Amerisleep AS2 Vs AS3

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Amerisleep is a well-established mattress company that sells high-quality memory foam mattresses online.  The company is getting more and more attention as time moves on, and as a result, people are starting to ask which model of their five mattress line is best for them.  

The AS3 and AS2 are maybe the two most popular models that Amerisleep sells, so naturally a lot of people are asking what the differences are between them.  We certainly have received a lot of emails on this exact question. I’ll try to highlight the main differences in this mattress comparison to help people if they are making the decision of AS2 vs AS3.

Note: The AS2 was formerly known as Revere and the AS3 was formerly known as Liberty

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Key Similarities

  • Both mattresses come from the same company, so things like sleep night trials and customer service are all going to be the same.
  • Both have the same height (12”) overall and have the same celliant cover, which can potentially bring sleepers certain health benefits.
  • The top layer is made up of the same material, which is a soft, bio-based memory foam that relieves pressure very well and also is breathable.
AS2 up close

Key Differences

  • AS3 has a 1″ thicker comfort layer, meaning it is more likely to be appropriate for side sleepers than the AS2 is.
  • The AS2 is firmer than the AS3, so it is probably more appropriate for stomach sleepers and most back sleepers.
  • The AS2 costs $100 more than the AS3 but the value of each really depends on people’s sleeping preferences.
AS3 layers

Who Should Pick The AS2:

  • Heavier people should pick the AS2 because overall it is more supportive and firm.
  • People who sleep on their stomach and back will find the AS2 to be a better fit because it is firmer and more supportive.
  • People who like a firmer feel overall will find the AS2 to be a better fit.

See the feel of the AS2 in the video below:

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Who Should Pick The AS3:

    • People who sleep mainly on their side should pick the AS3 because it is softer and relieves pressure better than the AS2 does.
    • People who like a softer feel will find the AS2 to be more appropriate for them.
    • People who are lightweight will generally find the AS3 to be a better fit.

See the feel of the AS3 in the video below:

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Bottom Line

Amerisleep does a great job of making it very clear who their mattresses are right for.  In this particular case, they made the AS3 to be a little softer than the AS2.  People should do some reflection and figure out their main sleeping preferences, and I think the decision should be pretty clear which mattress they should get.  Also check out my AS3 vs AS4 for more on the Amerisleep line.

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