Cariloha Bamboo Mattress Review- Right For You?

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After having a great experience with the Cariloha resort and classic sheets, we were excited when we heard they were coming out with their own mattress.  How does the mattress stack up though?  Read on for our full rundown.

Construction Overview

  • The cover is made of plush viscose from bamboo.  To me, it felt really soft and nice.
  • The top layer is 1” of what they call bamboo charcoal memory foam.  This is a more breathable form of memory foam.
  • The second layer is 3” of standard memory foam.  This makes 4” total for the comfort layer
  • The base layer is 6” of polyfoam.  The foam has holes cut into it in a grid format to allow for more air circulation.
  • The memory foam used in this mattress is very slow-moving.  You slowly sink into the mattress and you definitely get the feel of sleeping “in” the mattress rather than sleeping “on” the mattress.

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You Might Want To Pick The Cariloha Bamboo Mattress If:

  • You Want A Foam Mattress But Are Afraid Of Sleeping Hot– The base layer has lines cut into the top of it to promote air circulation, and the bamboo-infused foam make for a breathable sleeping surface compared to other memory foam mattresses.
  • You Sleep With A Partner– This mattress does a really great job at isolating motion.  It also has great edge support for a foam mattress, meaning you get to use more of the sleeping surface.  That makes the mattress a solid option for couples.
  • You Like Slow-Moving Foam– This is an unapologetically memory foam mattress where you slowly sink into the mattress and it envelops you.  You feel more that you sleep “in” the mattress rather than sleep “on” it.

You Might Not Want To Pick The Cariloha Bamboo Mattress If:

  • You Are Looking For Something Softer Than Average– I think most people will agree that this mattress is a little bit firmer than average.  I think it still has good pressure relief for side sleeping, but if you want a soft mattress, there are probably better options out there.
  • You Want A Mattress With Bounce– If you want a bouncier, more resilient feel, then you will want to look elsewhere.  With this mattress, you slowly sink into it.

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The company itself says the mattress is a 6-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale.  I would tend to agree and think it is firmer than average.  The video below also shows how slow-moving the foam is.

Motion Isolation

This mattress performs very well with motion isolation.  The video below shows that barely any motion transfers from one side of the mattress to the other.  That makes this a great option for couples.

Edge Support

This mattress has a special construction to provide great edge support.  It definitely has much better edge support than the average foam mattress, so you get to comfortably use almost the entire width of the sleeping surface.

Best Mattresses Overall

Cariloha Bamboo Mattress
4.3 Reviewer
Value (Price)4.2
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.2
Motion Transfer4.5
Edge Support4.4
Company Reputation4.4
Return Policy/Warranty4.5
Overall Sleep Experience4.3

Should You Get It?

If you are looking for a memory foam feel and something a little bit firmer than average, this can be a great choice.  It’s also breathable and a great pick for couples.

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2 thoughts on “Cariloha Bamboo Mattress Review- Right For You?”

  1. I purchased the Cariloha mattress and the adjustable bed frame. I have to say that the biggest concern I have is – I sleep alone and the 2 feet or so that I have slept on – has become much “softer” than the other side of the bed in the few weeks I’ve been sleeping on it . So Im wondering if the part I sleep on is getting softer with use? — that makes me wonder what will the mattress be like several years from now?????

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