Big Nolah Mattress Discount – $125 Discount Code

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We have an exclusive $125  discount on the Nolah mattress for Mattress Clarity readers. We really like the Nolah for side sleepers!

Just CLICK HERE and use coupon code “MATTRESSCLARITY” for $125 off the Nolah mattress (any size).

A mattress is opened to show its design.

Highlights Of Nolah

  • Nolah now has a line of two mattresses: the original and the new signature 12″ mattress
  • The Signature mattress is flippable, having both a firm side and a soft side.  This can maximize the chances that you will get the right firmness level for you.  The soft side is especially good for side sleepers
  • Both mattresses are temperature neutral.  The foam in the top layer is not made from oil-based chemicals like other foams are.  The result is a sleeping surface that isn’t cool, per se, but is really just temperature neutral.  If you are worried about sleeping hot, then you may want to look at one of the Nolah mattresses.
  • The mattresses use Nolah’s proprietary AirFoam in the top layer.  This foam relieves pressure extremely well and is just super comfortable overall.  I find these mattresses to be a personal favorite because of how comfortable they are.  They should be on the top of everyone’s list for side sleepers.
  • Nolah will donate to save one wildlife animal for each mattress that is purchased.  You get to pick which type of animal you would like to save.  This is a pretty cool thing for the company to do in my opinion.

We will regularly update this page to reflect any new discounts or offerings from Nolah mattress.

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