IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review – Could IDLE Be The Ideal Choice?

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In the past, the majority of mattresses were flippable, allowing people to turn them over every few months and prevent sagging and premature indentations. In more modern times this design is becoming increasingly rare; bed in a box mattresses are typically designed with support layers, transition layers, and comfort layers and should not be turned over.

This is what makes the IDLE Sleep Hybrid stand out in the crowded online mattress market. It is a flippable hybrid mattress that comes in either Medium or Luxury Firm. What’s more, IDLE Sleep offers a model that has one Medium side and one Luxury Firm, giving sleepers two firmnesses in one mattress!

To find out if this is a mattress to flip for, read on for my full IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress review.

30% Off
IDLE Sleep Hybrid
IDLE Sleep Hybrid
IDLE Sleep Hybrid

The IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress is a durable, supportive, flippable mattress that should be a good fit for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Click the button to get 30% off plus 2 free pillows. 


The IDLE Sleep Hybrid Might Be A Good Fit For …

  • Those who are looking for a good value. The IDLE Sleep Hybrid is competitively priced for such a high-quality mattress and, with its flippable design, it should last longer than many other hybrids. This makes it an excellent value and a good long-term investment.
  • Back and stomach sleepers. Anyone who sleeps on his or her back or stomach should get the support one needs on the IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress. Back sleeping, people should get a balance of comfort and support and, stomach sleeping, people should feel well supported across their entire body.
  • Fans of firmer mattresses. The IDLE Sleep Hybrid is a firmer-than-average mattress that features some very supportive materials. Anyone who wants a mattress with less give and more pushback should check out the IDLE Sleep Hybrid.

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress - Back Sleeping

The IDLE Sleep Hybrid Might Not Be A Good Fit For …

  • Side sleepers. Regardless of whether one chooses the Medium or Luxury Firm model, it is probably too firm for most sleepers. Even the Medium model is on the firmer end of the spectrum and might not provide the best pressure relief. Check out the best mattresses for side sleepers instead.
  • Lightweight sleepers. The IDLE Sleep Hybrid is a thicker and more substantial mattress that should be a good fit for heavier sleepers. Lightweight sleepers might not need such a deluxe mattress and could save money by choosing a less expensive all-foam mattress.
  • Those who want a soft, medium, or extra firm mattress. The IDLE Sleep Hybrid is just a tad firmer-than-average. Anyone who wants something extra soft, extra firm, or right in the middle might want to look elsewhere.

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Construction Overview

  • The IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress is 14” tall.
  • The cover is soft and contains proprietary Thermocool fabric that will help with temperature regulation.
  • The cover is quilted with 1” of IDLE contouring foam.
  • Below that, there are 2” of proprietary IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam.
  • Then, there is a 1” foam transition layer.
  • The center of the mattress is 6” of pocketed coils.
  • Since the mattress is flippable, the bottom of the Medium model will be identical to the top – there is a 1” foam transition layer followed by 2” of IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam and the Thermocool cover quilted with IDLE contouring foam.
  • The company offers numerous mattress models. Make sure to check out our Idle Gel Foam mattress review and Idle Latex Hybrid mattress review.

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress - Construction

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Construction Takeaways

  • All versions of the IDLE Sleep Hybrid are flippable, but customers have three options – they can opt for the model where both sides are Luxury Firm, one where both sides are Medium, and a model with one Luxury Firm side and one Medium side.
  • The Luxury Firm/Medium blended model gives customers two firmness options in one mattress, but the pure Luxury Firm and Medium models should be longer-lasting. This is because sleepers can flip and rotate the mattress regularly and prevent premature sagging and indentations in the IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress. Many modern bed in a box hybrid mattresses are not flippable, so they may not last as long at the IDLE Sleep Hybrid.
  • The IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam is designed to relieve pressure even better than memory foam while still being nice and responsive. Its buoyant design should make it easy for sleepers to move around and reposition on the IDLE Sleep Hybrid.
  • The mix of foam and coils give the IDLE Sleep Hybrid a nice balance of comfort and support. The contouring foam and Buoyancy Foam should both provide a decent amount of pressure relief, and the pocketed coils should offer a good deal of support.
  • The IDLE Sleep Hybrid should sleep quite cool because of the coils and Buoyancy Foam. The coils will promote airflow through the mattress, and the Buoyancy Foam is more breathable than memory foam and should not trap too much heat.

