Nolah Vs Helix- Which Should You Choose?

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Nolah and Helix are online mattress companies with very different offerings. Nolah sells only one all-foam flagship mattress, while Helix has a variety of offerings that incorporate springs. Depending on what type of sleeper you are, you might prefer one over the other. I’ll go over the similarities and differences here to help you better understand how they compare.

Key Similarities

  • All options have a dense foam base layer.
  • Both offer soft options.
  • Both use a special formulation of foam.
  • Both are good options for couples.
  • All options are 10 inches thick.
  • The mattresses fall in similar price ranges. ($600-$1,245 for Helix, $549-$1,069 for Nolah.)
  • Both offer free shipping.

Key Differences

  • Helix personalizes its mattresses for customers based on customer answers to a quiz.
  • Helix allows customers to design mattresses with different constructions on each side to accommodate couples with different sleep styles and needs.
  • Nolah can only be found online, while Helix has a showroom in New York City.
  • Nolah is more temperature neutral, though Helix also has different construction options intended to ensure cool sleeping.
  • Nolah offers a 120-night trial, while Helix offers only a 100-night trial.

Nolah Construction

Look at the illustration to see how the construction comes together.

  • Thin, soft, breathable viscose is used in the cover.
  • On top is a 2-inch layer of a proprietary “AirFoam” that sleeps cool and relieves pressure.
  • Next is a 1-inch layer of latex-like Avena foam, which gives the mattress good bounce and makes it more responsive.
  • A 7-inch layer of high density poly foam sits at the base, similar to most foam mattresses.

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Helix Construction

  • While Helix mattresses differ based on customer personalization, they generally include three similar layers.
  • The top of these layers is around 2 inches of Helix Dynamic Foam. This is a latex-like foam that doesn’t actually contain latex, so it won’t trigger an allergic reaction.
  • In the middle there’s usually a 2.4 inch layer of pocket coils that give the mattress some spring to it.
  • There’s also a 2 inch layer of comfort polyfoam and 4 inch base layer of dense polyfoam for support.

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Construction Differences/Notes

  • Helix has more options for how mattresses can be constructed.
  • Helix uses micro coils.
  • Neither mattress uses memory foam, but instead they both use something like memory foam but that is supposed to be unique to each respective company.
  • Nolah is more temperature neutral throughout, though Helix also has options meant to provide comfort to customers concerned about sleeping hot.

Firmness Differences/Notes

Nolah is a remarkably soft mattress, while different Helix models offer different degrees of firmness. Watch the videos below to see a demonstration of Nolah’s softness and learn more about Helix mattresses.

Motion Transfer Differences

Nolah isolates motion very well, as demonstrated in the video below. Helix mattresses vary in their isolation of motion, and how well a Helix mattress succeeds at this really depends on the specific construction. Both options are good for couples — Nolah for how it isolates motion well, Helix because it lets you split the mattress into two constructions to meet the needs of both sleepers.

Pick Nolah If:

  • You sleep on your side — The Nolah conforms well to contours, making it better at relieving pressure than Helix regardless of how your Helix is constructed.
  • You worry about temperature — Nolah is truly temperature neutral. While Helix makes efforts to solve for hot sleeping problems, Nolah has an edge here.

Pick Helix If:

  • You need options — If you don’t know what you want, Helix will help you figure it out and you’re likely to be reasonably satisfied.
  • Your partner has different needs — Not a lot of mattresses will let you personalize for two different sleepers, but Helix will. Definitely consider getting a Helix mattress if you and your partner have very different sleep styles and needs.

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I hope this post has helped you better understand which option may be better for you. If you have any specific questions, please ask them in the comments.

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  1. I am having difficulty finding a mattress I really like. I have always liked soft mattresses. My parents have always said I remind them of the princess and the pea. a few years ago my husband and I have decided to get separate twin XL mattress and put them side by side. He likes a mattress that is firmer. I got a traditional mattress before I found out that there are so many others to choose from, but after a few years and not being happy with it I wanted to try something else I may like better. He originally used an extra mattress we had at home then tried the original Purple mattress and he really likes it. I tried it when he was out of town and it’s not soft enough for me. I’m mostly a side sleeper and occasionally sleep on my back. I’m 51 years old and 5’3 and about 150 lbs. I liked the Caspar Wave but although I liked the overall feel and my shoulder felt great, I woke up some mornings with my hip hurting. I also tried the Dream Cloud and although I like the feel of the hybrid – coils and foam – it is too hard for me. It hurts my hip and shoulder and sometimes my back feels stiff in the morning. After doing much research, I’ve narrowed it down to Noolah, which I found out is a 4 of 10 in softness and the Helix Sunset, which is a 2 or 3 out of 10. I noticed the Noolah’s foam is different and supposed relieve pressure points better than memory foam so am unsure which would be better. Do you have a suggestion? My parents said maybe I just need to learn to levitate while I sleep. 🙂

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