Tempur-Cloud Prima Review – Good Choice For You?

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The Tempur-Cloud Prima is the least expensive model in the entire Tempur-Pedic collection.  It can be a good choice for people who really want a Tempur-Pedic but don’t have the budget for some of the higher-priced models.  I was excited to take a deep dive and figure out who this mattress might be good for.

Editor’s Note: Tempur-Pedic no longer offers this model. Take a look at our Tempur-Cloud mattress review to find out about their updated model!


The TEMPUR-Cloud Prima has a removable and washable cover, just like any of the other models in the line. The company does not disclose the thickness and densities of the individual layers. So, I can’t give a full detailed analysis of the construction.  However, we can see that the top layer is a thin layer of TEMPUR-ES material (ES means extra soft).  Below that is a thin layer of TEMPUR material, and then below that is the base layer.  The construction is set up so that it has a medium softness and a lower lower of conforming than the more expensive models.

While we don’t know the densities of the individual layers, I did find that the Queen weighs 96 lbs.  This allows us to make an educated guess as to the quality of the materials used in the mattress.  The Loom & Leaf is 12.5” thick and weighs 93 lbs.  It uses good quality materials.  Given that the Cloud Prima is only 10” thick but weighs more than the L&L, it’s safe to say that the Cloud Prima uses quality, high-density materials in its construction.

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Firmness Level

The company is very explicit about the firmness level of its different models.  The Cloud Prima is a medium soft firmness, and it is the firmest of the entire Cloud collection, just softer than the Cloud Supreme.

You Might Want To Pick This Mattress If:

  • You Want A Tempur-Pedic But Don’t Want To Break The Bank– This model has the most accessible price of the entire Tempur-Pedic line.  This mattress allows you to get a good taste for what Tempur-Pedic mattresses are all about without having spend all of your disposable income.
  • You Sleep In Multiple Positions– Given that this mattress has a medium softness to it, it’s ideal for people who sleep in multiple positions.  It is just soft enough for most side sleepers yet still firm enough for back and stomach sleepers (for the most part).
  • You Want The Slow-Moving Memory Foam Feel Tempur-Pedic Is Known For– This model still has a classic slow-moving memory foam feel where you slowly sink into the mattress a bit.  If that’s the type of feel you are looking for, this could be a good choice.

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You Might Not Want To Pick This Mattress If:

  • You Only Sleep On Your Side– Unless you are lighter in weight, most people who just sleep on their side would potentially want something a little bit softer.  This mattress is great for combo sleepers, but if you just sleep on your side, maybe you will want to find something softer.
  • You Can Afford Something More Luxurious– There is no question that the more expensive models are more luxurious and can offer you something more.  If price isn’t a question, then you should potentially consider one of the more expensive models the company has to offer.
  • You Are Heavier In Weight– I think that most heavier people would think this mattress is a bit soft for them, especially for back and stomach sleepers.  You might want to find something firmer if you fall into this category.

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Most Common Pieces Of Praise

  • Lots of people agree it works well for all sleeping positions
  • Lot of couples say they don’t notice when their partner moves around

Most Common Complaints

  • Some people mention the initial chemical smell takes some time to go away
  • Some people note it takes a while to break in and get used to

Why Would Someone Pick This Model Over The Other Tempur-Pedic Mattresses?

  • It has a classic Tempur-Pedic feel but is the least expensive of all the models
  • It’s a good choice for people who sleep in multiple positions
  • It could be a great choice for people of average weight

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The TEMPUR-Cloud Prima allows you to get a great Tempur-Pedic mattress without breaking the bank.  It’s certainly not for everyone, and you can definitely get more luxury with higher-priced models, but I think it can be a great choice for a lot of people.

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