chance to enter because i am on a fixed income

  7. I like the way the mattress looks I need one so very badly I’m putting little pillows in where I sleep because there’s a big dent there and actual wire coils sticking out and it’s a Seallys Mattrress It upsets me so much Oh yes and its 3Years Old only

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