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Vs. Casper Hybrid

Those mattress shoppers who are considering the IDLE Sleep Hybrid are probably taking a look at other hybrid mattresses as well. One of the most popular hybrid mattresses on the market is the Casper Hybrid, so I want to explain how these compare and who they are a better fit for.

First off, the IDLE Sleep Hybrid and Casper are a bit different in terms of construction. The IDLE Sleep Hybrid is thicker than the Casper Hybrid and is overall a more substantial mattress. However, the Casper Hybrid features a proprietary zoned construction that varies the mattress’ firmness in different areas.

The IDLE Sleep Hybrid’s construction makes it a firmer mattress than the Casper Hybrid – the IDLE Sleep felt like a 7/10 to me, and the Casper Hybrid felt like a 6/10. Being a firmer mattress, the IDLE Sleep Hybrid is probably a better fit for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Also, given that it is thicker and more supportive, the IDLE Sleep Hybrid should work for heavier sleepers.

The Casper Hybrid should be a better choice for side sleepers because it offers better pressure relief under the shoulders. It is also a good fit for those who simply like a softer mattress.

These two mattresses are very close in terms of price, so it really comes down to what position someone sleeps in and what firmness they prefer.

30% Off
IDLE Sleep Hybrid
IDLE Sleep Hybrid
IDLE Sleep Hybrid

The IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress is a durable, supportive, flippable mattress that should be a good fit for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Click the button to get 30% off plus 2 free pillows. 

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Firmness And Feel

In terms of firmness, the IDLE Sleep feels like a 7/10, a bit firmer-than-average. The top layers are quite soft, and it is very easy to press my hand in. Then I hit the firmer transition and support layers and my hand stops.

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Firmness Scale

This firmer-than-average mattress is a fantastic match for back sleeping – my hips sink in just the right amount and the pocketed coils offer excellent support. I am also getting a bit of contouring from the foam layers on top.

Side sleeping, the IDLE Sleep is giving me a decent amount of pressure relief and I don’t feel an extreme amount of pressure on my shoulders and hips. That being said, those who sleep just on their sides will want to look for a softer, more pressure-relieving mattress.

Finally, when I move to my stomach, the IDLE Sleep is firm enough and gives me all of the support I need. I don’t feel my hips bowing into the mattress, and I feel like I am in proper neutral spinal alignment.

With its hybrid construction, the IDLE Sleep has a balanced feel. The top has some of that memory foam feel, but it is also quite responsive. Combine that with the pocketed coils, and the IDLE Sleep Hybrid has a great balance of comfort and support.

Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress - Firmness And Feel

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Motion Transfer

If someone is considering the IDLE Sleep Hybrid for use with a partner, they will want to pay close attention. Anyone who needs the best mattress for couples wants to make sure that it handles motion transfer well. Basically, they want a mattress that will isolate each partner’s movements to their own side of the bed.

To test out the motion transfer on the IDLE Sleep Hybrid, I first placed a glass of water in the center of the mattress. I then pressed into the mattress all around the glass, and it was disturbed quite a bit. Also, I lay down on one side of the IDLE Sleep Hybrid while Marten moved around on the other side and got in and out of bed. I did feel his movements transfer to my side of the bed.

Those who need a mattress for couples should just keep these results in mind.

Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress - Motion Transfer

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Edge Support

Mattress shoppers who sleep with a partner should also take edge support into consideration. If a mattress boasts good edge support, it will allow each partner to sleep all the way toward the edge and really get the most surface area to sleep upon. If a mattress has poor edge support, each partner will have to sleep closer to the middle or risk falling off the edge.

Sitting near the edge of the IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress, the foam on top collapses quite a bit, and I don’t feel extremely secure. When I lie down near the edge of the mattress, the edge collapses a bit, and I feel somewhat like I might roll off.

Edge support really isn’t a highlight of the IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress.

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress - Edge Support

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

Anyone who is considering buying a new mattress should definitely take their body size and weight into account. For instance, a mattress that is a great match for a person who weighs 120 lbs might not be the best for someone who is 250 lbs. I personally weigh 160 lbs and, to get the perspective of a larger person, I asked Marten to try out the Idle Sleep Hybrid. He weighs 250 lbs, and here is what he thought of the mattress.

While Joe thought the Idle Sleep was a 7/10 in terms of firmness, I thought it was more like a 7.5/10.

As a larger person, I push into the comfort layer of the Idle Sleep more than Joe and get more firmness from the transition and support layers.

Back sleeping on the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress, I am getting just the right amount of support. My hips sink into the foam layers while the mattress conforms to the curves of my body.

The Idle Sleep Hybrid is too firm for me when I am side sleeping because, and I am feeling a good deal of pressure on my shoulders and hips. I need a softer mattress to give me the right pressure relief in those areas.

Stomach sleeping, the Idle Sleep Hybrid is definitely working for me, and I feel even support across my entire body. However, those who are much larger than me, in the 300 to 500 lb weight range, might need something even firmer.

Unboxing The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress

The Idle Sleep Hybrid is a bed in a box mattress that will come shipped in a large cardboard box. First off, ask a friend to help move the mattress inside and into the bedroom. Once the box is near the bed frame of foundation, open the box and pull out the rolled-up mattress.

Place the roll on the bed frame or foundation and begin to cut through the many layers of plastic. Be very careful and don’t cut too deep or this will damage the mattress.

The mattress will expand quickly, so be ready for it to pop into shape! Once the mattress has fully expanded, clear away the plastic and other packing materials. Then, give the mattress a few days for the foam to fully form and off-gas.

What Makes The Idle Sleep Hybrid Stand Out?

  • It is flippable, which seriously adds to the longevity of the mattress.
  • The IDLE Sleep Hybrid features many cooling components, so it should not be sleeping hot.
  • It is a firmer mattress that should be a good mattress for stomach sleepers and back sleepers.

Overall Rating

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress
3.9 Overall
Pros: - The 2-sided design increases mattress lifespan - Medium comfort level is softer and good for side sleepers - Motion transfer is pretty good for couples - Won't sleep hot
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Trial Period

The IDLE Sleep Hybrid is a supportive mattress that should be a fantastic long-term investment and is a good value as well. However, those who want something softer or sleep on their side might want to keep looking.

The IDLE Sleep Hybrid comes with free shipping and returns, an 18-month sleep trial, and a lifetime warranty. Financing is available, and IDLE Sleep also offers a latex mattress and other accessories. Check out our Idle Sleep coupons to save on your purchase.


How long is the IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress going to last?

The longevity of the IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress really does depend on the weight of the owners and how much they use the mattress. However, given that it contains some durable materials and features a flippable design, it should last for up to 10 years.

Is the IDLE Sleep Hybrid good for side sleepers?

The IDLE Sleep Hybrid is a firmer-than-average mattress and, because of this, it might not be the best match for side sleepers. Side sleepers usually want a softer mattress that will relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips, and the IDLE Sleep Hybrid might just be too firm.

Is the IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress good for back pain?

Those who struggle with back pain should be looking for a mattress that is medium-firm or just firmer-than-average. The IDLE Sleep Hybrid is right in that firmness range and will offer the support and durability that people with back pain really need.

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