Luxi Mattress Review

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The Luxi mattress definitely offers a new take on the bed-in-a-box model, allowing you to customize the firmness of each side of the mattress so that you (and your partner) can better match your sleeping preference and style.

It’s a cool concept, so I wanted to see the feel of the mattress and how well the mattress actually fits different preferences (see how luxi compares HERE).

I think it can be a great choice for couples and for people who just aren’t sure what type of firmness they want.

Read my Luxi review below for the results.

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You’ll love the Luxi mattress if you…

  • Want to customize your mattress firmness – A lot of people worry when buying a mattress they’ll choose the wrong one, or especially the wrong firmness setting.  With Luxi you can customize on the fly, and even test out different settings to see what best suits your needs.
  • Sleep with a partner with different preferences – You can customize each side of the Luxi mattress, so if you and your partner have different firmness preferences, it’s a great solution.
  • Want great value – Luxi follows the direct-to-consumer model, so you’re getting a good product at a fraction of the price.  There aren’t many mattresses that let you customize each side of the mattress anywhere near this price point.

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Luxi Mattress Reviews

You may not like the Luxi mattress if you…

  • You don’t value customization – if you have very average sleeping preferences, the Luxi customization features really won’t add any benefit to your experience.
  • You prefer a spring mattress – though Luxi has a cool brand and concept, don’t make the mistake of thinking it will convert you to a foam lover if you’re truly a spring person at heart.

Luxi Mattress Customization

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As you can see, it’s very easy to customize each side of the mattress.  Each of the firmness settings are very distinct, so I think most people will end up sleeping on the medium setting.  However if you prefer a very soft or very firm mattress (or your partner does), Luxi can deliver.  This makes the mattress a great option for couples or for someone that sleeps in multiple positions throughout the night (as long as you are willing to roll to the other side of the bed).

Motion Transfer

The other thing to consider for couples, aside from firmness customization, is motion transfer.  The Luxi is all foam, so I expected it to perform well, but watch the video below to see for yourself.

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Construction Overview and Sleeping Hot

The layers of the Luxi include a latex foam layer, a memory foam layer, and base foam.  Naturally the order will change depending on what preference you prefer!

I tried the mattress on the medium setting primarily.  I tried the soft setting a little bit, but it was a little too soft for my taste.  On medium and soft the mattress did not sleep hot at all.  However when you set the mattress to firm, the base foam is the top layer, which I presume does not deal with sleeping hot as well as the other foams.  If you’re planning on using the firm setting and are concerned about sleeping hot, I would definitely investigate that further for yourself before pulling the trigger.

Luxi Mattress Construction

Other things to note:

  • Luxi has a 100 night sleep trial (full refund within 100 days, no strings attached) and a 1000 night sleep guarantee (also a refund period, but with some strings)
  • Free Shipping
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Final Recommendation

I think I mentioned it many times in this Luxi mattress review, but customization is the key here.  If you’re looking to customize the mattress to your preference, especially different preferences on each side, then I think Luxi is just about your only option at this price range (see all mattresses I’ve reviewed).  Irregardless of customization, I found it to be a comfortable mattress at a reasonable price.

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Luxi Mattress
4.2 Reviewer
  • Easy to customize
  • Great for couples
  • Good Firmness options
The Luxi is a great option for couples, making it easy to customize the firmness on each side of the bed. The customization makes it a good option for people that sleep in any position.
Value (Price)4
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.2
Motion Transfer4.6
Edge Support4.2
Company Reputation3.5
Return Policy/Warranty4.8
Overall Sleep Experience4.2

Joe Auer

Joe is the editor of Mattress Clarity. When he isn't testing sleep products, he enjoys working out, reading, and playing classical piano.

Blog Comments

One of the BEST mattresses I’ve slept on in my life!!! I purchased a Sleep Number i8 King Mattress set a few years ago and was initially happy with it for sleep after getting used to properly sleeping on it. However, after about a year the pump malfunctioned and wouldn’t work. No suitable fix found online and the company wanted almost $300 for a new one. I wasn’t having any of it and heard about Luxi on my local a.m. radio station. While initially reluctant I purchased it and have been getting extremely wonderful sleep ever since (about a year now). The customization was very helpful because after a few weeks I opted to change it for a bit more firmness and it’s been on the firmest setting since then. No issues with night sweats, sagging, hot spots, or any other typical issues. The not-sagging was very important since I am 6’3″ and 285 pounds. Sad I don’t hear anything about Luxi (Bed in a Box) anymore on the radio but I am an extremely happy customer. Thanks Luxi, you’ve really revolutionized the industry.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

