HIBR Pillow Review

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DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, the HIBR pillow is no longer available for purchase. Looking for the perfect alternative? We’d recommend the Pillow Cube! Check out our Pillow Cube review for more information!

The HIBR pillow looked cool to me because of its cooling aspect and unique shapes. Overall I really liked the pillow, but don’t think it’s for everyone. Read on for my full HIBR pillow review!

HIBR Pillow Review

HIBR Pillow Basics

HIBR pillows come in three shapes, the Side, Simple and Silhouette.  Since I’m a side sleeper, I went with the side (which has a unique shape to cater to side sleepers).

The pillow is made up of two parts, the “Magic Core” and the “Infused Cooling Layer” (parts named by HIBR).  The Magic Core has gel capsules embedded in the memory foam, and the Infused Cooling Layer is a layer actually connected to the Magic Core to allow the pillow to breathe.

My Experience

The HIBR pillow is memory foam, and comes compressed.  This means sleepers will need to give the pillow some time to take shape.  Watch me unbox the pillow in the video below:

The pillow takes general shape pretty quickly, but I gave it few hours before I slept on it to let it take shape and firmness.

After it decompresses, the pillow actually looks great, almost exactly like it does on the website.  This is great to see, unfortunately a lot of pillows don’t look as good as they do on the website/tv upon arrival.  See the decompressed HIBR pillow below:

HIBR Pillow Decompressed

There aren’t too many pillows specifically targeting side sleepers, so I was interested to see how it actually fit when laying on the side.

Though the shape of the pillow looked to be just a slight tweak, it actually did make a difference for sleeping on the side.  The shape is small and compact, and the curve on the bottom let my shoulder get further “into” the pillow, making it a more comfortable feel.

The big thing with a lot of pillows for side sleepers is the pillow height, and for me at least this pillow was exactly the right height.  It’s not a thick pillow, and only sinks in a little bit, so I felt like it aligned my spine well and was very supportive.

HIBR Pillow Side Sleeper

Though the pillow targets side sleepers, most people only spend part of the night on their side – so I tested the pillow throughout the night when sleeping on my back and stomach as well.  The pillow felt comfortable in these positions as well, definitely works for all three positions.

HIBR Pillow Back Sleeper

One thing to note is the pillow size – it’s a bit on the small size (relatively), which I actually prefer for the pillow under my head.  But for those looking for a larger/cushiony pillow (like a lot of down pillows) then this one won’t be the best fit.

They do promote the cooling technology a lot, and in my personal experience with the pillow it did sleep cool for a memory foam pillow.

Other things to note

  • They offer a 100 night guarantee (full refund within 100 nights)
  • Free shipping for all models

Final recommendation

Overall the HIBR pillow was great, I really liked the size and material, and I think the shape (for the one I tested) is a step up from most pillows I’ve reviewed for side sleeping.  It’s also competitively priced, in my opinion offering a good value for the product.

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