Purple Vs Bear Mattress- Which Is Right For You?

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Purple and Bear mattress are two popular online-only mattresses.  While there are some similarities between the two mattresses, there are a lot of differences too.  I’ll go through those differences in this article and try to say who each one would be good for.

Key Similarities

  • Both are great values
  • Both are good options for couples
  • Both use durable materials
  • Both are breathable mattresses
  • Both relieve pressure well
  • Both have good customer service and return policies

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Key Differences

  • Purple uses a hyper-elastic polymer gel in the comfort layer, while Bear uses memory foam and polyfoam
  • Purple doesn’t have a Full or Twin size mattress available for purchase
  • Purple is bouncier than the Bear mattress is
  • Bear has more of a sinking in feel than the Purple does

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Differences In Sleeping Cool

The gel grid comfort layer of the Purple mattress is completely temperature neutral.  As a result, there are no issues with sleeping hot on the Purple.  The Bear also does a great job in this area, but I would give the slight edge to Purple because it is again completely temperature neutral.

Differences In Durability

Both of these mattresses use good, durable materials in them.  Overall, I would guess the durability of the mattresses would be about the same and I wouldn’t say one is definitely much more durable than the other.

Feel Differences

The videos below show off the general feel that you can expect from the two mattresses.  You can see that the Bear has a slower-moving feel because it uses memory foam at the top of the mattress.  The Purple is instantly responsive and has a unique, slightly squishy feel.  To me, it feels firm yet pressure-relieving at the same time, which is a cool combination.  I think the Purple feels slightly firmer than the Bear does.  Ultimately the feel is quite different between the two mattresses, and which is better will just come down to your personal preference.

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Differences In Motion Isolation

The videos below show how well the mattresses do with motion isolation.  You can see that both perform quite well in this category.  If I had to pick, I would give a slight edge to Bear because of its use of high-density memory foam in the top layer.

Which Should You Get?

I really liked both of these mattresses when I tried them out.  They both use quality materials and have a feel that I think a lot of people are going to like.  I can’t say one is definitely better than the other.  I would say go with your gut and don’t worry about it too much.

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