This mattress is great. Kinda like the ‘Goldi-Luxi-Zone’. 3rd times a charm. We tried tried a big-named bed in box competitor earlier this year but she found too firm. It was ideal for me though with latex on top of gel foam. She slept on old guest bed due to pain and decided to go back to coil. We found a hybrid from the nearby store and it was also too firm and really opposite of what was claimed on site having high motion transfer, heat and pressure points. Then, while considering a split twin mattress option (with a crack between) we found Luxi. It didn’t take long to adjust. She loves the ‘soft’ option while the medium works for me. To try and describe mattress feel, it is not hard but is supportive. It does not sink in like a foam topper does. It has bounce/response similar to a spring mattress. You can get 7-8 hrs of solid sleep on Luxi. Then, you’ll get up because you are refreshed. She likes her side of the mattress so much though she wants to stay in bed. This reply is to help those who make sleep a high priority. It seems many of the online mattresses tend to sleep on the firmer side if you are lighter in weight. Luxi seems to have a true ‘medium’ feel and good on not sleeping hot, low motion transfer and no pressure points and you can customize with ease. If it weren’t for considering a slightly higher price range than the other boxed mattresses, after trying local store, we may not have found it. This seems to be a case where the price difference is justified as quality seems higher. Check out the Luxi and the company history/bio. It is worth it. BTW, I’m 5’11” 175 lbs and she 5’5″ 135 lbs. Semi-athletic build. Customer service is great too.

Thanks for your thoughts, Trevor!

Welcome. The pillows arrived a couple of days ago and they are very nice too. Similar to hotel down or down alternative but blends in some of the memory foam feel also. Just glad the wife is happy and able to sleep well again and hope this info helps those who need it.

Irregardless is not a word. The correct word is regardless.

The mattress was okay, but the process of returning it has been a nightmare. We have been trying to get a refund since the end of July. Their customer service stinks.

I also have the same experience. Have been trying to get a refund since last summer. Was originally told I could get a refund or try out some custom layers. I told the owner I would try out some layers, but never heard back or received anything. I have since gone through the return process, and donated the mattress. Have documented everything with photos and sent in all paperwork. I keep checking back and have been told the return is in “processing” with the accounting department. has been several months now that I haven’t heard anything back other than this. At this point I am doubtful that I will see a refund, and have donated a mattress for them to the salvation army. I really wonder about some of the GLOWING reviews, which is why I purchased to begin with. I sure haven’t seen the quality or customer service to back them up.

I also tried to return a bed back in July. They don’t return calls or do anything. Never got any refund.

We’ve been trying to return our Luxi mattress for 2 months. They keep giving us the run around. It is a nightmare. Terrible company!! Do not buy a mattress from these people!!!!!

I was originally pretty stoked to try out this bed in CALI King as my wife is a firm stomach sleeper, and I’m a medium side and back sleeper. We tried every variation we could but never could find anything that was even tolerable for more than a day or two. and the weird no-go zone in the middle is less than desirable. I asked for a return in the middle of last year and was contacted (after over a month of emails back and forth with customer service) by a gentleman that wanted to try sending us differently configured layer to see if he could make us something that worked. I agreed, however never heard back or received anything from them. So again after phone calls and emails, I finally just asked for a refund. They agreed and I filled out paperwork, set up the donation that they coordinated, and took photos as requested. The Only reply I’ve gotten from them since february is that the refund is in process. So now I’ve donated the mattress AND haven’t received a refund. Customer service has been nearly non existent since purchase last year. I based my purchase on all of the rave reviews, but I can see no possible way that there are great interactions with LUXI. At least I haven’t seen it.

I have since received my refund. I also discussed with the owner and he acknowledged that they are going through growing pains and they working to improve. I wish them all the best, but it just wasn’t a fit for me.

I purchased a mattress and after trying out the new layers which the owner, David Farley, kindly arranged, I asked to return the mattress. Like others say, it has been a nightmare. I donated the mattress, sent Luxi all the required paperwork, and did not receive the refund. I have sent numerous emails, done online chat, and even spoke with David Farley when he happened to answer his phone several weeks ago. He assured me he would take care of it right away. Still nothing. No response to phone calls, or emails. This company is not what it appears to be. Use caution in dealing with them.

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