New DreamCloud Mattress Giveaway – As Soft As A Cloud!

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It’s giveaway time again!

DreamCloud is a much thicker mattress than most in the bed-in-the-box industry. With its thick pillow-top and cashmere cover, it truly has a luxury feel. Enter our giveaway below for a chance to win a DreamCloud mattress in the size of your choosing!

DreamCloud Mattress Giveaway!

Check out DreamCloud on their website.

We really like DreamCloud because it’s a good match for a lot of sleepers, including heavy people! The mattress is so thick that bottoming out should rarely be an issue.

We included DreamCloud on our list of Best Mattresses for Heavy People. If you’re 200 pounds or heavier, definitely check out our article to find a great mattress for you!

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54 thoughts on “New DreamCloud Mattress Giveaway – As Soft As A Cloud!”

  1. We have a bed that squeaks and has been doing since we bought it looking for a bed that is comfortable and does not squeak when you move in it, and would like a good night sleep

  2. We are both disabled and he is heavy. Spent way too much $$ on a motorized bed set that turned out to be junk!, from a local company. It would be a blessing and miracle to win this as we don’t have funds to buy a new mattress. I am sick of having pain from sleeping!!

  3. I have fibromyalgia and sciatica i wake up every couple hrs in pain. I toss and rurn all nite. I sleep on my side and my stomach.
    Would love to find a mattress where i can sleep more than a couple hrs. I stay exhausted.

  4. due to the metal in my back and the chronic pain that comes with that, on top of not being able to afford a quality mattress, im sleeping on my 22 yr old mattress that i got with my first bonus check. now, being disabled, living on less than 800 a month, after working my ass off for damn near 20 years as a first responder…. you get the picture….its sad when a hospital bed is more comfortable than your own….

  5. I’ve had my bed for 15yrs and in need of a new one and this mattress looks incredible. How wonderful it would be to have a wonderful nights sleep!

  6. I am a 15 week pregant woman trying to sleep on a mattress that I had since 1998. I can’t afford to buy one on my own and I got wiped off when I try to get one though a thrift store. I agree to work for the thrift store in order to get the mattress when the mattress arrived but that never happen because the mattress never came in. It would mean the world to me to be able to get some good sleep at nite for the same of me and my baby

  7. sounds like something we need cause we work so hard & we are heavy sleepers , need this so bad it really sounds like a really good one to have .

  8. So need a matress for support and i am a heavy person.side sleeper my husband also.but we live on a fixed income money is tite we could not afford a new bed right now.i would love a new bed.

  9. Woww this is truly my dream mattress.. I’m currently on a small broke couch because my air mattress busted..😭😭.. It’s so uncomfortable it belongs to my sister she has had it for as long as I can remember..
    I’ve honestly never owned my own mattress and this would be a Huge Blessing.. Thankyou soo much for the chance..!!!!!
    I love how comfortable and thick these mattresses are and its perfect for overweight people.. This mattress can do everything.. I love it.

  10. I’m a stomach sleeper. I think the last mattress would be great for me. Also, if the guy in the video is “heavy” as he describes, I must be Twiggy. He is a normal sized guy, not heavy at all.

  11. We are both disabled & would be totally BLESSED if we WIN this. 3o years ago we bought a New mattress, but I think it has given up the ghost! Every morning we wake up in PAIN & have trouble getting around!

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